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What Is A Hi-Tech Smartpad?
Published 03-24-2017

Many women absolutely DO NOT know the inherent, subtle danger they face with the continued usage of current sanitary napkins, including Tampons.

A new company called Nspire Company has produced the world's first Hi-tech Smartpad that will totally and radically change girls' and womens' perception of their monthly feminine flow. This product is so revolutionary that the American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI) is endorsing it, and the technology is a hugely important one in the prevention of women's issues? The AACI  recommends EVERY FEMALE MAKE THE SWITCH TO THIS NEW-AGE SANITARY NAPKIN!

Why is this innovative Smartpad being endorsed by a major organization? Because it: 

  • relieves the nausa associated with a menstrual cycle,
  • stops menstrual cramps, 
  • prevents bacteria, 
  • prevents odors associated with the menstrual cycle, 
  • small and thinner than the typical so-called sanitary napkin
  • holds about 300 times its weight 
  • and much, MUCH more, 

At the first convention for this world's first Smartpad, there was a mad rush, as though it was Thanksgiving Black Friday, by thousands of people clamoring to purchase the limited supply of these innovative sanitary napkins. 

It just may be worth your while to watch the video produced by them.

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