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This is truly an amazing program that is paying perfectly….
Published 05-13-2021

This is truly an amazing program that is paying perfectly

This is very Powerful.

I know Comp plans very well and I can tell you this is a very good plan!

Don’t miss out, get ready to join

This is a smart contract program and understand & realized that there

is no owner, company, or Admin to run away with your money.

This is purely run on the blockchain.

Glad you are joining us early as we heard there are thousands ready to join already!

This is an Opportunity that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS.

Members earn from 11 Levels + Referral Commissions.

Finally A Business Where We All Can Succeed…

Learn how you can PASSIVELY turn 40 USD into Thousands or More…

No trading!

No Mining!

No recruiting!

No monthly auto-ship!

No Cycling

With little to no experience in the Crypto Industry!

You do NOT need personal referrals,

the system runs automatically -

If you want to increase your income

you can promote and earn More!

Only $40 USD worth of Tron to get started.

Start Here Today :

To Our Financial Future!

David Calderon

While other programs PROMISE...this one DELIVERS!
Published 03-19-2021

Hi There ,

If you have your Money sitting in a savings account...

you’re only doing the bank a favor...

Our team...have a great place...where we earn PASSIVELY...

by letting our Money sit...and grow by 1 %- 1.5% daily... 7 days a week !

We are using Tron!

The Platform is cool. 1.5 percent a day ( 7days ) for passive people.

Team build is 2 levels and real good.

Great deal of Support from Master Distributors and a lot of opportunity

for leaders to come in at this time and build a significant Team.

Referral goes down 11 levels starting at 7% first level.

Start with $30.00 USD in Tron

Start Here : >

For a Prosperous New Year!
David Calderon

Submit Your Classified Ad To 1000's Advertising Sites Now!
Published 11-26-2020

Hi There ,

My friend Matt has just set up a new classified ad submission service:


He will submit your classified ads to the following:

*1000's of Classified Ad Pages
*30+ Upgraded Ads on 30+ High Traffic Classified Sites (Yearly Membership)
*500 + High Quality Optimized Permanent Blog Posts on Our Exclusive Network!
*100+ Web 2.0 Properties Like Tumblr and! These are permanent links!

Submitting classified ads is old school marketing
which still works. The problem is that it can
be very time consuming submitting ads every month.

This problem has been have solved for you with this
new classified ads submission service.

See here to learn more:

Much Success,

David Calderon

We Are Giving Back...Here's Why…
Published 11-05-2020

Hey it's David,

Not sure if you got the memo yet,
but things just keep getting better and better,
something amazing is about to change many people's lives.

Without a doubt crypto is booming
and I have a way for you to earn a lot.

Let me show you how to get a spot + change your life.

So, yes, it's so worth a look.

I put some videos up here to explain +
there are 2 live zooms today it's worth seeing one (details here).


If nothing else, you get your $10 spot.

Of course, message me if you have any questions.

Trust me once this sinks in you will be doing the
happy dance too!


See you there,

David Calderon

The Power of 2 is for Everyone who want's Financial Freedom...
Published 10-22-2020

This is your invitation to join us.

The Power of 2 is for EVERYONE who wan't Financial Freedom...

This is a Cycling Programs and

When YOU cycle OUT you are given

a NEW FREE slot EVERY time you cycle.

This is to INFINITY. In ALL levels!

-The cost to get started is only $10 worth of Tron.

-Each slot is purchased only 1 time and you receive an infinite number of re-entries.

Our two Powerful Plans

Prime and X-Factor

Everyone comes in for $10 USD worth of Tron.

With Prime you get Paid 10%… On 10 slots deep-

Each slot has ten levels!

Prime has 100 Potential Income Centers!

The Official Launch was the 23rd of September 2020

Start Here : >

To Our Financial Future!
David Calderon

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