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Looking To Build Your Online Business?
Published 07-13-2021

Good day Friend

I am Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD, Online since 2004 researching, investigating, and reporting on Internet Crimes.

Founder of the Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO) now closed.

I also look for opportunities to share, such as Make Money Online, Work From Home. and Biz Opps. 

Looking To Build Your Online Business?

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Mega Gift For All That Click Cool Pro Marketing Software
Published 07-31-2021

Cool Marketing Software to Help You Promote Your Business!

Mega Gift For All That Click Cool Pro Marketing Software


Cool Marketing Software to Help You Promote Your Business!

This is the pro version of our free classified ad submission software. It will submit unlimited ads to ANY category and to ANY city in ANY country database on

Also submits much faster and you can include up to 7 pictures and a YouTube video with your ads. No proxies or captcha services are needed! No ghosting of ads since we own By far the easiest and most hassle-free software we have created so far!

Osclass Submitter submits your ads to 10 different high-traffic classified ad sites at once. Save unlimited ad campaigns. Rotate all campaigns on all sites automatically. Does not use captchas so posting is free once the software is purchased.


OmniReply will find ads on 3 high-traffic classified ad sites according to your category and respond to them with your custom message automatically. Your messages get seen almost every time because advertisers are carefully monitoring their inboxes.

This easy-to-use software will submit your ad to 500+ cities in a variety of categories to one of the busiest classified ad sites in the world on autopilot.

Posts up to 500 ads per day on autopilot to US cities on No captcha or proxies are needed. Super easy to use and completely free software for a limited time.

Thanks for Reading

ARI Online Business Consultants
Published 03-13-2018

Good day Friend

I am Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D., Founder of the Internet Crime Fighters Group (ICFO)

I have been researching scams and online business opportunities since 2004. 

ARI Business Consultants is the First Program that I have seen, that I consider suitable enough to recommend to anyone wanting to

  • To Start an Online Home Business
  • Supplement their monthly income
  • No Experience Needed
  • Full support and Live Training Provided
  • Just Download and Read a Free Book
  • Or Watch the Video or Both
  • No MLM, No Selling
  • Just Show Others Your Highly Converting Link

Our Mission Statement

To provide a simple and effective business system to average people that want to work and earn money so that they can live with financial dignity and have the freedom to enjoy life with their families without having to worry about money ever again.

This is the first program that I considered worthy of Winning Our First

ICFO’s Program of the Year 2017

ARI Online Business Consultants

If you are serious about making money online and looking for something to supplement your Income, then click the link below to immediately download your Free “How to” Book and Watch the Movie

Make it a business and share your link with friends and family.

Check it out:

Free Advertising Bonus Offer Included with Those That Register To Start Their Business

Enjoy and have a great day

Dr. Don


Are You Prepared to be Successful Online? You List!
Published 09-05-2018

Why Do You Need a Marketing List?


Table of Contents


What Is It and Why Do You Need One

Fellow Entrepreneurs

In this post, we discuss why you must create and continue growing your Marketing List

Our first lesson regarding our need for a list comes from our Internet Gurus. Guru’s maintain large lists and can make money every day, almost on demand, like an ATM, by simply marketing to their list. They know that their list is the most important asset that they own. They are always on the lookout for new tools and ways to continually grow their list


As an Entrepreneur, you too must start building and growing your list. You need the proper tools to capture and record the email of every visitor to your website. These visitors may not buy on their contact with your; however, they may come back or be interested  in something else that you may have to offer

Connecting socially online, may help your collect friends but not necessarily, buyers. Others merely want to connect so that they can spam you with their offers and could care less about yours.  Disconnect, they are amateurs and neither entrepreneurs nor marketers!

Top gurus seldom rely less on social media for contacts and suggested by others; rather, they use time-saving tools that take most of the work and cost out of the task.  To find these tools and latest innovations, we turn to one of the leading experts on the internet, master list and traffic builders Jam Marketing Inc

Who is Jam Marketing Inc (JAM)? 

Jane Mark and Phil Basten have been helping people succeed on the net since 2001 when they joined forces and launched an Australian company, called JAM Marketing Inc, With over 650,000 members in their lists, they are clearly one of the top experts in the field of building traffic and lists 

How Can They Help You?

They have developed some of the most innovative websites and scripts on the Internet list building management system and many different advertising scripts, And some of the most effective targeted advertising services on the web 

Many of their products provide an automatic building your list, saving your time and money for your business online.  Why not Learn and Earn from the Best Traffic and List Builders as well as from your fellow member top gurus 


The following random selection includes some of the author’s recommendations from JAM and other experts 

These include advertising, list building and traffic resources such as mailers, submitters along with top tools used by gurus to market their list such as sales funnels, lead capture and tracking, and autoresponders.  

Most are “Free to Join” or have “Free Trial Periods.”

Many will have “Upgrade Options” which trigger your levels of access, commisions, and bonuses

  • Joining through the author’s links as a “New Member” entitles you to a Matching Bonus from the author
  • The matching bonus is generally available on JAM products and not available for these products elsewhere on the Internet

So Let Us Get Started Creating and Growing Your Marketing Lists and Potential Earnings Online 

Sokule Advertising Powerhouse

  Click Here to Join Us
My marketing life on the Internet started here with Sokule where I found the tools and training necessary to learn and grow online.  Sokule Auto-builds, Your List for You, Email up to 1.4 million members daily.  Email Marketing, Social Posting. Home of Sokens used to help build your list of followers or trackers. 

Front Page Mail

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Front Page Mail provides online businesses with a way to get on the front page of Google and many other search engines in a  unique way. It offers three kinds of Solo Ad Mailers that put you on the front page search. It is completely unique and novel. There is nothing else like it online.

Profit From Free Ads

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Profit From Free Ads is an easy-to-use wealth creation system where you can earn BIG commissions every day,  send solo ads for life, build a list faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin Gets you MORE advertising exposure than you dreamed possible.

Kule Blaster

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Slash Your Marketing Time to Just Minutes with this Ingenious, Done for You-Fully Automated Wealth Creation System.

Never Ending Traffic 4U

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Unique Automated Traffic System. Instantly Delivers Targeted Visitors to any Website on Complete Autopilot

Profit With JAM

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Profit Power. Save Advertising Costs.  JAM provides a way to promote all our sites from one place. Promote multiple streams of income with just one link 

You Can Reach Everyone

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Gurus with large lists make money every day. You can reach 15,000 random list member daily

Onya List Builder

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A unique and powerful way to create stunning capture pages, build lists fast and make money easily.

Kule Ping

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Ping Your Way to Profits instantly with Kule Ping’s fully automated set it and forget it marketing system.

Wow Them Jewelry

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Wow Them Jewelry where giving you a Mullion Dollar Look is our Only Mission.  Every piece of jewelry has been hand selected and tested in the marketplace by JAM’s CEO Jane Mark

All Your Lists In One Place

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JAM’s CEO Jane Mark reveals all the lists that she uses to make 7 figure income, year after year

Magic KM

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Instantly gain access to a Goldmine of Prospects and Buyers and let the Magic Kingdom Mailer help you grow your business and income online.

1 Click Marketing Machine

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Let the 1-Click Marketing Machine advertise all your websites on complete auto-pilot 24/7/. Just Set it and Forget it.

Kule Mail Express

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Join The Next Generation of Mailers. You Will Never look at Mailers in The Same Way Again.

A100 Dollar Bill

A 100 Dollar Bill  Click Here to Join Us
Earn $100 bills all day long with your own high-profit business. No hosting fees. No hassles. No experience needed.

Yakamore Social Media

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500 character messages. Email followers every three days. Auto ping promotion. Earn up to 40% commission. Join now.

Free Ad Depot

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Mail nearly 75,000 members, Build You List, Earn Commissions, and Supercharge Your Advertising

Kule Cash

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Kule Cash allow your to reach a huge audience through a random 125,000 solo mailer, Win Prizes and Have Fun Building Your List

Sokule Submit

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Reach over 100,000 daily with your messages. People who are interested in what you sell. four powerful submitters.

Kule Submit Pro

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Submit your offers, blogs, etc. to over 1,000 high traffic directories, bookmark and article sites. 

Steal My Traffic

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Each month we get more than 7 million visitors to our huge network of sites. Now you can legally steal our traffic for FREE!

Kule Spin

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Win Cool Marketing Stuff FREE! Spin, WIN, and Make Money! It’s All the rage! Have Fun  While You Make Money!

Kule Rank

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Kule Rank is a Unique and Powerful Submitter that posts your website links to Popular Link Directories that receive 1,000 of Targeted Visitors Daily

Viral Ads Depot

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Viral Ads Depot is a Fully Automated, Viral Advertising Program! Powerful online contact mailer,  Reach all paid members. Viral text ads Viral banner ads High visibility with Active and Passive Income Streams 

Guru Tales

  Click Here to Join Us 
 Guru Tales is a collection of amazing resources, services, and tools used by many of the top marketers and businesses online to earn insane profits year after year. Most marketers will never get to know about or use unless you are part of an elite inner circle.

Croc Ads

  Click Here to Join Us 
Targeted Text Ads, Email Marketing, Top Sponsor Email Ads, and Much More. We expose your ads to a huge targeted audience and that no Croc!

Kule Search

Buy and Sell Keywords for Profit...  Click Here to Join Us
Buy and sell keywords for profit. Get paid when you link to keywords. Get paid when others link to your keywords.

Kule Tags

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Promote your website automatically! Get your website seen hundreds of times a day on complete auto-pilot.

Target Ads Depot

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Target Ads Depot is a super-charged, cash cramming, viral advertising powerhouse, that gets your offers direct to the eye-balls of people with similar interests. 

Credit Ads Depot

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Get your website noticed with visually powerful, Hi-impact Ads, that grab your readers’ attention, draw them into your offer, and compel them to whip out their credit cards! Free mailer, Free ads,  We advertise for you!

Puffin Mailer

Puffin Mailer  Click Here to Join Us
This Viral List Builder not only provides you with all the advertising options your site needs, but they also packed it with tons of features. Mail the list Every few days or every day! 7 Second Timer Monthly Bonus Credits  Earn Credits per click. Banner and Text Advertising Spotlight ads Downline Builder  Residual Income

Mailing Ads Depot

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If you want to be successful online, then copy what top marketers do. Send your offers to members contact emails addresses. Send your offers up to 5,000 random active double opt-in members every three days.  Reach up to 50,000 different members a month. Our unique credits link system in place and that means your emails GET OPENED!

Instant Mailer

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Instant Mailer works 24/7  The owners help you advertise by sending mass campaigns to the generic company site which rotates my site and yours. Instant Mailer is a benefits-packed advertising tool for marketers and, small business owners who want to make more sales!

The ICANetwork

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Mobilize. Optimize. Profit! Create Your Own Smartphone App!  Optimize Your Local Search Rankings! Mobile Friendly GoSocial With Your Website! Accept Credit Cards  Become An ICANetwork “Rep” and Earn Commissions! 

Kule Mail

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Email up to 10,000 random members every three days. Use our lists to grow your lists. Now that’s Kule

Leads Leap 

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Advertise and build leads FREE for any business. Make money via multiple streams of income.

itsy Linx

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Itsy Links Is a unique way to get more exposure for your online business without getting without getting blocked by sites like MacAfee claiming your site is risky for no reason. It is a way for search engines to pick up your site quickly and easily. 

Oodles Of Traffic

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Gain Instant Credibility by associating your site with a well-known site using our unique, simple technology with Oodles of Traffic. Anyone can do this. 

Special Tools

Thanks for Joining Us on Why Do You Need a Marketing List?

The challenges of being self-employed, an entrepreneur are many, but unlike my offline challenges where I had to learn all the skills necessary for success; online where many promised to help you, albeit some good and some bad. 

Stick with something that you understand are passionate about; you are less likely to get scammed by the latest hot offer. Make sure your product or service is scalable and sustainable, align with those you trust to help you round out your skills and provide the tools necessary

Herein, we have shown the need for a list, a marketing list and have provided various resources; List Builders, how to do business online, and how to do your marketing online. The opportunity is yours, but nothing happens without your action and persistence in pursuing your goals

Use them to build your marketing list, and enjoy prosperity and success online beyond your imagination

Best to You

My Name is Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD
  • Founder of The Internet Crime Fighters Org
  • Author of the Internet Uses Handbook (2009)
  • Entrepreneur, Retired Chairman, CEO, President of several successful start-up companies
  • Mentor, Advisor and Coach to numerous government-sponsored Workshops for Start-up CEOs and Managing Directors
  • Helping others online since 2004 researching and reporting scams and threats
  • As well and Business and Work From  Home opportunities through various blogs, groups, forums and articles online

I am a Founder or Partner with JAM and others in many of the preceding offers and will earn a commision to support our Free Work

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