Posting in FB FN Groups Will Not Earn You Money
Published 08-11-2018





Posting in FB or FN marketing groups is not going to make you money a little maybe, Sending Thousands of solo ads, if you have a good ad you can make some money,but you have to keep it up it's not sent to some today some tomorrow you ain't gonna make shit,and what you do make ant worth crap either. I have a list of 50 solo ad sites I mail free from every day I spend $20 a month I make it back I get like 3 to 4 sales a week from $15 to $60 times 4 weeks I can't live on that.

I've made $$300 from solo ads in one month has to be a good ad and what you do make ant nothing. It takes me 30 minutes to send out to all 50 sites I have everything programs just copy the message and past it, everything else is already there, I got rid of a lot of junk scam Ponzi scheme did not know they were,

now I know what to look for. It's easy so it worth it anyone can do it but you need good ads short to the point send.
I or he my Sponsor mentor good friend found me and it changed everything whole new good game plane, It's working already.
Now to if you follow my FN Future net lane that's going to be making me a lot of money in a year,a year and a half it will be set, Join me in Future net now why wait to see my live FB in a year and 4 months time is gonna go by anyway invest your money will grow ill be getting 8% per day in 5 months on my money.
Other than this I'm all in Mentoring for Free, This other stuff don't take up a lot of time and it's not deep thinking like my self-talk in Mentoring for Free
JPL Mentoring for Free
Futurenet Ad Pro You can join Futurenet Social Media
For Free Like Facebook But For Networkers Ad Pro Is Investing 
$10 min.

In today's market, you cannot build a long-term successful MLM business by selling the opportunity. Even if you are a superstar salesperson, the fact is - over 90% of everyone else is not. They hate sales. And they will not be able to sell the opportunity, no matter how much sales training and "RAH! RAH!" courses you may give them. so they will disappear.

"Success In 10 Steps" solves that problem. When you advertise the ebook, your target "frustrated MLMers" market will download it. Many will see themselves and their own story in the book, and they will want to talk about it.

It's easy to build relationships with the people who identify with this book. No selling necessary. As you build relationships, you build your network. Bring value into their lives, and some of them will want to work with you. Then just tell them their options & let them decide. Lead by example.

To build your own big income in M-L-M, the people you sponsor will need a constant stream of hot pr0spects. I can help you do that for them, and for yourself. For details, call me at 856-238-8880 or hit reply right now and send me your name, phone number, and the best time to call.

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Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 20 years Our Life Style is we do what we want when we want, We haven't lived pay check to pay check in years, On line I am now in 4 main businesses I'm building up all 3 are investments I do not need to recruit, But I do have people joining me and investing, I count my earnings as if I have no down line and what I earn from them is extra it all goes in reinvest COMPOUNDING, I get a rush a from watching my money grow
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