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Digital Wealth Pros. Digital Wealth Pros Review
Published 03-06-2022

The world is becoming a increasingly expensive place, especially for people with ambition. We dream and think big, but some dreams remain unfulfilled because our regular 9-5 jobs can't really afford them. But that doesn't have to be the case anymore.

The 21st century can be called the century of multiple income streams. Why be satisfied with one income source when you can have many? Passive income is a great idea, but it is easier said than done. There are endless passive income "ideas" available on the internet, but more than 90% of them never work. But some of them truly do. One such idea that we came across is Digital Wealth Pros.



What is Digital Wealth Pros?

Digital Wealth Pros is a unique, automated passive income source for those looking for extra hustle on the side. What makes DWP unique is that it is truly automated. Many products claim to be 'automated', until you realize that you need to do something or the other, every day, to earn anything from them. Well, not DWP. Once set up, DWP removes the need for intervention from the user's side, effortlessly which can generate great weekly or even daily income.. The owners behind DWP have a combined experience of over 32 years in the marketing and sales industry.

Speaking of great weekly income, this is the real attraction of Digital Wealth Pro. Every closed sale can earn at least a $200 commission. The commissions can be as high as $400 per sale, depending on the level you join at. Digital Wealth Pros state that members could earn a minimum of $1000 each week using their products and marketing turn-key marketing plan. Some members are experiencing as much a $1000 each day!


How does Digital Wealth Pros work?

Digital Wealth Pros (DWP) offers a simple business plan: Join, refer others and get paid when others sign-up with you. Once you join DWP, your sales - from lead capture to sales conversion - is completely managed by the platform. A combination of software services and call center agents work on closing sales on your behalf. For every closed sale, you get a fixed payout or either $200 or $400. There is no limit on the amount of payouts you can receive; you could virtually make an unlimited amount of money from the program.

Digital Wealth Pros offers two kinds of memberships. The Bronze Level is $297 - $200 for the the member you join with, and $97 for the one-time admin fee paid directly to DWP. The Gold Level is $497 - $400 for the the member you join with, and $97 for the admin fee. The only difference between the two membership levels is the payout you get in return.


Watch the 6 minute Info video here:



Features of Digital Wealth Pros

The reason why Digital Wealth Pros (DWP) seems like such a great option is because of the plethora of features it provides. Let's take a look at all the reasons why DWP seems like an amazing business opportunity:

  • Multi-figure business-in-a-box

Digital Wealth Pros saves you from the hassle of setting up a business and the toil of operating it for years before finally seeing some profit. DWP is a perfect business-in-a-box opportunity that could start earning your profits right from the moment you join and your profits could easily reach six figures in a year simply on autopilot.


  • Custom Capture Pages with Autoresponders

Digital Wealth Pros has created custom capture pages that are best customized for your prospects. The capture pages are also equipped with autoresponders, which help respond to the prospects and initiate the conversion process. In any business, these tasks could be worth hundreds of dollars; with DWP, you get these amazing features for free.




  • Dedicated Call Center Services

The human element remains ever-important in closing the sales. This is where the true utility of DWP steps in : dedicated, 24x7 call center agents. The call center takes all of your calls so you don't have to. The end goal of these highly-trained agents is to close your sales and with each closed sale, you get your profit right in your pocket.


  • Real-time tracking of Leads and Sales

Just because your business is running on autopilot doesn't mean that you get no control. Digital Wealth Pros offers state-of-the-art trackers that could track your leads and sales in real-time. The tracking system allows you to stay in tune with your business at all times and also be aware of how many sales are getting closed on your behalf.


  • Additional Resources

In case you want to take a more active role in generating your sales, Digital Wealth Pros offers you a range of resources for just that. The workshops at DWP are equipped for training you in making better advertisements and digital flyers to optimize how you capture your prospects. Digital Wealth Pros also has a huge digital library of resources that help you to become a better, sharper and more skilled businessperson.


Digital Wealth Pros Cons

As good as Digital Wealth Pros is, it is not without some flaws.

  • New Products

Digital Wealth Pros has new products, having been launched only recently. As such, it does not have a lot of customer and peer reviews yet. This is not an issue of quality, merely age. For people who prefer to go with tried-and-tested products that have a ton of recommendations, but for people who are willing to take risks and bet on new opportunities, this is the perfect product.


Understandably, Digital Wealth Pros can offer you a steady passive income stream that is simply automated. In our opinion, this is not an opportunity you should miss!


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Best Regards,
Jermine Gaskins 
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Published 02-14-2022
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It is 100% free to be a member of the club,
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I wish you all the best and much success.

Jermine Gaskins 
Leads Leap Profits System Review
Published 02-07-2022


Dani Kash created the LeadsLeap Profits system to help marketers comprehend the LeadsLeap marketing platform and earn signups. When others sign up for this system, you get a 100% commissions. ($10 one time lifetime membership).

There are ten videos with step-by-step directions on how to setup a list, capture pages, and ad bars, as well as ten days of action steps that show you how to produce traffic and leads for any business.

The LeadsLeap Profits system is unique among other systems, in that it concentrates on generating revenue from a single platform while also teaching you new abilities as a marketer in this field. It's more than simply a downline builder; it's a success system that even a rookie can grasp!

Having just joined the system myself I find it extremely easy to set up it took a less than 2 hours everything was laid out step by step and very doable for even technically challenged folks like me.

All The Best!
Jermine Gaskins

UPDATE: This has taught me A LOT! Trust ME.
Update: Have 18 leads and made commissions. (Paid instantly to my ****)



This gets me 64 new leads daily! - LeadSkimmer
Published 02-05-2022

Why I Love LeadSkimmer...

My experience with LeadSkimmer is that it's a great viral way to build your list. This system has been around for several years & it's a proven way to speed up your list building with real people opting in. The way the system works is very clever so you will be building a buyers list. By using the platform you can generate leads and sales for your primary business. I joined LeadSkimmer as I'm always looking for leads for my primary business & genuine methods to speed up my list building.

Every time you generate a new lead through their software, that person will then pass leads up to you through their marketing efforts, therefore your list building can go viral very quickly. Each new person you bring in must pass his or her first three people up to you. This will build your email list in an exponential way since this '3 up' continues on into infinity. Every new referral becomes a new 'Lead Line' so the potential is huge if you are willing to promote LeadSkimmer. It's such a unique & clever system because everyone who's got an online business needs more leads.

There is an option to upgrade & earn affiliate commissions. Not compulsory & not everyone chooses to do so. The advantages of upgrading to Pro are that you can bypass having to give your first three people away & you will earn affiliate commissions. Pass ups of affiliate commissions are also paid to you from your referrals members who decide not to upgrade. A nice reward for those taking the upgraded option & a nice income boost too.

The LeadSkimmer software has 2 features I love. These are that your 'Lead Lines' can be built as wide as you want as long as you keep referring & they keep going down to infinity. What a compensation plan & lead generating system this is!

LeadSkimmer has some free high converting squeeze pages and sales pages that entice your prospects to opt in for more information. The system itself is both very simple to use and is very easy to understand, so it's beginner friendly.

The lead capture page videos & the videos in the members area are some of the best I've seen. Especially for inspiring members to get into action & the huge benefits of upgrading to Pro. The owner is a marketing genius & his affiliate tools copy also converts very well with cold traffic.

I highly recommend LeadSkimmer if you are serious about wanting to build a list fast and potentially earn some income as well. The only downside I see is that it only has 3 lead capture pages to choose from but they are all high converting so don't let that put you off joining.

There's more to LeadSkimmer than I've covered in this brief explanation, so I encourage you to look into this opportunity. It's perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced online marketers. Sign up today, it's free so you have nothing to lose & I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Click Here To Join LeadSkimmer

- Jermine Gaskins

Udimi Solo Ads Review - Buy Quality Advertising Today!
Published 02-05-2022

Udimi is a premium marketplace for solo ad sellers and buyers, with over 300 solo ad vendors. The site is free to sign up and you even get $5 OFF your first order.

The Udimi platform has an automatic filter which blocks all bot traffic ensuring that you get 100% real traffic to your offer.

How Udimi works?

After creating you free account you get access to the back office which has profiles of all the vendors in the platform.

Simply click the "Find Sellers" menu tab at the top of the page and you can filter your search according to the following settings.

  • Price (cost per click)
  • Niche
  • Ratings
  • "Got sales"

This way you can get targeted traffic to your offer and have peace of mind knowing a bit more about your vendor.

Once you find the perfect match for your offer you can add them to your favorites or go ahead and make your first purchase by following the following steps.

Step 1: Chose the amount of clicks you would like to order, most vendors have a minimum of 100 visitors.

Step 2: Tick the boxes you would like applied to your order from the following options

  • Base filter (always leave this checked)
  • Only Mobile
  • Only Top Tier
  • Prime filter (only for prime members)

Step 3: Paste the link of the website you would like to promote (ad copy is optional)

Step 4: Click ad to cart to complete your purchase

Step 5: Wait for the vendor to accept your order then sit back, relax and watch as the sign ups begin to come in.

Step 6: Go to the "orders" menu tab on the left hand side to check the progress of your order.

What I Like

I like the fact that the Udimi platform has a simple and easy to use interface which allows you to research a vendor to ensure you get the best value for your money.

What I Dislike

To be honest there is nothing I dislike about the platform.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to build your list and generate leads fast then Udimi is a great platform to use, make sure you have a good marketing system with a landing page and a good lead magnet with an auto-responder email series.

My Udimi Email Solo Ad Results:

Solo ad 1: I ordered 125 clicks and received 149, this resulted in 54 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 2: I ordered 175 clicks and received 188, this produced 50 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 3: I ordered 125 clicks and received 168, this gave me 47 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 4: I ordered 100 clicks and received 108, this produced 37 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 5: I ordered 100 clicks and received 104, this produced 41 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 6: I ordered 150 clicks and received 162, this gave me 48 leads and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 7: I ordered 125 clicks and received 135, this gave me 33 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 8: I ordered 100 clicks and received 110, this resulted 42 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 9: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this produced 49 leads and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 10: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this solo ad run produced 43 new leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 11: I ordered 125 clicks and received 125, this solo ad generated 68 new leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 12: I ordered 200 clicks and received 230, this solo ad gave me 39 new leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 13: I ordered 125 clicks and received 137, this resulted in 18 new leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 14: I ordered 150 clicks and received 168, this produced 33 new leads to my offer and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 15: I ordered 200 clicks and received 235, this ad run produced 47 fresh leads to my offer and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 16: I ordered 150 clicks and received 175, this email solo ads run generated 51 new leads and 3 sales so far.

Solo ad 17: I ordered 100 clicks and received 107, this solo email gave me 38 new leads and 1 sales so far.

Solo ad 18: I ordered 500 clicks and received 553, this solo ad generated 187 new leads to my list and 6 sales so far.

Solo ad 19: I ordered 275 clicks and received 302, this solo ad generated 114 new leads to my email list and 7 sales so far.

Solo ad 20: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this email solo ad generated 43 new leads to my email list and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 21: I ordered 275 clicks and received 301, this email solo ad generated 51 new leads and 3 sales so far.

Solo ad 22: I ordered 350 clicks and receive 372, this solo email ad generated 87 new leads and 6 sales so far.

Solo ad 23: I ordered 225 clicks and received 254, a nice over-delivery! This email solo ad produced 102 new leads for my offer and 4 sales so far.

Solo ad 24: I ordered 150 clicks and received 178, this solo email ad generated 65 new leads and 5 sales so far.

Solo ad 25: I ordered 225 clicks and received 257, this Udimi solo ad produced 125 new leads and 4 sales so far.

Solo ad 26: I ordered 250 clicks and received 251, this solo email ad generated 92 new leads and 6 sales so far.

Solo ad 27: I ordered 500 clicks and received 552, this email solo ad produced 258 new leads and 5 sales so far.


Click here to Join Udimi

To Your Success,

- Jermine Gaskins

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