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How John Crestani Made $2.9 Million From Affiliate Marketing
Published 10-16-2021

The expansion and progress of Affiliate Marketing in the global business remain notable. It already gained a huge part in the marketing world and is continually increasing its popularity. It is commonly sought after for a possible source of passive income but with the number of companies and people choosing it as an effective way to earn, it has become a full-blown online business which has helped more and more people to earn worldwide.

The commission-based business models already existed long ago. You influence the buyer to purchase your partner’s products and in turn you earn commissions. With the rise of internet, this long existing business model is now called Affiliate Marketing.

People are even becoming more and more curious about Affiliate Marketing that its search interest in Google rose by 30% from September 2016 to September 2017. And it is predicted that U.S. spend on Affiliate Marketing is expected to rise to $6.8 billion. People are seeing how this business has grown over the years and quickly realizing its big potential to make money.

This business works and has changed a lot of lives just like the life of John Crestani who is now an internationally renowned expert in Affiliate Marketing! He created the Super Affiliate System which was previously known as Internet Jetset System. It is a complete affiliate marketing course for everyone. Everything that you need to know on how to start and how to earn through Affiliate Marketing are provided by this training course.

In fact, it has created a lot of successful students including five 7-figure marketers!

If you are like John who is dissatisfied with his life before being in the corporate world, trying to escape the 9-5 rat race and just wanting to have your own way and live your life the way you want to, Super Affiliate System can help you, just like affiliate marketing changed his life that he’s now living the dream and helping a lot of people to do the same with this training course.

The Good Points:

1. John Crestani is real and authentic unlike other program offers or products that have fake founders. This is John Crestani, who has made a lot of success for himself and has helped a lot of people become successful because of his course. He is an entrepreneur who was featured on Forbes, Affiliate Summit and Yahoo Finance in addition to large news networks like FOX and CBS.

2. His training course not only offers you an in-depth discussion about affiliate marketing, you will also learn about mindset. To be successful, having the right mindset is everything. If you doubt yourself from the beginning, you will have a hard time achieving your goals, instead focus on your capability and believe in yourself.

3. It is a step-by-step training that is easy to follow and understand. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry because you don’t need specific expertise to learn Affiliate Marketing and earn through it.

4. This program is promoted by top marketers proving its authenticity and effectivity.


5. It has useful marketing tools and resources that teach students about traffic sources and how to effectively market products with proven tactics and methods to making money online.

6. The Super Affiliate System is committed to make successful students teaching them to create a business for themselves through profitable affiliate campaigns. Creating engaging ads that work, downloadable presell page templates and access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues are all included in the training.

7. John will help you have an online business in any niche and generate sales numbers.

8. He focuses to teach you core skills like copywriting, data analysis and research. These skills are the pillar of how to effectively market products online.

9. It has many positive reviews and testimonials.

The Bad Points:

1. You will be needing your own computer or laptop to have the program.

2. The product cost may be pricey, but the course is jam-packed with all the data that you need to start and make your own affiliate marketing business a success. This product works which makes it worth your money.

Should You Get It?

Paid advertisings and Affiliate Marketing can help you. It’s a proven way towards success. It’s not complicated, it’s a simple business model that can be sum up with John Crestani’s words “Your Job as an Affiliate Marketer is to do a Better Job of Selling the Product than the Merchant Itself”.

If you want to level up your life, Super Affiliate System is a great tool to make it come true. Stop continually escaping from the Corporate Life and start living your dream by learning from the expert who experienced the same stress, dissatisfaction, frustration and exhaustion that you are feeling. John Crestani is now successfully running an internet business anywhere in the world and loving the freedom that he has.

So, if you would like to achieve time and financial freedom, check out the Super Affiliate System today!

Here's A Way To Monetize Your WordPress Websites or Blogs
Published 06-12-2021

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Have you ever wanted a REALLY FAST
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4 Traffic Generation Tips for Affiliate Marketers
Published 04-16-2021

4 Traffic Generation Tips for Affiliate Marketers

 As an affiliate marketer, it’s crucial that you know how to drive traffic to your offers. This is a skill that will make or break you. So, you’ll to need to devote a huge chunk of your time in the beginning to learning how to drive traffic. While simple in concept, it’s not entirely easy and will require effort on your part.

Unlike product creators who can rely on affiliates to drive traffic, as an affiliate, you can only count on yourself. The traffic you generate can either be from free methods or paid traffic.

If you have the budget for it, you can use paid traffic. It’s faster and you get feedback much quicker. If you’re a beginner and short on funds, there are many free methods of traffic generation that are effective too. The term ‘free’ is deceptive because you’ll be paying for it in time and effort.

Nevertheless, you can drive free traffic and still make sales if you know what to do. Below you’ll find a few tips that you should always bear in mind when driving traffic.

  •  Know where your audience hangs out

You must know where your niche audience hangs out. If it’s a bodybuilding crowd you’re targeting, they’ll probably be on bodybuilding forums, fan pages for bodybuilders, YouTube channels featuring fitness experts and so on. So, you can go into these places and start siphoning traffic from there to your sites.

  • Choose one method

The reason so many marketers never do well with traffic is because they never focus their efforts on one method. If you’re going with video marketing, create a good channel and keep making videos till you have a following. Learn how to optimize your channel and videos so that you rank.

If you’re using Facebook groups, learn how to get more members in your group and post stuff that they like, and which can be linked to your web properties.

Pick one traffic method and strive to master it till you have an avalanche of traffic coming to your sites, etc. Once that’s successful, you can move on to the next traffic method while maintaining the current one.

  • Repeated and relentless effort

Driving traffic is a continuous process. Keep repeating your efforts and never give up. Even if your first few videos have only 10 or 20 views, keep going. Over time you will get more views and a bigger audience. It takes time for things to snowball.

The same applies to most traffic methods. The more videos you have, the more traffic you’ll get. The more people in your Facebook group, the more comments and engagement you’ll get. The more paid ads you create, the higher your chances of finding winning campaigns. It’s all a matter of time and repeated effort.

  •  Engagement

This is another important factor. Engage with your traffic. Reply to comments on your videos. Like and respond to comments in your Facebook groups and ads. The more you engage, the better your relationship with your audience will be. They’ll grow to like you, trust you and will eventually buy through you.

Remember these pointers when driving traffic. It’s not as difficult as most marketers make it out to be. Once you understand how it works and you’re consistent, you will see results. The key to traffic generation is consistency. That’s where most marketers fail.

Get this right and you’ll have all the traffic you want.


What Is a Cookie? Not The Kind You Eat Silly...
Published 04-08-2021

How Do Affiliate Cookies Work?


Becoming a smart and successful affiliate marketer means understanding cookies. This has nothing to do with the favorite treat you like to dunk in your milk as a nighttime snack. It has everything to do with how a website or business you are an affiliate for ensures you get credit for any sales you generate.


What Is a Cookie?


An HTTP "cookie" is a type of message that is given to a web browser by a web server. This is used to identify users and web surfers, customize online experiences, and track information. When you go to a website that uses cookies, a server sends a cookie with certain information to your browser or computer. The next time you go to the same website, your browser sends that cookie to the server.


How Do Cookies Work for Affiliate Marketers?


As an affiliate marketer, cookies are your best friend. When someone clicks on an affiliate link on your blog or website, a cookie is placed in their browser. This includes information that says you are the person that recommended the destination website to that visitor. This is how companies know which affiliate to pay commissions to, and cookies can have very different lifespans.


Amazon is not only the largest retailer in the world, but it is also the largest company that predominantly uses affiliates to generate sales. The company will drop a 24 hour cookie onto the computer of a visitor that clicks through one of your affiliate links. Other companies allow for 30, 60, 90 day or even 1 year cookies.


This means that from the first time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, you can earn commissions for the designated cookie length. This is why you should choose the companies you want to work as an affiliate for very carefully. Some companies offer lifetime cookies! This means that if you are the first person to send someone to that website, if they make a purchase 20 years from now, you will receive a commission!


Cookie Abuse


Shawn Hogan is the founder and owner of the Internet Marketing forum Digital Point. He faced charges of defrauding eBay by sneaking cookies onto the computers of his forum visitors without their say-so. It is this type of cookie abuse that cannot only cost you an affiliate marketing agreement, but could end up with you facing legal charges.


Always openly state that you may receive a sales commission if someone clicks on a link on your website and makes a purchase. This transparency will keep cookies working for you as an affiliate marketer, and will keep you out of possible legal trouble.


The Concept2 BikeERG Is AWESOME
Published 02-02-2021

I'll get right to the point, so you can go read another review. I find the BikeERG to be a quality training tool. I also own the Concept2 Rower and they are both awesome pieces of equipment to help you improve your workouts.


Concept2 BikeERG frame overview


The Concept2 BikeERG will support up to 300 pounds of weight. One of the item that sets this apart from other bikes is the PM5 monitor for extensive training.  The PM5 does not require electricity to operate, and uses air resistance to create a very realistic riding experience. The combination of a damper and your pedal cadence control the overall resistance, so your riding experience is always under your control. The advantages of this system are a very natural feeling ride that responds instantly to your power and cadence. The addition of a damper makes it so you can control the resistance to a certain degree when pedaling, so it isn’t all cadence alone. You can go as fast as you want or scale it back for a recovery ride.

The Concept2 ERG provides a smooth ride. While the belt drive system does reduce noise a bit, this is still an air resistance flywheel, so there is a bit of whirring noise while riding.  There is no bottom bracket assembly in the crank, so you won't have to constantly replace the bracket and spindle as you do on spin bikes!

BikeERG has a black frame with a relatively compact frame that will fit in any corner or home gym. I've been on many spin bikes that way over 150 pounds and are tough to move around. The bikeERG is much lighter under 100 pounds with it's aluminum frame. It does not require electricity, no pluging in like a treadmill.

The PM5 monitor is battery operated but rider power-assisted, so the batteries will last a long time. I love the functionality of the PM5 monitor — you can ride as simple as you want or compete against other riders. Just get on and start to ride and the PM5 provides instant metrics on your cadence, speed, distance and time.

Concept2 BikeERG console

The home screen displays:

  • Just Ride

  • Select Workout

  • Games

  • Memory

  • More Options

If you want a bike that has the advantages of air resistance, that also is easy to move and can be used by anyone — the Concept2 BikeERG is an excellent option.

Optional Accessories

The Concept2 BikeERG now includes a phone caddie with your bike purchase. This will hold your phone securely during your workout. Other optional add-ons include:

  • BikeERG Water Bottle Holder

    • A water bottle holder clips to the inside of your handlebars to hold water bottles conveniently between you and the monitor.

  • Toe Clips

    • Zefal toe clips attached to the front of your pedal to hold your shoe on the pedal more securely.

  • Tablet Mount

    • The tablet mount attaches above the PM5 console to you can watch, compete or view a training program of your choice on your personal tablet.

  • Floor Mat

    • The floor mat sits beneath your bike to protect your floors from any movement from the bike — and catch the abundant sweat that will drip down during a killer workout!

  • Heart Rate chest straps

    • Both a Bluetooth Polar and Garmin chest strap are available as add ons from Concept2.

I had to have the toe clips.  They help for a much improved ride and workout.  You can also add your own toe clips, locking pedals, handle bars and seat if you like.  A must change if you've done any cycling.

In conclusion, I've had a few spin bikes and that all broke down either in the crank or bottom bracket assembly.  You will not have that problem with the BikeERG.  Just for the record, I'm not in CrossFit.  I do add both the Rower and BikeERG into my weight lifting workouts.

Here are also some Pro's and Con's:


  • Sleek and lightweight, you can place this bike anywhere
  • Preferred by CrossFit athletes and others familiar with Concept2 machines
  • Offers unlimited resistance with both damper and cadence control
  • PM5 Console is backlit, battery powered and easy to use
  • Console has 5 screen options
  • Priced under $1000, this is an excellent bike for the price
  • Sturdy design will support up to 300 pounds
  • Looks good in any home or garage gym
  • Easy to move


  • Limited 5-year frame and 2-year parts warranty
  • Newer machine; not as familiar to many riders
  • Flywheel resistance is noisier than magnetic resistance

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