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Breaking News Phil Basten Launches Excellent Copywriting Service - Make Your Words Count
Published 03-07-2022


06-03-2022 Author: Bob Welcome


Latest News - Read All About It - March 2022.


Phil Basten of JAMMarketingInc has launched a

Professional Copywriting Service

Titled "Make Your Words Count"


Hello Everyone and Welcome,


 About Phil Basten


Whether you know Phil Basten or not you will soon

see that he has the power of the pen when he

begins to write about words, and I guess if

he was talking, it would be said that he has the

gift of the gab, and to top that off Phil

was dubbed the Man who could create an

advertising frenzy when he provided

his services to international advertising agencies

like Ogilvy and Mather, Fortune Advertising,

and Leo Burnett while working in Australia.


After leaving Australia and coming to New York

he has held the position of senior copywriter

and market-ing analyst for JAMMarketingInc 

since 2007.


His ideology is for a reader to become embroiled

in his created story and follow it to the point

where the unfinished punchline appears and

consequently cocoons the reader leaving them on

tender-hooks until they can read the next series.


Before he embarked on this particular journey

he put out some feelers to his email list customers

to ask what it was that they were most interested in.


Climbing K2 in Winter or Skinny-Dipping in Antarctica

– Just joking.


Really - below are the three paragraph questions that

he put to his readers for consideration and reply.


Paragraph Question Number 1.


High converting original content and market-ing

copy for websites, emails, blogs, headlines and

subheads, articles, bullet points,

email subject lines, using advanced copy formulas.


Paragraph Question Number 2.


A social posting service where you can post to

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in,

Telegram, Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook Groups,

and more from one website.


Paragraph Question Number 3.


Website and graphics creation such as Guarantees, badges,

arrows, licenses, bonuses, buttons, headlines, Logos,

Boxshots, eCovers, Reports, Digital Mockups, Worksheets,

Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Photo-Realistic Mockups,

funnel designs.




Some time passed and much dust settled prompting Phil to

clean his glasses before checking for the champ.


Once tallied it was Paragraph Number 1 that had received

the most interest.


Time to begin.


Design the Make Your Words Count website page


Then it was time for Phil to sit down and design the look of

the pages for the new site and the main page in particular

with a logo, heading, and an impressively cool image of

himself with cool green background foliage to boot.


An image of a distressed lady apparently at the end of

her tether is visible and it appears she was not yet

increasing the number of visitors to her website to

multiply her results and make her revenue buzz by X,

get a good night’s sleep, or purchase some nice bikkies

for her pet dog.


As they all say you can have the most beautiful 

website, but if nobody sees it you will not make sales.


So it definitely was the right time for Phil to

begin to explode her online presence.


He offers to help people move from pain to gain

by crafting stories about their products which show

users how they can solve their

most pressing problem.


Here are the packages that are available.


All personally written by Phil in a

compelling and masterful way.


Killer Solo Email Promo


A Killer Solo Email plus One life-time link promotion on

Never Ending Traffic 4u. 




Killer Solo Email Budget


A Killer Solo Email (Perfect for those on a Budget)



Article Writing Promo 


Expertly written articles optimized for specific keywords

generate relevant search engine traffic. 



Stop Press - Do Not Miss This Service


Make Your Words Count Will Submit Articles 4 You


There is no doubt that articles create content and one

of the most basic and important methods of generating

search engine traffic is content creation.


Whether you write articles yourself or have them

written for you, they still need to be promoted for

all the world to see.


Make Your Words Count Will Submit Articles 4 You


A very important part of article market-ing is for

your articles to be submitted to the top article

market-ing websites.


To relieve yourself of the pain of creating accounts

and individual submissions “Make Your Words Count”

will submit your articles for you in Search Engine

Optimised format together with relevant keywords to

the top article market-ing websites and register

unique accounts for you.  


So why not sit back, relax, and let the

experts submit articles 4You.


Make Your Words Count Will Submit Articles 4 You




Blog Post Writing


Professional keyword specific blog posts also

generate relevant search engine traffic




Autoresponder Copy


A good autoresponder message series should be

made up of small unfinished connecting parts of

an overall story which allow business owners

and marketers to present their offers in a most

positive way during the series until the final of the

series is rolled out when prospects are suitably well

informed to make a good decision.




Content Rewriting


It may be that over time you have collected some

Plr (Private Label Rights) articles, e-books, or reports,

and you can use these to drive traffic to your websites

by having them professionally rewritten and optimised

for specific keywords.


Once these articles and reports have been expertly

rewritten they will be unique to you and they will

attract others who will share them.


Having content rewritten is one of the ways, together

with killer solo packages, article writing,

blog post writing and Autoresponder email series,

that you can build traffic to your

central business websites. 




Contact Us at Make Your Words Count and tell us what you Need


Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer all

questions and providing requested details at

Make Your Words Count


Please provide your knowledge in words about the

program you are promoting and complete all boxes

as this will help us to quote efficiently and effectively

for the project and ensure that information provided

will satisfy your needs.


Thank you.

"Make Your Words Count"




About Me - Bob Welcome


The reason why I have written such a descriptive

article about the gifted Phil Basten of

JAMMarketingInc and the Jam powerful

market-ing programs is to spread the word

about how he is able to help people go from

pain to gain.


Both Phil and his partner Jane Mark are always available

to help out with answers and advice to questions, so that

you do not just register with one of their programs and

hear nothing more.


All you do is contact them and help is at hand.


They have helped me on numerous occasions for which I

am extremely thankful, and they will also help you.


Their mailer programs send out in total, well over half a

mill-ion emails. So if you are an upgraded member that

is how many emails you can send. Some are only every 

two days but most are daily.


There are 21 Jam programs at present

(give or take one or two).


Capture Pages built for me by Phil Basten


Viduber Video


This one is for Viduber Video and once you register as

a free affiliate you will receive manual broadcasts about

Viduber Video, email tips and tricks and other

tools that marketers need to send effective emails

to the masses.


I do not presently have an autoresponder

email series for Viduber but it is coming.


Phil is already complaining about blisters on his

writing hand.


TrafficWave Autoresponder and Affiliate Program 




 The TrafficWave program is stuffed full of all the goodies

needed to help business, home owners or marketers

who are wanting to put some oomph into their campaigns.


TrafficWave is a piece of cake to use. You can register for fr-ee for

the first 30 days and you are able to complete the 30 minute

list building challenge immediately if that suits you.


This is when you set up your autoresponder series of emails

to go out about your TrafficWave account. Please do not

be alarmed as they are already written for (Trafficwave) 

for you.


Just fill in some info and that's it. 


You receive a website url to share with the world and

post to social sites and you are off and running. It is a

simple and very robust system where you can make

commissions if you wish to build an affiliate program. 


It has also been around for a very long time, proving

that it is here to stay and works very well.


The monthly fee is  $17.95 and does not decrease or

increase (it is fixed) even if your subscribers are

20K or more, and it is unlike other autoresponder

programs that continue to lift the monthly price

as your list increases.


I thank you for viewing this article and hope that

you are able to crank your market-ing to a nice

profitable level.


Kind Regards

Bob Welcome




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Viduber Video News - Viduber is a Highly Profitable Video Marketing System
Published 10-11-2021

Viduber is a Highly Profitable Video Marketing System

Promote video streaming and get paid 60% residual

Viduber Video News 

Viduber is the first video hosting company to offer a 60% residual commission payout program to paid referrals. A direct referral commission of 35% is paid plus a matching check for 25% calculated on the total sales generated by your direct referrals.


Lots of Laughs Compensation Plan Comparison

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This makes the Viduber video hosting service highly profitable for you.



ViduberVideo is a video marketing system that is highly profitable and works with and for you! You can build a massive video subscriber base, track your viewer stats, and explode your video views that you will profit from. Ultra-fast uploads, ensure no time is wasted.

Viduber has video warehouse storage and an open pipe on bandwidth which means full flow of data. This ensures absolutely superb and endless streaming capabilities for your video quality.


Viduber Video Empire

You are in complete control of your Viduber video empire and your financial gains. You can record your desktop and load your video channels, create upload, record and record audio only. A simple click can instantly engage and impact all your social media networks.

The power of video allows you to capture video viewers and subscribers and capitalize on massive profits.


Video Template Builder

A complete video template builder is included with the Viduber package. You can easily create multiple video landing pages with the easy to use drag and drop features which are all centered around your video and offer.


The Viduber Autoresponder System

Viduber has a powerful leads and autoresponder system that allows you to collect and capture data, follow up with your viewers and subscribers and together with Viduber make it the number one video service provider.

It is a true top gun servicing your video marketing needs.


Smooth Video View

The absence of watermarks and advertisements creates a smooth view of your videos with no distractions to viewers.    


 Viduber stores and delivers videos and generates leads and massive profits in a snap!


One Extremely powerful video account provides everything in one location.


Enjoy the 60% profits from the referral payout program.





Kind Regards

Bob The ViduberVideo Guy Welcome

Queensland, Australia


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One Link is All You Need to Make Unlimited Mon-ey Online
Published 10-08-2021

Bob Welcome Presents Profit with Jam.


One Link is All You Need to Make Unlimited Money Online


Profit with Jam is very easy to use and it is

referred to as the “One Link is all you need” site.


This Profit with Jam site was constructed in response to

requests from members for a central link so that they could

advertise all their sites from one place.


All of the popular and profitable sites were identified

and they were put together in one membership area

known as Profit with Jam 1Link.


Members can put their own ids into the members

area for these sites and then when they promote

their Profit with Jam link, they are promoting all

of their own Jam Marketing sites at one time.


Everybody wanted to make money online as efficiently

as they could and when the slogan was born the one link

name was synonymous with how to make unlimited money



The slogan is “One Link is all you need to make Unlimited Money Online”.


This site is as big as the moon.


You can promote the moon and earn from 40 other planets.

Some are really large and some small, huge email lists,

powerful blasters, content checkers, and custom link shorteners.


And as Jane Mark has indicated you do not need to leave this

site as everything you need to market on the internet is

right here at your fingertips.


This is how you leverage your time and blast off with

your advertising budget.


This allows you to rake-in more profits, doing less work,

in less time, starting right now.


This is how it works:-

When someone upgrades, You get paid.

It is that simple.
No Experience is needed.

There are 3 paid membership levels.

Silver lets you change the ids on 10 of the programs to yours.

Gold lets you change the ids on 20 of the programs to yours.

Platinum lets you change the ids on 40 of the programs and

any new ones that are added in the future.

Platinum gets the whole enchilada and is the membership

level where you can make Unlimited money from any or

all of the sites now and in the future just by promoting one link.

Depending on your membership level...You also get

Fr-ee access to the company rotator, to the classified blaster,

to the search engine submitter to the directory submitter and more.


Wow that’s really hot (๐Ÿ˜Š:-))

There is a Downline Mailer:-

All paid members can contact their downlines through

a mailer that they have in the members area of Profit With Jam.

You can also join as a free member and promote the site

but you will not be able to change the JAM site ids to

your own unless and until you upgrade.

To see what you get at each membership level please go to

Bob Welcome Presents


You can change the way your story ends.

Use just one link to 

Start Your Own Business


 and make unlimited money online.


Your success starts here๐Ÿ˜Š)-

Kind Regards

Bob “The 1Link Guy” Welcome



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where as an “oto” signup unlimited founders

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New York News Covid 19 2021- Latest News July 11 2021 Mental and Personal Panic Attacks
Published 07-11-2021

New York News Covid 19 2021 Latest News

July 11 Mental and Personal Panic Attacks

07-06-2021 - Author: Bob Welcome


Hi and Welcome,

Covid-19 has severely affected the entire world's populations and economies, and many local people are searching for help.

We will take New York as an example. Many local people are searching for help at Coronavirus Prevention New York 2021, while NBC news indicates that New York has/had nearly 1 in 4 of all Covid-19 cases in the US.


New York City was named the epicenter of the Covid-19 crisis in the early pandemic days. Four days ago (about March 18, 2021), Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), warned that new outbreaks in New York City could be fuelled by a very concerning Coronavirus variant.


Covid-19 Statistics New York 2021 indicate that daily new cases in New York from November 8, 2020, to March 13, 2021, fell from a 15K high to a low of 10K. The average is reducing, and that indicates that the controls in place are working.


The last Coronavirus Vaccine Update New York 2021 (Total Population) 19,453,561 was March 25 2021, and for (Dose 1) there were 5,288,759 (27.2%) administered doses and for (Dose2) there were  2,425,105 (12.5%) administered doses.


Local people become upset and aggressive about the controlling, restrictive measures such as border closures, masks, and lockdowns of overseas air travel. This contributes to health, stress, financial worries, Personal Panic Attacks, and “Doubt.” Doubt about everything.


For the Coronavirus Prevention New York 2021 measures to work, everyone needs to become involved.


Covid-19NewsNewYork2021 describes many people in survival mode who are turning to the internet to find a home-based business so that they can work online from home when in extended periods of lockdown.


As at 11 July 2021 Covid-19 Update

NEW YORK — Here you will find latest information about the New York State and City on the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes positive case data together with indicators, and information provided by local officials.

Latest Covid-19 News july 11 2021.


Please do not despair, as there are people available to help. There is an E-Book called Panic Attacks authored by both Phil Basten and Jane Mark.


This unique product was created by Phil Basten and his partner Jane Mark whom many of you may know as entrepreneurs and developers of top advertising sites.


You may not know that they are both trained in Psychology and consequently decided to pool their talents in Marketing and Psychology and created a unique product that will help you live a stress-free life and help you make some money as you help others.


Hence, an E-Book was born and titled  "Panic Attacks and How To Survive Them."


Kind Regards

Bob Welcome

Concerned Covid-19 Citizen


Bob Welcome Recommends Frontpage Mail FrontPagePosition

News About Covid-19 2021 Austin Texas Mental and Personal Panic Attacks
Published 06-30-2021

Covid-19 news 2021

Hi and Welcome,

The News About Covid-19 2021 Austin Texas Pandemic continues to affect Texas and its population and this State is currently using the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine which has limited supplies and a gradual rollout.

They advise precautions including wearing of a mask, social distancing and regular washing of hands. Covid-19 Marketing and Psychological Strategies in Austin has created a How to Help site at GivePulse which is an Austin Based Technology Platform. This platform is used to find, list, and organize the measure of impact of service to the community.

The Hidden Impact of Coronavirus 2021

One of the defining features of The Hidden Impact of Coronavirus 2021 is the “loss of family members” and “Isolation” through lockdowns, the loss of jobs and Psychological and Mental Stress. These defining features are a major contributing cause of Mental and Personal Panic Attacks which many people experience.

Where the Covid-19 Virus may strike next and who will be involved frightens people.

Wearing of Masks in Public Places

Covid-19 Mask Laws

The following information is sourced by the Google Search Term “Mask Laws -Covid-19 Texas” And is copied for public reference only. “Texas Law had introduced a State mask requirement for individuals to wear masks or face coverings in most public places.

This State order was superseded on March 10, 2021.” See the Mask Laws Requirements here. “COVID-19 & Texas Law – Mask Laws - Statewide Mask Requirement for Individuals” “The State order that individual people must wear masks or face coverings in most public places is no longer in effect.

It was superseded on March 10, 2021. The Governor's State order does not require Texans to wear a face covering at polling places. However, “there is an ongoing lawsuit that aims to change that.”

Apparently whether you are required to wear a mask in Texas or not has been moving from yes to no and then yes but only in some situations. It is difficult to follow exactly so obviously citizens would have to obey directions from their local Health Authorities.

How Covid-19 Spreads

It seems that we are beginning to understand that the covid-19 spread is dangerous when people do not practice social distancing and they are not wearing masks. The masks stop the spread of the droplets when someone sneezes, coughs or exhales. Once the droplets settle onto desktops or counters the virus can be picked up on the hands, and then by touching of the mouth, eyes or face. As the global coronavirus pandemic enters the second year Governments are racing to vaccinate populations as novel variants emerge and people relax their vigilance around physical distancing, mask wearing, and other public health interventions. Prospects for school re-openings, renewed travel, and herd immunity remain uncertain for the Fall and beyond.

It has also been seen that even though some people have been vaccinated they are still able to contract the disease for a second time.

News About Covid-19 Statistics 2021

The Number of Covid-19 Infections in Texas

The information provided indicates that over the last 14 days the number of infections has moved from 2.7K to 4.8 and then to a low of 1.5 and then back to 5.2, down to 1.4 and back up to 2.7K. Now from a start of 2.7K there are lows and highs in the middle and then return to 2.7K at the end of 14 days.

It appears to be under control and hopefully when the next low comes along it will not go back up to the high of 2.7K. That will be a great result.

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination Registration

To start off Texans are required to Login and create an account.

They are only required to do this once.

Then they pre-register for a vaccine and schedule an appointment.

The vaccines and tests are free.

News indicates that the Texas Vaccine rollout is not moving as fast as the Government would like and the State is rated as third worst in the USA. Scientists are worried that Covid-19 will return in waves. We hope they are wrong.

Predictions that opening too early in the USA will increase the projected death rate from 57 thousand to 74 thousand.

News indicates that the Governors are moving forward with re-openings despite the predictions. Are the Governors doing the right thing, only time will tell, and is anyone challenging their processes. Absolutely nobody wants to have the same problem that India has at present.

Covid-19 News

Covid-19 News 2021 Austin Texas describes how many people in survival mode are turning to the internet to find a

 home-based business home-based business so that they can work online from home when in extended periods of lockdown. These people have either lost their small business or have been laid off from their place of work.

Please do not despair, as there are people available to help. There is an E-Book called Panic Attacks authored by both Phil Basten and Jane Mark. This unique product was created by Phil Basten and his partner Jane Mark whom many of you may know as entrepreneurs and developers of top advertising sites.

You may not know that they are both trained in Psychology and consequently decided to pool their talents in Marketing and Psychology and created a unique product that will help you live a stress-free life and make some money for yourself as you help others.

Hence, an E-Book was born and titled  "Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them".


Kind Regards Bob Welcome

Concerned Covid-19 Citizen


Online Internet business professional, Internet marketer, JAM Marketing Inc. CEO/Founder Member, Website builder, Classic car interior restoration specialist.

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