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So Much Has Happened in My Life
Published 04-16-2020

i was born during World War II. I was old enough to see the Korean war on TV - a black and white TV with rabbit-ear antenna. I was old enough to be drafted into the Vietnam war. Much later, there was Desert Storm and the downing of the World Trade Center. Terrorism was rampant.

Tchnology has made great strides in my lifetime. When I was a young boy, it took a whole room to store a computer. When I was in college, we used sliderules to do advanced math calculations. When we flew to the moon, the computer that took us there only had the power that hand held calculators had later on. Businesses transitioned from mainframes to desktops and servers. Most people had laptops. Then, notebooks came along and smart phones that could do what computers can do.

There have been great advances in all areas of science and engineering. Likewise in medicine. We are learning and living longer. Whereas everyone smoked tobacco in cigarettes, cigars and/or pipes, now that custom is not acceptable and known to be unhealthy on many levels.

In the entertainment world, we have very large screen TVs and sometimes you can't tell if actors in a movie are real or digital. Special effects are phenomenal. However, you only get to see one movie on a ticket. When I was young, you got two full length movies, a newsreel and cartoons for the price of a ticket.

Now, we have the a corona virus that is killing many people. But that situation is not new to me. As a child, I was informed by my maternal grandmother that her husband, my maternal grandfather, died in his early thirties from the flu pandemic of 1918. And when I was young, we couldn't go anywhere here were crowds in close quarters because of fear of polio. So, this sort of thing is still around and has come fullcircle in my life.

In closing, I will wish you all the best. Stay careful and be well. Maybe one day, some of you who are young now, will look back on this as I do on the flu and on polio. And heaven only knows what lays in wait for you during what I hope is a long life.

I have been marketing online since 1996, even while engaging in offline careers. I own a couple of membership sites that provide a variety of advertising services to my members with the best customer service of which I am capable. I also do affiliate marketing of advertising and traffic producing resources from which I earn commissions. However, I only promote what I use myself because I know from personal experience that those resources are effective and I can offer them in good conscience.
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