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A Must Know About Onpassive
Published 04-06-2020
  • For a one-time payment $25 from your own pocket we get all the basic and necessary marketing tools created and based on the latest and most advanced technologies to create a successful and profitable business (any business we do, including ONPASSIVE) and at the same time develop an ever-increasing regular income in ONPASSIVE..
  • Usually on other marketing websites, people in the world buy these marketing tools for tens to hundreds, some even thousands of dollars MONTHLY! They need to buy marketing tools, invest a lot of money in the right and effective online advertising, and still have to spend time with potential customers. However, it will be different in ONPASSIVE which will contain its own technology of artificial intelligence, which will be able to find on the Internet exactly those people who are interested in what you offer. And not only in terms of their interest, but also in terms of sex, age, place, language, etc. And not only that it will find.. artificial intelligence will even guide the potential customers from finding, informing about a product or service, after their purchase / investment and subsequent care for their further information .. it will communicate with them at almost human level through chatbots.
  • Until now, people had to buy different marketing tools on different websites. They had to build own website through one company, create a funnel through another company, set up bulk mailing through a third company, create and run an ad through a fourth company, and set up own webinars via a fifth company and so on.. Even artificial intelligence should be able to find to our webinar people who are interested in what we will talking about..
  • Some ONPASSIVE marketing tools will even be free. This will result in people being able to find out how easy it is to use our marketing tools. Also, many will join ONPASSIVE and will be part of the 7 days trial. They will be able to try everything for FREE for 7 days and make a decision. It will be interesting for them that spillover in the matrix, marketing campaigns of the company will cause that in the 7 days someone may spill into their matrix as well. They got a notice about it.. and what do you think it will cause when they see income? Many of those who get involved in the early days after launch are likely to earn more on the first package earlier than they even decide to get involved!
  • Why will ONPASSIVE actually have such success? Because it will have all marketing tools under one roof and will use artificial intelligence. This means that people will no longer have to manually promote on social networks, they will no longer have to manually reach people on the Internet and around them. Also our tools will be much easier for the masses! Many people in the world simply can't create a website, they can't create an email campaigns, they can't set up a webinar, and so on. Our tools will be so EASY and can be used by a person who is not so proficient at the computer and the Internet. So far, tens of millions, or even a few hundreds of millions people in the world have been using marketing tools. In our case, when it will be accessible financially and simplicity for the masses.. so can we increase this figure to a billion over time? I think yes..
  • How is it possible that we will have monthly income if we only pay once from our own pocket? Packages will be paid from earnings for the next months. It will all work on a unique commission system. Even if someone does not make money for a package in a certain month, he will not lose his earnings, he will not lose his position and can do business with ONPASSIVE, if he wants to build a team, or just wait until his matrix fills up more. In our matrices, over time, new positions will be created from people in our sponsorship line - from people above us in the matrix. This unique feature has no other business! Our system will also involve companies offering our products and services to their customers. But these customers will get into our matrices and pay for the products every month! And there are a huge number of companies in the world.
  • You know that massive campaigns are underway. For these campaigns are prepared many companies, with which cooperation agreements. They will be suppliers of contacts from various parts of the world. However, our system, as ONPASSIVE is a marketing company, will ensure that they are properly addressed and our artificial intelligence will greatly help. The aim of ONPASSIVE will be also to attract tens to hundreds of millions of customers in as short a time as possible with its own activity (own advertising campaigns). You can see why each founder will earn money and why each founder will be financially secure for life.
  • You know we have a campus in "Silicon Valley" of India - in Bangalore. Do you know that there are people who worked for well known companies? Do you know that there are people who have several years of experience in programming and also people who practically still gain experience and grow in their profession? Everybody is given the opportunity to appreciate the fact that they have learned a lot so far, that it is a great experience or challenge and they are very satisfied with whole ONPASSIVE team in India.
  • Why is ONPASSIVE launching for so long? ONPASSIVE is being created and built. We are in a phase called the project building phase. Until now you may have known the maximum pre-launch phase from other projects. Why we don't have any launch date? Because in the development phase of something that has not yet been created, which is supposed to be so huge from the first day of launch, it simply cannot be assumed there. Believe, the first one who wants it launched is our CEO Ash. Only the management of the GoFounders website itself - its maintenance, hosting and staff costs are huge. According to one very experienced professional programmer, our GoFounders website is at a very high level, unique and very expensive. And you know that what we have now is like one button in ONPASSIVE. However, if someone told / wrote that it should have been launched a long time ago, try to find some articles on the Internet where you can read about the development of console games (practically technological products) and find out how often game companies move release date. By the way do you know that coronavirus intervened in many games and their release dates are currently unlisted? We need to understand how everything is changing, technology is changing, possibilities are changing, the world and its surroundings are changing. Everything influences the creation of any technological project.
  • And when ONPASSIVE will launch.. and it will launch for sure, you will realize what it means to be the FOUNDER of a huge company and you will enjoy its success, because the more success ONPASSIVE will have, the more income you will have.
    And with ONPASSIVE launch it won't stop. It will be the beginning! We reach the TOP and moves on to the next TOP ..and we'll be amazed.. and from that we will also have income.
  • Do you already perceive the size and uniqueness of this project? Do you understand where you joined and what you became part of? Do you see the difference between your previous online projects, where you have been disappointed, have lost a lot of money? What bothers me is that a lot of people around us are unaware of it and while I am constantly promoting ONPASSIVE, they are already at the third, fifth next new business and still believe it will be forever. And yet these businesses have such bad reviews based on the clear facts that it is most likely that they will burn again. But you know what? They can handle it! Because in the end they will be part of ONPASSIVE and will have a real passive income. However, at time they join ONPASSIVE, we will be financially secure long time ago.

    Have a beautiful following week and of course have GOOD HEALTH at this time.. relax at home and try what founders are doing in the world .. help people around you and people you reach online and get them into your GoFounders team. Now you have the information .. you have just read it .. and you have much more information in the articles on our blog. It is up to you whether you want just earning money or you want to know your business and be sure that you are in the right place at the right time and that you are part of the best you could ever find. This is also known to people who have decades of business experience. If you don't have them, listen to these people .. if you want to be successful, listen to successful people.. I wish you the beautiful following week and stay safe..

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