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How to Get your First 100 Followers on Medium
Published 09-06-2022

--- The Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Your First One Hundred Followers on Medium --- https://linktr.ee/piotrmak --- Although Medium is an incredible medium for writing, it can be rather difficult to establish a following, particularly when you are just getting started with your blog. Building a following, on the other hand, is very necessary in order to make money using Medium. Thankfully, getting to 100 followers is not as as challenging as it may first seem. This tutorial will walk you through the process of gaining your first 100 followers on Medium by using tactics that are supported by my own personal experience writing on Medium for more than four years, as well as statistics from tests that I've run using different Medium accounts. What Happens Following You Achieve the Milestone of One Hundred Followers on Medium? To even be considered for the Medium Partner Program, new authors need to have a minimum of 100 followers. The creator compensation model on Medium is called the Medium Partner Program, and it rewards authors of articles depending on how well those pieces do. It used to be the case that there was no required minimum number of followers in order to participate in the partner program; however, as of recently, this is no longer the case. Therefore, the difference between being able to monetise your material on Medium and not being able to do so is whether or not you have reached the threshold of 100 followers. The Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Your First One Hundred Followers on Medium https://linktr.ee/piotrmak 1. Compose and Distribute Your Initial Five Articles. The Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Your First One Hundred Followers on Medium It is much simpler to get new Medium followers once you have already written a number of pieces, which is a piece of advice for writing on Medium that may seem like it should be obvious. Even while you may attain 100 followers with only one published post (or, in fact, with no articles published at all), producing five articles can significantly speed up the process. In an ideal world, these first five pieces will serve to emphasize the subjects on which you want to write in the future (give your readers a preview of some of the content you will produce going forward). Do not, however, let the fact that you do not know what material you will be generating to prevent you from beginning to write, even if this is the case. Just keep your attention focused on getting the first few articles published. As a general rule, the Medium algorithm encourages authors who produce more material, and it does so notably early on, so making this post ought to be your first significant step toward obtaining 100 followers. 2. Make sure that both your Medium bio and your about page are completely filled out. There are few ways to get to know a new writer on Medium other than having someone read your work. Because of this, it is very necessary to include as much information as possible on both your About Page and your Medium profile. The about page and your bio may both be accessible from your main profile, also known as the homepage, as seen in the snapshot of my Medium account that can be found below. Your profile bio is arguably the most essential of the two, so you should spend some time giving it some thought before you post it. The bio is shown next to every item that you post, appears in the results of internal searches, and is concise enough to be prominently displayed on the mobile app. A few of things to keep in mind with your Medium Bio:  The maximum number of characters that may be included in a medium bio is 160. This indicates that you do not have a lot of room to write about yourself in the area provided. Although the writing style that each author choose is unique, the vast majority of authors include a few keywords (such as the subjects that they write about), their work or business, and any website that they are attempting to advertise.  There is the option to incorporate hyperlinks in medium biographies. This indicates that you are able to connect directly to a website that is not part of Medium. It is also important to note that the prefixes "https://" or "www." are not required for any hyperlink that you wish to have the ability to be clicked on by the reader. For instance, you may see a link to my personal newsletter on Substack under my bio. Even though I consider this area to be valuable "digital real estate" owing to the fact that it allows for the addition of several hyperlinks, the result is that traffic is eventually directed away from Medium. This is useful if you have a product or service to market, but it is not ideal if you are only focused on boosting the number of followers you have as quickly as possible.  A greater number of followers might result from having an interesting Medium bio. In the course of my research using numerous identities on Medium, I conducted tests using 10 Medium profiles that were basically similar but included distinctive biographies. It is clear that the profiles that performed the best in terms of the accumulation of followers are the profiles that had a mixture of personalized content (a brief sentence about who you are, what you do, or why you write) along with some kind of credential. The results are somewhat nuanced, but it is clear that the profiles that performed the best were the profiles that had a credential (having worked at an interesting company, awards, or major life experiences). Your about page on Medium may serve a similar function in establishing a relationship with readers, despite the fact that it is less crucial to the process of amassing your first 100 followers.

The history of mobile telephony.
Published 07-11-2022
How did it all start … The history of mobile telephony began in 1956 with the introduction by the Swedish company Ericsson of a mobile phone the size of a suitcase and weighing less than 40 kg. This phone cost the same as the car. The first mobile phone network was established in Stockholm, with a range of 30 km and 100 subscribers. As technology progressed, both the dimensions and prices of mobile phones decreased significantly, and the telephone network was gradually increasing its range. At the outset, it is worth clarifying one important issue right away. Although the Motorola DynaTAC 8300 phone was presented by the manufacturer on April 3, 1973, the same device could reach the hands of consumers only … 10 years later. Pioneering equipment required adequate infrastructure, many permits, approval from the US Federal Communications Commission, and a lot of new regulations. And even when the device was finally approved and available for purchase, only a few could afford it. The world’s first mobile phone cost almost $ 4,000. The appearance of a personal cell phone is mainly due to the elderly man in the above photo — Martin Cooper. The engineer at the time (in the 1970s) at Motorola, now a staunch retired 90-year-old, was the first to turn Star Trek’s vision of Captain Kirk’s personal messenger talking to reality. It is no coincidence that we mention this character from the cult SF series here. Cooper himself admitted that these scenes inspired him. The way Cooper presented his invention is also interesting. He did not organize a closed press presentation. He just took his invention and went for a walk around Manhattan with him, still not sure if the device would work, and then dialed the number of his then competitor Joel Engel, an engineer at AT&T. The conversation was short, and Cooper recalls Joel’s speech lost when he heard, “Joel, I’m calling you on a real portable cell phone.” Today, when asked about the most important people in the history of the industry, technology fans will surely name Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Larry Page. Meanwhile, without taking anything away from these three gentlemen, they didn’t really develop anything from scratch, but only refined the ideas of others. Therefore, it is also worth remembering Martin Cooper. Click here
The history of mobile telephony.
Published 07-11-2022
Egoists live longer
Published 10-23-2019

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Egoists live longer?
Jul 17 · 4 min read
I’m not an egoist !!!!

Article by Piotr Dariusz Makowski
From AN early age, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, teachers, etc., are telling you: learning is that the most vital issue. I even met with the opinion that sports and hobbies interfere on the thanks to a decent education. therefore you lodge in home, brook your folks and study for days, and good! however are you happy?


What’s next? you may get a well-paid job, conjoin, build a house with a garden, a hearth and a defensive dog. Everything goes in keeping with arrange. the sole question is: is that this very your plan? individuals chase once a stereotypic life-style straight from the series “90210” or “Gossip Girl” as a result of they suppose that if they’re higher, richer and happier within the footage than others, they’ll win life as they are saying. So we are. Here and currently. however we have a tendency to sleep in the long run, and eventually it’ll reach North American nation that we’ve got not done something throughout our whole life that caused the Adrenalin rush. however at this time we’ve got a “laid out life” and that we are afraid to alter something. therefore we have a tendency to lodge in this time, with our half-luck telling others that it’s nice through another publication on Instagram.

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First, love yourself …
Published 10-23-2019
  1. First, love yourself …
Jul 17 · 3 min read
Photo pixabay.com

Before you get a knight on a white horse and invite you to bop alongyou have got to bop solo. con the steps, discover your rhythm, loosen the body … Open yourself, and so your partner.
Intimacy is that the deepest, most secret, and most hidden inner world. This world is your thoughts, feelings, longings, your things, housing and relationships with others. Your reminiscences, dreams, plans for the longer

termnecessary conferenceshowever additionally dramatic events, painful words of criticism, wounds. does one have access to it? does one love what’s sensible and bear in mind what is unhealthy however while not constant discussion? Everything that hurts, we tend to wont to push to the subconscious, cut ourselves faraway

from pain reminiscencessolely that within the long-standing time ends up in the renunciation of all feelings, those “good” and people “bad ones”, effort the will that somebody WHO breaks down this wall of indifference will seemtypically this somebody shows up for an instant and so disappears — then it hurts even a lot of. Respecting your intimacy is that you simply settle for yourself fullytogether with all that you simply are disgraced, abhorred or what you’re afraid to understandyou’ll be able to cite it with yourself and with necesRead more here...

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