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Somewhere in the world there is someone who..
Published 02-17-2019


Somewhere in the world there is someone who..


Can you finish this sentence-

Somewhere in the world there is someone who...

I got to thinking this morning and I took a stab at it.
Here is how I finished this sentence.


Somewhere in the world there is someone asking for help.

Somewhere in the world there is someone who needs you to put
their arms around them.

Somewhere in the world there is someone who is looking  up at the sky wondering
where their place is in a never ending universe.


Somewhere is the world there is someone who has a unique idea that may:

Cure a disease.
Stop the climate from warming.
Bring Peace and turn from war.
Feed the hungry.


Somewhere in the world there is a mom or a dad wiping a tear from a baby's wet
eyes or delighting in their child's first step wondering what their first  spoken
word will be.


Somewhere in the world there is the guiding hand of a grandparent teaching
their young grandchildren to tell the truth, to listen to their parents and
to look after their brothers and their sisters.


Somewhere in the world there is a teenager with a new driver's license scaring
the pants off everyone as he makes his first nervous foray into the fast lane.


Someone where in the world  is an elderly woman or man who is dying with dignity
while a grief stricken  family hopes for an easy end without pain.


Somewhere in the world there is a person seeking justice and railing against
a world that seems unfair and frightening.


Somewhere in the world there is a puppy licking the face of an adoring child
helping to create a future warm -protective and kind adult.


Against these everyday ordinary human endeavors comes this...


Somewhere in the world there are countries trying to find their souls and
regain their equilibrium.


They seek the wisdom of  their elders who lived through the holocost.


They admire the grit and heroism of the soldiers who died on the beaches of
Normandy for an idea that was bigger than themselves.


They look for leaders who made their mark on their time like Dr King.


Somewhere in the world we,  in America,  have missed the mark, shot an arrow into
the heart of darkness and left a once great country bleeding on the ground,
crying out for help and feeling helpless all the time.


Somewhere in the world there is an America yearning to be free again
wrestling with its demons - afraid to face them head on, afraid to
stand up and say STOP. That's enough.


Somewhere in the world there may be someone willing to help.


If so, the job is open. We are looking for you.


Jane Mark

President of JAM Marketing Inc

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Published 02-13-2019


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Published 02-08-2019


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Published 01-28-2019


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Published 01-23-2019

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