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Get control
Published 07-07-2020

A good idea is to make a web page with all your links you use on a daily basis. This way you can go to any computer and have your links. Make sure you have your logins and passwords. If you do not have your own website yet, check the links on my blog. Some of these will lead to to places to get a website if you need one. 

Once you have your page it is simple to just go down your list each day and easily get your tasks done.

Your new email address
Published 07-06-2020

Are you a marketer? Is your email getting crazy full? How would you like a nice clean email box of your own that you can send all your important info to. This way it does not get lost in the shuffle among all those ads. You will feel the relief. I chose GDI to host my new site and to use my new domain email address. The other thing is this looks way more professional. Check out my site on GDI and see if any of this would help you. Look at the links down the right side if you are interested to get your own. I am loving what I got and it is so easy to edit the site. 

Click Here to See My Site

Why GDI is the best opportunity
Published 02-23-2020

Over the years I have worked in various internet marketing online programs or affiliate programs. What you want is one that offers a solid stable platform. GDI has been going since 1999 so I think we are good there. 

Income possibilities and opportunity is another one. GDI pays you commissions 5 levels down. Not only that, there are multiple bonus opportunities available. The achievements are there for your taking it just depends what you are going to do. You can attempt to do this alone and there is nothing wrong with that. However, you may have a better chance if you team up with others for this one.

Personally, I chose to partner with GDI Team Elite so we could work together building downlines and helping each other.

The product you market is domain names and webhosting. Guess what? Our team will also help you out with what to do with your web hosting platform. Many GDI Teams have no idea what to do with this but we do.

If any of this interests you this is our Team Link:  GDI Team Elite

Email Overload
Published 01-07-2020

Wow can this email really get away from me! You have to be very careful when using mailers, safelists, and text ad exchanges. The amount of mails coming in to your inbox can be overwhelming. 

One thing you can do is set filters up and labels in gmail. This works to a point, but you can still have too many. I also setup some scripts to auto delete certain mails after a set time. 

I ended up with multiple email boxes and too many emails. Even with the scripts it is not a system that can be managed even with a team. 

The only answer is to scale it down now. Yes, it is time to go through all these mailers and safelists and re-organize and only keep the best ones. I even found a new email program that helps me to organize so I am moving the good ones into this. 

If you have a similar problem with too many mails, maybe it is time to downsize the mail. 

Payment processors
Published 01-01-2020

How commissions are paid is very important these days. Many people have lost access (been locked out and limited) to a major processor ( I will not name names). Most should know who I refer to. This has forced sites to add other processors. Personally, I prefer a check in the mail as my favorite option. 

Bitcoin is something I have experimented with for processing and getting paid but, I keep running into fees. It is also a bit confusing. There are too many options and many that are taking advantage of others with high fees. 

What I am currently doing is going to all the different sites and programs that I have upgraded in and checking the processor type for receiving payments. If they only have the "banned" option they go on the list that I no longer promote. If I cannot receive a commission payment then why would I want to promote that program. Site owners should also be aware of this and address the issue. 

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