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Why Classifiedsubmissions Service, and What It The Cost?
Published 08-13-2023 is a service that helps you promote your classified ads online. 

It submits your ad to thousands of high-traffic websites, blogs, and social media sites every month.

 It also offers you the opportunity to get your own website with an opt-in system and ad upgrade features. 

You can learn more about it by visiting this link .

Do you have a classified ad that you want to advertise? 

What kind of product or service are you offering?

 I’m curious to know more about your business. 


How much does it cost to use

According to the web search results, is a service that helps you promote your

 classified ads online by submitting them to thousands of high-traffic websites, blogs, and social media

 sites every month. 

It also offers you the opportunity to get your own website with an opt-in system and ad upgrade features

The question answering result shows that there are now three subscription options to choose from.

The prices are as follows

               Monthly: $39.95 a month

              Quarterly: $77 every 3 months

              Yearly: $197, one-time payment


These prices have not increased since the inception of in 2012.

The service also has an affiliate program that allows you to invite two paying customers and get free advertising in principle

I hope this information helps you decide whether to use or not use   

Do you have any other questions about this service or online advertising in general?

 I’m happy to chat with you more. 



 Liz J.


The Rest Of The Story
Published 08-09-2023

Remember Yesterdays post. This is the rest of the post


Now that you know some of the best free classified sites that you can use to advertise for free, let me give you some tips on how to write an effective classified ad that will attract and persuade your audience: 


  • Understand your audience: Before you write your ad, you need to know who you are writing for. What are their needs, wants, preferences, and problems? How can your product or service solve them? What are their demographics, such as age, gender, location, income, and education? How do they search for what you offer? The more you know about your audience, the better you can tailor your ad to appeal to them. 


  • Keep your message short and to the point: Classified ads are usually limited by word count or space, so you have to make every word count. Avoid unnecessary words or details that do not add value to your offer. Focus on the benefits of your product or service, not just the features. Benefits are what your audience cares about and what will motivate them to take action. For example, instead of saying “Our cameras have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity”, say “Our cameras let you share your photos instantly with your friends and family”. 


  • Highlight the benefits: As mentioned above, benefits are what sell your product or service. They are the answers to the question “What’s in it for me?” that your audience will ask when they see your ad. Benefits are different from features, which are the characteristics or specifications of your product or service. Features tell what your product or service does, while benefits tell what your product or service does for your audience. For example, a feature of a car might be “four-wheel drive”, while a benefit might be “drive safely in any weather condition”. To identify the benefits of your product or service, ask yourself how each feature helps your audience achieve their goals, solve their problems, or satisfy their desires. 


  • Use attention-grabbing headlines: The headline is the first thing that your audience will see when they look at your ad. It is also the most important part of your ad because it will determine whether they will read the rest of your ad or not. Therefore, you have to make sure that your headline is catchy clear and compelling. It should summarize the main benefit of your offer and arouse curiosity or interest in your audience. You can use various techniques to write a good headline, such as asking a question, making a promise, offering a solution, using numbers or statistics, creating urgency or scarcity, or using emotional words. 


  • Include a call to action: A call to action is a phrase that tells your audience what you want them to do next after reading your ad. It should be clear, specific, and easy to follow. For example, you can ask them to call a phone number, visit a website, send an email, fill out a form, or visit a store. You can also use words that create a sense of urgency or incentive, such as “now”, “today”, “limited time”, “free”, “bonus”, or “guaranteed”. A call to action is essential for converting your audience into customers or leads 


  • Use high-quality images: Images can enhance the appeal and credibility of your ad. They can also show your product or service in action or demonstrate its features or benefits. However, you have to make sure that the images you use are relevant, clear, and professional. Avoid using images that are blurry, distorted, low-resolution, or inappropriate. You can also use captions to explain what the images show or how they relate to your offer. 


  • Proofread your ad: Before you publish your ad, you must check it for any errors or mistakes that might affect its readability or effectiveness. You must make sure that your ad is free of spelling, grammar, punctuation, or formatting errors. You also must check that your ad is consistent with the style and tone of the publication where you will place it. You can use online tools such as [Grammarly] or [Hemingway] to help you proofread and edit your ad. 

These are some of the tips on how to write an effective classified ad that will attract and persuade your audience. I hope you find them useful and apply them to create your own ads. Good luck!  

You can post your ads in the, free Or you can have us post it for you at

If you enjoyed this blog post, please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!  


Liz Jeanminette 


How To Create An Effective Classified Ad Post
Published 08-08-2023


Thank you for your interest in my blog post on how to create an effective classified ad.


Classified ads are a great way to promote your business, products, services, or personal ads to a large and diverse audience. You can reach potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer, and generate leads, sales, or traffic for your website.

In this blog post, I will share with you some tips on how to write a classified ad that will get you the results you want. I will also introduce you to some of the best free classified sites in the USA that you can use to post your ads without paying any fees. One of them is, a new and innovative classified site that allows you to post unlimited ads for free. You can also create your own online store, upload videos and photos, and chat with buyers and sellers. has a user-friendly interface and a powerful search engine that helps you find what you need quickly and easily.


Another site that I recommend is, a service that submits your classified ad manually to over 2,000+ different high traffic classified ad pages (in The United States and Canada), over 500+ blogs and currently over 150+ permanent links to social sites  This means more exposure, more traffic, and more backlinks for your website. also offers a 100% 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service  Here are some other free classified sites that you can use to advertise for free:


  • Craigslist: This is one of the most popular and well-known classified sites in the world. You can post ads in various categories, such as community, housing, jobs, services, for sale, gigs, resumes, and more. You can also browse local listings by city or state, or search by keyword. Craigslist has a simple and minimalist design that makes it easy to use.
  • Oodle: This is a unique classified site that integrates with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can post ads for free in categories like merchandise, cars, rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, tickets, and more. You can also see what your friends and neighbors are selling or looking for on Oodle com:


  • This is a free classified ad website that gives you the option of viewing the ad or going directly to the website or affiliate link of the advertiser. This means more traffic for you. You can post ads in categories like business opportunities, work from home, health and fitness, pets and animals, services, and more.

More Later


Liz Jeanminette


How to Reach Thousands of Buyers with Classified Ad Marketing
Published 08-05-2023

Do you want to sell your products or services fast and easy? 

Do you want to get more exposure and traffic for your business?  

If so, you should try classified Ad Marketing.  


Classified ad marketing is a powerful way to advertise your  

business online. It allows you to reach thousands of potential 

buyers who are looking for what you offer. Unlike other online 

marketing methods, classified ad marketing targets people who  

are ready to buy, not just browsing.  

They are actively searching for solutions, not just information.  


Classified ad marketing is also fast and simple. You don’t need 

to create a website, write a blog, or spend money on ads.  

All you need to do is write a catchy headline, a clear description 

and a strong call to action. Then, post your ad on various classified 

sites and watch the results.  


But where can you find the best classified sites to post your ads? 

How can you make sure your ads stand out from the crowd? 

How can you track and optimize your ads for maximum results?  


Don’t worry, we have the answers for you. 


We have created a list of the top classified sites where you can 

post your ads for free or for a low fee. These sites have high traffic  

high visibility, and high conversion rates. They also have tools and  

features that help you manage and monitor your ads easily.  

  click here

Just give us the information we need and we will start posting your ads for you. 

You will be amazed by how much traffic and sales you can generate 

with classified ad marketing.    

To your success start here


Find It In The Classifieds
Published 08-05-2023

Here I will be bringing you information about different item,
businesses,articles new listings and any information I think
that will help you build your business.
Find It In The Classified will
connect with the New Classified Ad Site.

A New Free Classified Ad Site To Post Your Ads is a New Traffic Source offering
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Free Advertisitng Websites attracts Organic Traffic
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Our site is connect with classifiedsubmission dot com.

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That's alot of traffic to a site for FREE

Take a look to see just what the has to offer.


Till next time.

Liz J



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