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Published 04-04-2017

Domains are believed to be the core of your online identity. But friends, do you know that you need to take into consideration a couple of things when it comes to choosing a domain name. If not, then take into consideration the below mentioned points:

  • Keep the domain name short. I agree that there are some places where you are allowed to register a domain name having up to 63 characters but then in that case people need to remember such long names. Moreover, it is generally observed that people often fail to remember such long domains. Hence, try registering the shortest name possible for your domain that your visitors can remember at ease. It would be fine if you restrict the domain name to seven characters excluding the suffix.
  • In recent times, you will find various extensions. But, if you intend to choose a domain name for your business, then it would preferable if you stick to the .com suffix. It is because most people adhere to this suffix when it comes to carry out their search.
  • Don’t go for trademarked names.
  • In recent times you will find more and more people eyeing on domain names. Hence, make sure you register at the earliest so that you don’t miss out any opportunity. In order to register a domain name, you don’t need to be a web design consultant or an ecommerce department consultant or a webmaster. In fact, you will be surprised to know that you don’t even require a web page for registering a domain name. So friends, do register at the earliest before anyone comes up and walks out with your preferred domain name.
  • There isn’t a compulsion that you need to register a single domain name. You can go for more than one domain name as well. For example, you can register one domain name using the full name of your company and you can register another domain name by using a shorter and simple to remember version. Some people can also register common misspellings of the name of their company. You don’t require a separate webpage for each domain name. You can point several domains into the same website.
  • Domain names prefer using numbers, letters as well as dashes. Symbols as well as spaces aren’t allowed. Moreover, domain names aren’t case sensitive.
  • After you have settled on different name choices, do consult with your friends as well as clients and find out whether they are comfortable with it or not.
  • There were times were companies used to charge reservation fees as well as compulsory fee for registering your domain name. However, in this cut throat competition, you will now find companies lowering their prices to a considerable extent.
So friends, now that you have come to know about the steps that are involved in choosing a domain name, I hope you will choose your preferred one at the earliest before anyone snatches*Your Domain Name*⇐ and walks out!

Yours In Success

MCEC Arnljot Blindheim



I've been marketing both offline & online for many years now and tried different programs and I love it. As I have gained some experience over the years Tried The Good - Bad - and the Ugly. The internet can be and is a harsh enviroment if you dont know what you're doing. MCEC Arnljot Blindheim
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