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What does fossiking for gold and turning a few river rocks over have in common ?
Published 03-06-2019

Quick answer :   Both activities can provide invaluable information and lead to large rewards.


 Let me explain..


Knowing where to look for gold can be the difference to either "striking some pay-dirt" or enduring hours to find nothing save a few rocks for their time and effort.


Searching for gold - especially in rivers or old river-beds is both an art and a science.


Gold is heavy and sinks fast in water. It is frequently found in strong flowing rivers and dried-up river beds.
So, to understand where to look for gold, one needs to understand rivers.


The flow and behavior of water during various seasons of the year.
There’s fast water and slow water; shallow and deep.


There’s a broad range of rocks, stones, and sandy river beds. All of them affect the way the water flows and how currents move and therefore Influence the way in which gold traverses the river-bed.

Not surprising then that savvy gold seekers not only pay attention to these things,
Whilst simultaneously honing a few fossicking techniques.

Over time it can make a big difference.

It’s like 'money in the bank'.


Likewise, any trout or Fly-fisherman worth his salt will tell you that whilst much of the art or trout fishing lies in the skill of casting a line in a precise and delicate fashion.


The choice of fly is also a critical factor.


If the trout is ever to be enticed the artificial fly needs to be a close match to “the flavor of the day”!
What’s feeding, moving or hatching? Turning over rocks on the river bed can help.


A few minutes studying the nymphs and larvae living under a few rocks then matching them to a ‘likely-looking’ artificial fly can be the difference between a nice dinner or can of beans!


It’s all about understanding “who your customer is” and “Knowing where to fish”


Put simply, If you want to catch a trout fish go fish a well-known river where the trout are and offer them something they like!


If you want to catch a shark you’ll need different bait, access to the sea and much heavier gear!   



So what has this all to do with online marketing?


Follow the strategy outlined above. 

  • Know who you’re seeking
  • what their interests are
  • where to find them and
  • what’s likely to interest them.


If all this sounds “too hard”  DON"T  WORRY - the  SOLUTION  IS  HERE!


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Tight lines!!

Frank Heath


P.S.   I call it my “Cunning Plan” - and you can get your there Right now!

Frank Heath

Could this be the fastest way to crush it and achieve Your Global Lifestyle ?
Published 01-06-2019
It's a quiet, warm day here in New Zealand and I' am doing my daily stuff online.
I call this My " 7 Day Challenge " - you know, 'that time of year when people start crystal-gazing and looking for the fastest way to earn income online,  seek out a new lifestyle and formulate their new year resolutions.
"Some do -  Some Don't - Some will - Some won't."
Yesterday, the  CEO of my other [main] online business sent out a short video message of his  "State-of-the-business"  and Goals for 2019.
It was very relaxed, dynamic and contained some great news.
I thought I'd share it with you for a couple of reasons . .
  1. I have 'known' (from a distance) the two guys in the video for more than 20 years online. 
  2. Joel, the CEO (Red Shirt) has made more than $ 200,000,000 in that period of time (and several millionaires) - if anyone knows how to make a business work online he does.
  3. This company has the best compensation plan I've ever seen - paying up to 90% residual commissions.
  4. Just watching this short video you will learn more about online marketing than most people learn in a lifetime! (It's crammed with JUICY crumbs of information that should help you see through the 'fog' of internet marketing.

It's my experience  (after 20 plus years online) that most internet entrepreneurs users don't make squat (that's a slang word that means nothing) 

They just don't make it financially.

But Joel is different, awesome in fact.

He was disadvantaged in life right from the start. Nonetheless, he found ways to compensate for the obvious, and overcome the unfortunate physical attributes he was born with.

He developed a winning philosophy and self-belief that gave him strength and direction to improve his health and fitness and started an internet business. 

During the past 22 years, his business rapidly went to 8 figures.

 He created a business and a community at the same time. 

He focussed on his own personal health and fitness and created a blueprint for success that helped millions of people get started on the Internet. 

People paid him for his web hosting and internet services. It grew from there. 

He has created several millionaires and today owns several successful business operations which help thousands of people to enjoy the Internet Lifestyle.  Thousands of people pay to be part of his programs.

What makes him different than people?  He created a roadmap to building a 6 figure income which is why  I'm going to share his message with you so hopefully, you can learn how to build yours.  (Provide you want to of course)

I'm sure you realize that Chances Like This Do Not Come Around Everyday.

The chance to discover a home based job, build a business in a killer niche, and earn income online - one that pays up to 90% in residual commissions  are as 'rare as hen's teeth'! 

Right now, the opportunity is in the 'pre-launch' commonly are known as the leadership building phase. Its a time for foundation building, and finding the right people to build a team because at the heart of the blueprint for success lies a very generous and highly rewarding compensation which can ultimately provide awesome rewards.

Here's the Video link:

I highly recommend that you watch this - maybe even a couple of times - it's stacked with solid, valuable information.
[ Remember too that many people when asked, often say, "I wished I'd got into ..x,y,z, business when it was just gaining traction..." 
They refer to of course the period 1-2 years after actual start-up, through the early years of growth and experimentation (getting the systems 'right') and just before the 'main launch' when the general public get to learn about it and go crazy to get a piece of the action! ]
Kind regards
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Frank Heath
0064 21334569
Old Sayings..
      "Patience is a virtue, possess if you can. Always found in women but seldom in a man"  anon.
       "Anything worth having is worth working for
Make sure you watch the compensation plan :
I Invite you to join me too. there's several options:
  • Free Affiliate 
  • $1 - Trial then $19.97 per month
  • $50 per month 
  • ALL-In One-Time VIP (usually there's a special offer) 
Afterwards, if you care to chat or have questions let me know. I'm happy to help.
Is this THE Autoresponder that millions of marketers have been waiting for?
Published 03-07-2018


  The launch of send  will begin on March 7th 2018 .  This is going to be massive because has anyone in the Internet marketing community will tell you “everything starts to change when you build and market to your list”.

SendShark - “The money is in the list”.

Every single sale starts with a Lead. This is just true today as it was 30-40 years ago when people used a Rolodex or spreadsheet to keep track of customers and again when the internet began -20 years ago when email lists were born. The basic process sometimes referred to as ‘opting in’ or ‘permission marketing’  has not changed. It simply requires someone to exchange their contact details in return for information which could be important to them.

Gaining permission is just the first step of a simple process which allows you to follow up with that person, provide information, then engage with them to the point where they become a ‘Lead’.

Today, the industry has become so well automated it's absolutely essential to have a first-class Automation of this process in the form of an autoresponder and a superb lead capture system.

It doesn't matter what business you are in; whether you are a doctor, internet marketer, retail store, home-based business hairdresser, professional coach, service provider, dentist or mechanic every single sales process starts with getting a lead. It’s often regarded as the lifeblood of a business and given rise to a wide range of lead generation techniques designed to attract, measure and extract the very best results possible from the process.

So why is it important to have qualified leads?  It’s because this process has received so much attention of professional marketers over the years that we now know that a qualified lead is worth approximately $1 per month. Or, to put it another way, a list of say 100 qualified leads has a potential income of $100 per month, and a list of 1000 qualified leads has a potential of $1,000 a month. This very fact has led to coining of the popular phrase “The money is in the list” so, regardless of what business you are in, this is something worth remembering.

As someone who has worked as a local business mentor plus several years as an internet and network marketer on and offline, I've been astonished at the number of people business owners who do not actively grow, manage or market to a list of qualified customers.

When you have a list - even if they’re existing customers and you follow up with them using one technique or another, you begin nurturing your relationship with those customers - getting them to know, like, and trust you. This is essential because, as we all learn in life, people do business or hang out and seek the opinion of people they know like and trust when making decisions that affect them.

In business, applying this process effectively will ultimately provide a reliable list of people who can be regarded as qualified prospects, followers or downline members (in a network business) who could possibly convert and become a paid customer. Then, having established that have their trust and thus strengthened your relationship with them, in some cases you may even go on to make repeat purchases or become regular customers.But do you ‘own’ them? Will they always purchase from you in future?

How long will your relationship last? That dear friend calls for ’relationship management’ and ‘customer retention ‘ techniques.

People are creatures of habit and once they discover a ‘new’ service or product they like they will, for the most part, stick with it. Until they have a very huge, significant reason to change their buying patterns. (Sometimes this is referred to as ‘a disruptor’ so called because  it disturbs their status quo and raises sudden awareness of something less expensive or offers better advantages ).

To learn more….

She's LIVE right now ready for you to grab one of these accounts for yourself - Go For IT!


Word Of Mouth Marketing Isn't Dead - It's Found A new Home!
Published 03-01-2018

I have an old Tee shirt printed with the following message..."ROCK is NOT Dead..It's just Lost!"  I mention this because just recently, I heard about something called,  the"Local Marketing Blueprint"  and, when I looked into it, I realized that just like "ROCK" (on my tee shirt) to be 'lost',  so too is the noble skill of "Word of mouth marketing' and that, I found to be fascinating.

I had to investigate further and what I discovered is quite a remarkable new tool recently introduced to the amazing Now business opportunity.

When you consider there's an awful lot of people looking for work these days, many of whom have the ability to work from home or to work online using Facebook or other social media, any opportunity to grab another source of income by simply talking with local neighbours and local people has to worthy of some further investigation.

Perhaps the really great news I discovered about the Local Event Marketing Blueprint is that fact that no experience is necessary really to organize and run a local event. This is because, as any experienced network marketer will tell you, this style of marketing Involves meeting people face to face at local meetings, social gatherings, school meetings etc. Which is one of the best ways to build a for business?  It's based on a familiar strategy often referred to as ‘word of mouth marketing. All it requires is for one person to pass the information to another about something or someone they know, like and trust or an excellent, reliable service they receive and they will tell others.  A popular example would be where you always eat at a certain restaurant because the food is always perfectly cooked and presented and you come away feeling like you’ve enjoyed something of great value. Another example - that of sharing your own positive review of what you consider to be a ‘great movie’ with a close friend. Because it is YOU expressing Your opinion and they value your opinion - they’re more like to go see the movie than if they overheard someone else discussing the same movie.

Now Joel therein had the idea to create a local marketing event at his Corporate offices in Texas and set about contacting local people using a Facebook page and other social media plus flyers, and simple email notifications.

The first event was carried out on a Saturday afternoon they had more than 60 people turned up and I believe sold more than $5,000 worth of product Not bad for an afternoon’s work!

Because of the success that Joel had with this first event, he decided to use it as a template, a model for other members of his business to emulate and so he put together a special program called the Local Marketing Blueprint consisting of several modules.


In module 1 Joel recognized is the fact that the internet doesn't really cater for the “belly to belly” style of marketing that often occurs as people go about their daily life talking about general matters of common interest and Joel kicks the program off by discussing the ‘secret science’ of Now that really works….

The 7-minute workout program Joel has developed which can produce a high level of Fitness in a very short period of time. He explains how anyone can achieve this by exercising for 7-10 minutes, three times a week over a cycle of 10 days.

On a personal note, since learning this,I’ve discovered that many local business people whom I’ve shared this method with think its a great idea because they find a local Gym membership to be expensive, takes far too much of their spare time or they get sick of the travel time involved in getting there -especially when they have to endure sitting in heavy traffic.

In Module 2 Joel talks about the three ‘myths and lies’ about weight loss and in Module 3 he discusses why you crave sugar and how to feel full and satisfied all the time and why the secret to losing weight is so simple in principle but so hard to do.

He continues in Module 4  still discussing why you crave sugar and how you can feel full and satisfied all the time by adopting a different style of eating habits.

Module 5 is about how Facebook marketing lies at the heart of Joel’s Local Marketing Blueprint course and Module 6 Joel explains how to become a true leader. “Facebook marketing is a great way to magnetically attract people to you,” Joel says and offers some very well proven facts on this including how to set up a Facebook fan page.

In Module 7 He also discusses and shows evidence of how a fan page can provide massive benefits to anyone in business and elaborates even further on this in Module 8 when he demonstrates exactly how the NLS corporate team run the Now Lifestyle ads on Facebook.

In Module 9 Joel discusses why you can get great results just by taking’ massive imperfect action’  and Just Do It”!  “You share some practical advice born out of your own experience. People often find value in listening - even to people who apparently have no previous experience of Network Marketing”.

Now in addition to this fast-moving, concise modules, most of which are video-based or PowerPoint, there are several attachments and PDFs on specific topics such as the actual Facebook Blueprint document itself, valuable notes on creating and managing local events including things to consider in downloadable, PDF format.


  • “How to boost your metabolism”  a PDF full of interesting notes.
  • “How to run and now lifestyle local event and other things you need to consider when running a local event and then
  • A full presentation (andPDF) giving a fuller introduction to the world of Now Lifestyle, its products, it's pay and Compensation Plan.

All in all, this is a great product and represents truly fantastic value.

One of the greatest items of interest to me is the fact that Joel and his team offers the full support and services from their head office to help notify people in your local area when you run an event.

Once you’ve developed a work plan and date and start putting the message on social media, all you need to do is contact the head office support team and they will find a way to notify local residents by social media or email about your event and help to drive traffic to it.

All this for a remarkable Low Price startup. What a way to kick off a new business in a local area or region.

Finally, I have to say that in reviewing this product I would consider it to be the best way for anyone (with or without online marketing experience) to be able to join Now Lifestyle and confidently set about growing a new business running an event with local people using ‘belly to belly’ and ‘face to face’.

It’s a great initiative to either start or grows a business in the health and wellness industry.

Guaranteed Signups - So Simple You Can't Help But Get Results!
Published 02-07-2018
In a recent discussion with another online marketer, he made the comment," Let's face it when a simple way to make or build an online business stares You in the face, you embrace it!   When you are handed an 'easy way to make sales', Grab it and Run.   

He was, in fact, alluding to a  'pretty new' concept which has brought some amazing results for members of Now Lifestyle, by helping leaders explode their downlines.
Its' called "Guaranteed Signups"  let me explain...
If a friend of yours refers someone to your business, they welcomed because you perceive them to have come from ‘Trusted Source’ which implies there’s an inherent warmth there’ This. in turn, implies there are less skepticism and more warmth because of that.
People who believe they will succeed at online marketing business from home are quite willing to demonstrate their level of interest with token 'subscription' or initial purchase. In so doing, they have, as some marketers suggest," made a micro-commitment"- they have voted 'Yes ' to  perhaps a  VSL or web-based  sales letter etc or other additional info,  All this is fine of course but you need to reach out to them and engage with them before their interest wanes

Guaranteed Paid Signups come from Massive amounts of Advertising run by the company - (Now Lifestyle).  
To understand how this system is proving to be so successful, let's consider the mindset of someone who knows nothing about your company or products etc. They saw something that said "want to make more money working from home - this is How you do it"  and  They watched the video and they say to themselves,"Yes- I like what I see" and they signup.

By participating in the Guaranteed Paid Signups program, You get to buy them! Fast followup is necessary because they're more than just 'healthy sceptics' but, that doesn't mean they won't suffer "buyers remorse" if you don't show interest and engage with them.

This isn't too different from what we've learned on social media and experienced salespeople will concur - a warm welcome and real connective communication is the secret is in the followup then leveraging that with others in your downline.
Whilst, in fact, they are still COLD leads, there's something different about them; they are curious and somewhat interested because of the .manner in which they've been harvested. There are other benefits too.

With warm prospects, typically,  4% would opt-out if there's no follow-up. With COLD Prospects it jumps to about 18% opt-outs.
The reason?- That's just the way it is!

So what can be done to improve this?

In a recent video, posted to his Fan Page, Joel Therein -CEO Now Lifestyle who dreamed up this revolutionary aspect of his business, explained that he spent much time, effort and money,  "Trying to find creative ways to make that cold traffic feel a lot warmer, a lot quicker!" Ideas included presenting prospects with videos and other things immediately after signup to ensure they stick around and we retain interest.

Joel went o to make another point about  Marketing: generally - "It's very expensive. But people who take massive action with the Guaranteed Signups get results! if you get just ONE key person the difference can be immense." - 

"But", He goes on to explain,"You can't treat all people who Pay to Join and Sign up, to have the same mindset, the same work ethic or same energy.! 97% of them don't have the same work ethic.!"

There's a BIG difference between Paid traffic that’s Cold and a Referral that comes via a trusted source.

Evidently, NLS members and management are realizing better higher upgrade rates results through the measures employed in the program.

For those that are buying Guaranteed Signups who experience "drop-outs" - (4%  say)  it has to be appreciated that's a common behavioral result with people in this market.

The Good News is, NLS is aiming to ramp up this process because the process shows that the System they employ plus quick follow-up is WORKING!

Apparently, No-one has ever done this before - it’s revolutionary! It sure looks like the system is only going to get better but, there will always be a limitation on the signups they can get.

However, even with the clear delight that 's evident with the result's from this process thus far, management makes it quite clear to members of the scheme, the  Guaranteed Signups process is not a strategy that will 'do your business for you! It's its a better way for you to obtain warmer leads from a cold market and.. if you follow up with them, soon after their sign up, chances are you'll get better upgrade rates than others who follow old methods.
Management further encourage members to perceive Guaranteed Signups as 'a better way to compliment your business - not to allow you to be lazy"
Clearly, it's considered that the more people members talk to of this type, ( i.e.within 6 degrees of separation)- the more likely those people will stick around longer and lead to a more This, plus the fact that people are seeing results with the product are the things that will keep customers from leaving and also have an influence of delivering, even more, prospects from trusted sources. through their recommendation.

The writer suggests from this that, the quicker you follow up the better it’s going to be.Some prospects will be warm and nice others will be not so. ..just be warm, energetic, transparent and honest!
 Recommendation? - "..just be warm, energetic, transparent and honest!" The quicker you can make that cold traffic feel warm in the heart the better the longevity of your business is more likely to be.

But You have to do your part which is - follow-up within 24 hours. Already, huge growth in the business has been noticed this week and, with the introduction of the protein and other supplements, very soon, expectations are this will see rocket to phenomenal results.

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