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Published 08-08-2020

Witness the Perfect Amalgamation of
Artificial Intelligence with Human Capabilities

If you are looking for an impeccable platform to transform your business into online phenomena, then your hunt stops here. We understand the dynamics of every business need and offer an outstanding online solution integrated with Artificial Intelligence to deliver expected results. We keep upgrading our tools with new features that enhance your business functions and return high productivity and accuracy in the undertaken critical tasks.

Business Automation

Online companies have evolved drastically in the last few years with the help of technology, and there are many never-before-explored areas in the automation industry. This is where we step in to unite business with automation.
We, at ONPASSIVE, are passionate about technology and how it can deliver the highest expected results in no time. That's why we embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tools which take over manual activities and turn them into 100% complete automation. The outcome is unimaginable and easily measurable. The AI keeps identifying patterns across the internet and keeps generating areas of opportunities to take your business forward.

Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform

No business has ever flourished without a perfect team or a community. Members of a community are the unsung heroes of the actual struggle, and behind the scene, their contribution is immense.
Since the business activities are all automated, ONPASSIVE provides an online community of great leaders, visionaries and collaborators who believe in sharing and contributing towards new ideas and innovations. This community allows you to think out of the box and doesn't let you stick to one business idea only.
A business doesn't exist if it doesn't promote its products and services. With thousands of options available out there, many find it challenging to identify which channel or tool suits best for advertising their products.
Advertisement and Promotions, there is no stone left unturned while thinking of creating opportunities. We brainstormed many ideas and suggestions and finally came up with solutions to automate advertisements and promotions. These tools identify the target audience, create buyer personas, identify websites where they hang out and monitor their interests to pitch your products on your behalf.

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