You Are The Most Powerful Person On Earth
Published 06-29-2017

Hello There!

Having one of those days? You know the type... days when you just can't seem to get up and get going. You've got things to do! People to meet! Places to go! And you just can't afford to be sluggish, torpid, out of sorts. People want your best... or else...

On days like this you need help. And right here, right now I'm going to introduce you to the one person you can rely on for help whenever you need it. This is a person you already know... have known all your life; a person you can always count on even when the rest of the world has let you down. This person is... you! And as a result of this article you're going to see that person in an entirely new way... Constructive! Motivating! Thrilling! Empowering! I can't wait to meet this person... and I know you feel the same way.

You are the most powerful person on earth.

Since you are about to develop and show the world an entirely new, improved, self-understanding persona, we can (I'm sure you agree) talk candidly about the old (let's be honest) inadequate you. That person (we must be blunt to progress) was (sad to say) hardly ideal.

That person had no particular goals or objectives... could never be counted on to appear on time and prepared for work... had an inadequate education but couldn't be bothered to do better... made promises to others but rarely kept them...  was lazy and slothful to a degree... and had written off self-improvement, much less self-perfection.  Yet all the while, deep Inside of you -- right now -- you've had at your fingertips ready for action exactly what was required. Just like the Prego Italian spaghetti commercial says, "It's in there!" You just got to unleash the tiger within. Here's how to get started...


To get started, have at the ready some good dance music, toe-tapping,  music with an attitude and a beat. Remember, it's got a big job to do... getting you up and moving. For openers, go to any search engine to find the clip from "Zorba the Greek" (1964) where Alan Bates' character asks Zorba to teach him to dance. In a moment, you'll be doing the syrtaki on your veranda. Nice.

Or use my personal favorite, "You make me feel (mighty) real" by Sylvester (1978). This will get you going, you betcha.

Now let yourself go; (by the way that's another song you can use; Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire 1936)... and don't for an instant worry or even think about what the neighbors might be saying about  your outlandish capers;  it's not the neighbors you are trying to get up and at 'em. It's you. Of course you'll feel like an old fool... but the real fool is the person who doesn't get up and summon all the latent powers within, who lets others call your shots. This is, after all, the only life you're going  to have. It has nothing to do with the prejudices of others, which should have no influence whatsoever.

Cold shower.

The British created the biggest empire on earth through the daily use of the coldest possible water applied liberally to the blue blooded bodies of its governors, right up to and including princes of the blood.

Cold water, and lots of it, ran the empire.  And so it will be with you. I had a friend visit the other day; he was listless, uninspiring, dull. I did not so much suggest as actually order him into my frigidarium where ample doses of the most gelid water effected the necessary results. He was a new man... and so will you be.


You are a machine... and unless you look upon yourself thus you will never become the champion you need in your life. All machines need appropriate levels of fuel to achieve desired results. You are no different.

Thus, you must prepare the night before for the morning to come. This means considering what fuel is appropriate... and having it ready when called for. Failure to do so undercuts your ability to do the necessary tasks and inevitably cripples the all-important performance.

If you want to achieve maximum results, feed your machine appropriately; never to excess, always sufficient. This is not negotiable... and cannot be avoided, gainsaid or disputed.

Use "scrap time" to learn something new.

Successful people are lifelong learning people. Are you?

Say you commute to work the way millions do. Right now you probably do not regard this time as an investment in your improved education. But it is. Call this time your "Mobile University". Use it to develop a new area of intellectual endeavor... or to brush up on an old one. When you think of how much "scrap time" you have -- and how  you've been squandering it until now -- you'll see just how important this recommendation is.

If you don't commute, put aside one hour each day to learn something new, different, important. It need not be job related;  indeed, probably should not be. Regard  this as brain food. Your brain is a problem-solving machine, the most important problem-solving machine in the universe. It needs fodder for its cogitations and if you are not providing it you are diminishing your brain's unlimited capacity to identify and solve problems. As the television commercial says, "A mind is terrible thing to waste." Make sure the brain in question is not yours.

Early success.

The most important success of your day is your first success. Have it at early as possible. To do so, draw up a  list of all the possible successes you could have this day. This list is crucial if you want maximum success each and every day. After all, unless you know what successes are available, you will limit their number.

Now pick the success you want to achieve first. Make it an easy success; you want to get it (and enjoy it) as early in your day as possible. After all, this success sets the tone for the day. Thus, you want to achieve it as soon as possible.

Now develop a success rhythm.

As soon as you have a success, jump up, stretch your body, the better to suffuse it with the oxygen you require for maximum mental clarity and performance.

This finished, eat a small, nutritious snack. Remember your body is a machine, and the achievement of successes means you are using up fuel which must be replaced promptly.

As for me, with the completion of this article, I have achieved (at 6:18 a.m.) my first success of the day. Knee-bends and various stretches are in order and a good, sensible snack, too. Oh, yes... and some vehement, joyful dancing, the kind that astonishes the neighbors. Come join me... it'll be grand to meet a kindred spirit.

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is .  providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Republished with author's permission by Arnljot Blindheim

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