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My experience with the program so far
Published 01-12-2023

My experience with the program so far

I first looked at LiveGood back in August of 2022 when they had their first version launch. At that time I was about to start my weight loss journey anyway and was looking out for a network marketing opportunity that could support me in my weight loss, fitness and health goals and was hugely impressed with what I saw at LiveGood, but sadly I could not join up at the time as it wasn't worldwide.

Anyway cut a long story short; now they are 100% global and thank goodness! I jumped on board immediately!

Ben Glinsky is the CEO and I've known him since 2016 so my decision to join was made easy as I have a lot of trust in Ben.

The website is spot on and the funnel system is powerful as they use a unique powerline system that feeds into the forced matrix giving everyone a big potential to get that jump-start that most people struggel with when trying to build a team.

I'm very much into fitness and weight management and I can save up to 70% on a lot of these products by simply being a member of the system. The low monthly price to become a member of LG is under $10 and that is a no brainer and that is why people stick with this business unlike other Network marketing companies where the average drop out rate is 3 months or less.

What I Like

I love the products and that they are so affordable unlike elsewhere where it's just so over priced and which is why people often drop out of those other companies.

I love the built in marketing funnel that has a dynamic powerline system that feeds into a matrix; that is a nice touch.

What I Dislike

To be perfectly honest there really is nothing I dislike. I have heard others mention (in a positive way) that IF there could be more products would be great however for me I think it's not too overwhelming on choice rather than having too many choices; there are also the affordable packages including the "Everything Pack" where you can optionally get all the great products for an incredible low price It's just So simple or just purchase individual products such as a complete multi-vitamin product for under $10 with up to 79% savings on other competitive over priced products!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a really simple business to understand, with an easy to grasp comp plan yet powerful, and a range of products that are not only needed by most people but are essential for everyone's health. Then LiveGood is for you. I do say it is very simple but it is very powerful.

­čĺíLive Good. Today. Tomorrow, Forever!

How to Make Money Online with Toucan Win
Published 08-30-2022

Toucan win-How to Make Money Online and Get Paid Weekly.


I have discovered a way to make money online.

I am passing this opportunity on to you. Take a careful look. This can change your life.


Information about Toucanwin:

You are viewing this blog post because someone has experienced a change in their life and thought enough of you to share this with you. I created this article by combining the Toucanwin compensation plan, Toucanwin webinar, and the Toucanwin presentation. I want you to experience the same success as me.

What if, by the end of this post, you were shown a business that would give you the ability to live life as you were meant to live it? Is that something you might enjoy? 

This is your opportunity to be amongst the first people to earn from the Toucanwin penny auction and the social influencer income plan. Why are you any different than a six-year-old boy named Ryan, who plays with toys on his YouTube channel and earned 27 million dollars in 2021? 

How it works:

It is time you transformed your life. Toucanwin is the answer.

So, how does the Toucanwin business work?

You get started by registering for free. No credit card or any other form of payment is required. All we ask for is your name, email, and phone number. 

Toucanwin runs penny auctions every day on exciting items that people can buy for up to eighty or ninety percent off retail prices on things like electronics, luxury, and classic cars. 

Dream vacations, exotic jewelry watches, and more people are referred to Toucanwin so they can bid on these auctions. They’re called bid fluences.

When the people you personally refer to Toucanwin by one of our bid packages, Toucanwin will pay you a whopping 10 percent on all the bid packages purchased by people referred three generations from you.

Are you starting to understand the massive potential with toucanwin? And that is only the beginning? Let us show you where the real money is.

People place their bids on items they genuinely want to own. Money accumulates in the auction, and eventually, a lucky bidder wins the auction and scores a great deal. Then Toucanwin takes 50 of the profits and distributes them across 10 social influencing income pools.

Here's how to get more commission from Toucanwin?

You can qualify to gain access to your share of each pool by growing your team.  let’s quickly illustrate how powerful this can be for you to imagine. Suppose we sell some lucky individuals a hundred- and fifty-thousand-dollar luxury Mercedes for fifteen thousand dollars during the auction. 

Toucanwin collects one million five hundred thousand dollars we buy and ship the Mercedes to the winner. Leaving one million three hundred fifty thousand dollars in profit from the auction.

Worldwide adds money to the ten pools with Toucanwin. You can earn social influencing income off the efforts of the entire company, not just your own personal efforts or your individual team’s efforts. And as your personal or team’s effort grows, so does the number of social influencing income pools.

Bidders can profit from all ten pools of revenue from all the global options. The potential monthly earnings are staggering. We expect millions of bidders to buy bid packages and bid on multiple items daily.

All you do is share Toucanwin with the people in your circle of influence, and you could be making more residual income than you ever imagined. Remember there are already multiple penny auctions producing billions in revenue annually? They spend a sizable portion of those dollars advertising to attract more bidders to come to win.

How to change your life by joining our company?

Toucan will pay you to share this great concept with your social circle of influence. And everyone wins. Toucanwin is a category creator and a game changer we created to inspire a worldwide movement. 

We had to look at the world through a lens without political or cultural borders with this vision in mind. We set out to create an online experience where people had the opportunity to benefit financially from the start. And from this, a new industry was born. 

Our mission is to inspire a worldwide family to take part in making each other’s dreams a reality. The Toucanwin social influencer income plan is virtually limitless. Our platform has built-in global payment solutions enabling us to operate globally without issues.

Toucanwin makes it simple to succeed by providing you with a platform and global community.

Here’s the best news Toucanwin is offering two great incentives for those who join us during our pre-launch period. In so you can be making money the very first day. We go live plus for those who join in the first 90 days, we offer exclusive auctions only available for those who join now. Imagine having the opportunity to bid on a lifetime annuity package that would pay you a monthly income for the rest of your life. Your next step is to click the link below and simply join for free. 

You can win is going to be the hottest business for 2022 and beyond, and you get to first join for free right now.  Start learning how easy it can be to earn. Get paid weekly with two can win. Your timing couldn’t be better.

Get in early and join for free now.

If you want more information, feel free to contact me...

Richard Moore



Get the Vision: We have already set growth records for the home-based business industry.
Published 08-29-2022

Get the Vision:  We have already set growth records for the home-based business industry.   Remember, we are a Social Influencing Income business, unlike anything that has existed before. We are a whole new category and way to help you achieve everything you deserve in your life.   




 Get the Vision:  We have already set growth records for the home-based business industry.   Remember, we are a Social Influencing Income business, unlike anything that has existed before. We are a whole new category and way to help you achieve everything you deserve in your life.   

Remember if you want to Soar with the Toucans you can't hang out with


ToucanWin is a Purpose-driven company established to fulfill our mission of changing tens of thousands, if not millions, of families' lives for generations to come. We will do this by teaching our entire Flock how to follow our ToucanWin University system to educate and support to earn life-changing income and, more importantly, how to protect, multiply and use this wealth for the world's betterment.   Be prepared to jump out of the Nest and into the vast world by enrolling in the Successful Bidfluencer Training in the coming weeks and get your early start on changing your life forever.      
Everything you want and you won't believe the prices.
Published 12-30-2020

Everything you want and you won't believe the prices.


If you thought Amazon and eBay prices were low, you should take a look at LAVDIRECT.


You'll find everything for lifestyle, home, wellness, collections for men, women, and kids, plus electronics, garden, and pets.


And while you are visiting the site, pay special attention to the member prices. They are some of the best discounts I have seen in a long time.


I like this site because I pay a low monthly fee to become a distributor, and I can earn a buck before I spend a buck.


Whether you are looking for shirts, watches, shoes, outerwear, purses, sweaters, cardigans, pet carriers, leashes, you name it; you will likely find it at LAVDIRECT. Many brand name products are available too at massive discounts.


Join me today.


Start the new year right. Make a buck, spend a buck, bank a buck, all at the same time. It doesn't get any easier.


Richard Moore

Here's how you can set yourself up for life in the perfect travel business.
Published 01-03-2020's-how-you-can-set-yourself-up-for-life-in-the-perfect-travel-business


A profitable business for a 20.00 bill


I love what I see in this new business

Make up to $2,000 to $10,000 monthly
with benefits like these...

* Huge 50% fast-start bonuses
* 70% monthly payout
* 5% leadership team profit sharing
* 10 generation commissions
* Just 2 personal referrals to qualify
  for all commissions

3 membership levels:

*Platinum $100.00
*Gold $20.00
*or $1 Member-Account

* Use your commissions to upgrade.

* This is a fun, rewarding, and  profitable business

Register in the next 24 hours for
the low-price of a pizza.

Richard Moore

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