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The Secret Super Affiliates Won't Tell You!
Published 12-29-2018

One of the most important things when it comes to affiliate marketing is having the right set of tools.



You don't want to have too many tools and you especially don't want to have duplicates, but you absolutely do need a core set of tools that will serve you well. 



Let me give you a short list of the tools you need to succeed and then focus in on the one that's most important.



You really need the following:



1. An autoresponder. This is a must.

2. Web hosting. Why hosting? Because you really do need to have a blog of your own. 

3. A blog where you can build your list and make offers.

4. A traffic source that you really trust. It needs to be reliable and affordable. 

5. A way to build webpages.






Many people don't know that when it comes to succeeding as an affiliate marketer, building webpages quickly and professionally is very important. 



Did you know ... 



* The average successful website has 47 landing pages. 

* Most websites have only one or two landing pages?

* Most affiliate marketers don't know how to create a landing page.

* ALL super affiliates use many landing pages.



So what IS a landing page? 



Well, first of all, the words "landing page" can be a little confusing. 



It simply means the page a person lands on from a link that you promote. 



It's very important to understand that the links that we promote are going to bring people to one specific page. 



* That could be a blog post. 

* It could be a sales letter. 

* It could be a webinar registration form. 

* It could be one of many different things.



What is needed to really succeed with affiliate marketing is the ability to drive people to one SPECIFIC page that helps them and helps you. 



In order to do that, the most important tool in your affiliate success toolkit is going to be a good, high quality page builder. 



Now, here are the attributes I look for when it comes to building pages quickly and professionally. 



ONE: Use one tool to get everything done. 



You don't want to use five or seven different tools in order to write a headline, create a bulleted list, or make an add to cart button. 



You want to have one tool that you know, trust, and can use to get it all done.



When I say "get it all done", what do I mean? 



I mean every type of page you will need as an affiliate marketer. 



This includes: 

* Opt-in pages 

* Sales pages

* Membership pages (if you're selling membership sites)

* Webinar pages

* Product launch pages

* Coming soon pages

* Bonus pages

* Upsell pages

* About me pages (Your about me page is very, very important!) 

* And even more!



When you have one tool to get it all done, you will lower your costs by not paying for multiple services. 



It's all too easy to have a squeeze page service, a sales page service, a shopping cart and on and on. 



Those costs can add up to hundreds of dollars per month!



By avoiding such excessive cost, you can take all that money and put it into driving traffic to your affiliate offers.



TWO - You want to have rapid implementation. 



By rapid implementation, this is what I mean:  



If you get an idea this morning for a squeeze page where people can opt in to get on your mailing list, you want to be able to have that page built and published this afternoon. 



You don't want to outsource that to someone, pay extra money, and wait three or four days. 



You don't want to struggle with some kind of an HTML coding situation. 



What you really need is a drag and drop page builder that can help you create pages quickly because it uses professional templates.



One of the things to look for when you choose a page builder is pre-designed templates. You want to have a library of templates to choose from. 



Ideally, you want 30 or 40 of these, or even more. 



THREE - You want a page builder to be drag and drop.



This simply means that you don't have to type code into the page. You select what you want to see and drag it into place. 



Drag and drop is very important because it removes traditional page building limitations. 



If you can dream something, if you can see a page in your mind, you want to be able to create that page very quickly. Drag and drop makes that happen.



Along with these three qualities, you also want to make sure that your page builder will tie into your autoresponder and e Commerce tool very, very easily. 

Let's say for example that you're selling a product and you want to collect payments through PayPal. You want to make sure that your page builder instantly integrates with PayPal. 



Or let's say that you're doing a webinar and you're going to use GoToWebinar. Your page builder should instantly connect to GoToWebinar. 



The same thing if you're building a membership site. When you use a tool like WishList Member, you want to make sure that that page builder that you choose will tie into WishList Member quite easily.



These are very important aspects when considering which page builder to use.



If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, no matter where you stand now, the right page builder can change things for you. 



The right page builder will help you save time, save money, sell more and build bigger lists. 



Go find a page builder now and commit to it. 



Use that page builder for everything and you'll find that it really helps skyrocket your affiliate marketing results.

Alastair is an authority on internet marketing and has written many articles on various subjects. You can visit his site at:
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