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What Makes You Open An Email In Your Inbox?
Published 05-09-2018

What makes you open an email when it arrives in your email box?
The number one reason for most of us is ... that it is from someone
that we know.

Family, friend, banks we do business with or some other person
or company with which we have a prior connection.

Isn't that true?

That is why ALL successful Internet Marketers build an email list.

Whether they are an affiliate marketer or product owner, they know
that sending an email to someone who know, like and trust you will
get a much better response and open rate that mailing to people who
have never heard of you. 

So, you might be asking what is the next step.

How do I build an email marketing list?

  • You find or create an offer that will be of value to your intended market.
  • You ask for their name and email address to send them more information
  • You provide a way for them to leave your list if they want to

Building your email marketing list will not be accomplished overnight.

So, don't be tempted to take short cuts!

Keep your offer(s) on target to what you promised.
If your niche is lawn care DO NOT send fishing information to your list. 

It is more effective to have targeted smaller lists than to annoy your
entire email  marketing list with unrelated information that could
result in unsubscribe requests.

Ensure that you have a good mix of sales mailing and free helpful

When your subscribers have questions about your product or
service be quick and honest in how you respond.

If they request a refund, do not make it make them jump through
You can ask why, but that is for your information, so you can make
corrections or changes to the program, service or product.

Build Your Email Marketing List.

How To Avoid "Fat Finger Syndrome"
Published 10-28-2017

What is fat finger syndrome?

Almost everyone has and uses a hand held device and those smaller screens
present a challenge when typing in your business or contact details.

This is called fat finger syndrome and it is easy to avoid with a QR code.

QR Codes also known as Quick Response Codes make it impossible to
make typing mistakes because they have accurately captured your desired
details in that black and white square.

You and your business need them and you can get them at no cost.

The world is going mobile. Already almost half of all internet traffic
comes from a mobile device!

Free QR Codes for any web site

    Smartphone goes right to your web page instantly!
And, Free QR codes for your Virtual Business Card also free.
  This will allow mobile users to instantly access or load your contact
data on their phone!

And, Free QR Codes for your phone number!

    Loads your phone number directly into a smartphones dialer... Think of it as a
    "speed dial" for a smartphone!

All FREE... these work! 

Details on why you need these now, how to use QR Codes, and the
iPad drawing info all at the site - no charge.

Don't have a QR code reader on YOUR smartphone yet? No worries... the best
QR code reader apps are also available free at this site!

Be certain to see the link at the top of this site on how you can have a VIRAL site
like this one set up for you, where your sales message or video show on the thank
you page AND Where you get all leads.

Just go and experience this and get entered into the free iPad drawing now, ok?

To your success,

Yvonne Finn

Know When To Shut Up And Take Action!
Published 10-20-2017

Some internet marketers who are not making money online claim that all
businesses are scams.
Do not let them have any input in your search for financial freedom.

Unless those naysayers are getting the business success results that you
are aiming for, then firmly and nicely ask them to "please shut up".

You no doubt have heard the saying that, "money talks and bull sh*t walks".
Well, here is one of those times when it is expedient to put that sentiment
into play.

Many online marketers are making life-changing incomes in their business
and if they can do it, then you most certainly can too.

How do you do it?

You learn ALL you can about what they do and follow in their foot steps.

Success leaves clues that are easy to discern if you invest your time in learning
and implementing what you learn. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!


Pick an industry that you love and join a company that interests you.

Follow the requirements for training and marketing that opportunity.

If there are social groups associated with your new business, join and become an
active member.
Ask questions , welcome new members as they join the group and offer to help based
on your level of expertise and knowledge.

Promote your business ethically and consistently with passion and purpose.

Remember, if you have chosen something of value to promote and make money
with, then you are the solution to the problems of your intended market... 

Be proud of what you do to earn a living whether offline or online!

Here is a company that I am proud to promote on the Internet.

It has a mission to help people get fit and healthy and wealthy and is accomplishing
that splendidly and very quickly too.
It offers life-changing health and financial solutions...

So, unless you are enjoying these stunning income being generated here, then please
shut up.

Click Here To Discover How You Too Can Enjoy These Results!


Yvonne Finn

Getting Left Behind In This New Economy?
Published 05-08-2017

Making money online or off requires that you be alert and quick to adapt to the
changing environment in which money is made.

So, if you are an Internet Marketer it is your job to learn, adapt and implement
at the same time.

A few years ago you could come online and join or some other
program as an affiliate marketer and just put your links in some Traffic Echanges
and get signups or make sales.

I did it that way for quite  a  while.

Checks would come in all the time!

Then things started changing as it always does.

Master The New Economy

You had to build your own website and brand yourself.

Learn to use Social Media Marketing.

Promoting your website became more challenging and expensive.

Now in 2017 things are changing again and Internet Marketers must learn to
shift and adapt to these changes if they are to avoid getting left behind in the
New Economy.

Don't be a casuality of these new times.

Discover an opportunity that takes you by the hand and teach you all you need to
master the new economy.

Emotional Baggage Dragging You Down?
Published 05-03-2017

You do know that we all have negative "stuff" that can weigh us down?

Some more than others, but we all have baggage.

It takes effort to either let it go or work with it.

No matter what method you choose you must deal with your "stuff" in
a way that is ultimately empowering or else you will remain an
unfulfilled victim all your life.

It is not the bad stuff in our life that makes us fail and not achieve or
dreams. It is how we handle it!

That is proven by the hundreds of stories and youtube videos
demonstrating how people who were badly damaged have
managed to rise above the pain and rejection of others to be
wildly successful.

One of the things they do is find out "why" they want to make
their life a success.

Very often it is because they want to inspire others into overcoming
whatever their painful experience was.

However, whatever the reason, the outcome is the same.

All of us must decide on a bigger purpose for our life, then focus our
efforts to achieve it.

So , have you found your "why"yet?

Watch this story! I guarantee it will inspire you to do so...

Discover Your WHYNow!

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