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Have a laugh and remember George Carlin
Published 11-05-2019

Hey folks,

Anytime someone or something makes me smile and laugh, I appreciate that they or it is contributing to my good health.

Smiling and laughing have been shown to enhance our health and equally important, our attitude and disposition.  When I find something that fills that prescription, I like to recommend it to everyone.  A  thumbs up reco and kudos to Time Life for releasing a collection and anthology  of George  Dennis Patrick Carlin otherwise known as George Carlin.  

When Time Life offers a collection, it's usually over the top of expectations in accordance with it's genre and demographics.  The George Carlin DVD collection and accompanying booklet are just that.  Now, obviously, this author's generation contributes to the adoration of this comedian, social commentator.  If you're just a student of the gold standard of any expression, at minimum, you will understand and appreciate that Carlin is the gold standard of comedy.  

Check it out, Time Life, George Carlin Collection.  It is worth the look see.  If you would like to lighten your day check out https://heresYORsign.com  as well.  cool

Tin Signs, Collectible and FUN!
Published 10-19-2019

Very Simple and yet everyone Loves Them.  We are proud of our large collection, and growing, of Tin Signs.  They are Collectible, Nostalgic and from many genres from traditional Oil & Gas, Railroad, American Pride, Hunting, Fishing, Humorous, Hollywood and more.

Great as a gift that anyone will enjoy displaying in their Man Cave, She Shed, Office, Lodge, Game and Entertainment Room or ????  >>> CLICK HERE <<<


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