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Published 01-13-2020

They say "the money is in the list". If you build your list big enough, all you have to do is CREATE > PUSH > COLLECT!

That's called the "push button" lifestyle. It doesn't matter what new product, service or new program comes along, if your list is big enough, your making serious quick money every single time.

So why is it that 95% of online marketers fail to make serious money in the programs they are in or the products and services they sell?

It's simple!

1 They don't know how or where to get customers.

2 They don't have a constant "lead flow" coming to their sales pages.

 Bottom line: If your not building your list with constant lead flow, your basically starting from scratch all over again every time you promote a new product, service or a new program.

In other words...You're spinning your wheels!


We have leveled the playing field so that all online marketers can win, not just the gurus with the big lists.

Program Highlights:

• Drip feed leads into your contact list EVERY HOUR!

• Traffic to any sales page you want EVERYDAY!

• Ongoing AR messages to all your leads in your contact list!

• Create unlimited lead capture pages & sales pages!

• Email your leads as often as you want using our 3rd party providers!

• Built in team builder to promote multiple programs at the same time!

• All without having to refer a single person!

Get ready for the launch of the year!

Your lead flow is about to go into overdrive!

Thousands will be coming on board and if you are receiving this

email, you are one of the first to get a link.

We will be going live in January and you can save 1,100 right now to become a founder before the official launch.


Go here now and see how this can help you build you list on auto-pilot without referring anyone.

: >

To Your Success!

David Calderon

Share A Phone Number, Get Paid..
Published 01-04-2020

The easiest marketing system I have seen yet!

Can you share a phone number?

All I've done is sent a few emails and posted 

my marketing phone # 845-253-6389 and Ava did the rest.

This system literally sells itself.

Why The Sales Robot Is Good

•It’s only a one-time out-of-pocket $150!

•Tons of pre-written sales materials and ads available for use!

•For every AVA sold at $150. - you get $100 right then!

•Each member you sponsor, they 1-Up their second sale and $100 to you!

•AVA's software automatically shares, via email, all lead movements as they develop!

•Aren't you really tired of free non-paying programs??

•Ten members can generate $1000 straight to you!

•You should get 1-UP from all those Ten!

•That is another $1000.

•That is another 10 1-ups and another $1000! And another 10 1-ups!

If you are still not sold, you are hedging on $150 holding up your personal income growth!

Now, listen to AVA again, then realize (even dream) what change she can bring you!

# 845-253-6389

To Our Financial Future!

Have a Robot do the Selling for You 24/7..
Published 12-29-2019

Question: Do you have an existing downline?

AVA the sales robot is the perfect go-with for any other program you OR your downline currently work with.

So it's easy to see how you can benefit AND how they can benefit as well!

AVA helps you identify leads and gets you $100 (immediately) in your pocket...

when someone joins the program.

Check it out now!

CALL 845-253-6389 Press “1”

or visit: >

BONUS #1! (value $100)

Sign up before December 31st and I will get you customized AVA marketing resource images!

That's 14 images ready for emails, social media or wherever - with your exclusive AVA phone number on them - and you don't need to do a thing. 

Hey, let's make more money in 2020 together - I work WITH my downline to help BOTH OF US have success.

My number is 845-253-6389

Many thanks! Celebrating your success!

Join this Future Bitcoin Millionaires..
Published 12-23-2019

I can't believe how many people are responding to this new opportunity that is based on GIVING  !!!

 NOT ABOUT MAKING MONEY....that will happen, 

but our mindset is based on helping others and caring about their cause, not ours.  

When you see how this is going to be done, 

I think you'll be just as excited as those of us who have lined ourselves up with the leaders.


•TOTAL Peer-To-Peer Payment System

•Company Never Touches Your BTC!!

•Extraordinary Comp Plan offers Potential To Obtain 64 BTC per Mo. RESIDUAL

•Low Cost To Start ...just $32 in BTC!

•Company-Wide Forced Matrix With DYNAMIC Compression.

•Early Movers Advantages prevail

•Pre-Launch Dec.5th , Launch Jan 11th 

•Purpose Centric Model offers everyone the ability to touch the lives of others.


Humanitarian eco-system and mindset of giving

A "cause-driven" movement internationally-based Empowering people and the whole world

Peer to peer giving -- no one controls the money

High passion and motivation to assist people in need

100% philanthropy based

Earn up to 64 BITCOINS every month

Very low entry fee !!





paid instantly! -- no waiting!  I especially like that part!

Early PRE-LAUNCH, HURRY... get priority placement now! 

Looking for TOP leaders only at the moment. 

The public offering will be VERY soon so keep it in mind

Join Today : http://RRENTEPRISES.INFO


David , Martha , David Calderon II

Do You Want to Live the Life you Always Dream Of ?
Published 12-03-2019

Here At Rain Money, 

our main goal is simple; 

help as many people as possible change their lives 

by taking advantage of social media. 

Big influencers are already making millions 

on social media so why can’t you. 

Sure they have big followings, 

but there are other ways to make money without big followings.

Rain Money doesn’t try to cut you short by paying you pennies. 

We pay you for what your traffic is worth, which is ALOT. 

This way, virtually anyone can earn. 

Doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 100k followers.

Sign Up Today $25 Bonus,

To Our Dreams!

David Calderon

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