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What Is The Perfect Affiliate Review
Published 11-08-2020

5 Key Elements of the Perfect Affiliate Review


If you simply follow the 5 steps below, you can write the perfect affiliate product review. That means that you make a sales commission, your reader is happy because you wrote a revealing and compelling review that led to them taking action, and the affiliate marketer is pleased as well, since they made a sale.


1 – Buy the Product, Read the Book, Use the Service


This should go without saying. Before you can give an honest review about anything, you have to understand that product intimately. The Internet is filled with review sites where affiliate markers have never come into contact with the product or service they are promoting. This is a serious ethical sticking point, and could border on criminal behavior in some cases.


Imagine you are browsing the web, and you come across a review for a product you are thinking about buying. That review recommends the product wholeheartedly. There are links to other customers who mention their experience with the product in glowing terms. Buoyed by this information you confidently make a purchase, only to find that you have invested in a garbage product.


This is the experience of many web surfers who stumble across a review that was written with only one goal in mind – to make the sale. Don't ruin your online reputation for a quick sale. Get to know the products and services you represent intimately, and then employ the following tip for writing the perfect affiliate review.


2 – Be Like Clint Eastwood – Explore The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" is the title of a Western movie starring famous actor and director Clint Eastwood. Take a lesson from Mr. Eastwood, and reveal the good, the bad and the ugly about any product or service you recommend. Modern-day consumers are more sales-savvy than ever before. When they encounter a review which is nothing but positive, they immediately began to have second thoughts about that reviewer.


Look, no product or service is perfect. Be honest with your customers. Explore every pro and con about a product during a review. Not only does this allow you to sleep at night because you were totally honest with your readers, but you will find it also results in more sales.


3 - Stick to One Niche or Topic


If you go to a website that reviews pickles, back scratchers, parakeet food, weight lifting supplements and motorcycles, what type of message are you receiving? You probably would take everything that web owner had to say with a grain of salt. When writing the perfect product review, make sure it is relative to your overall site topic or market.


This allows you to develop your reputation as the go-to resource in a particular area of expertise. It ensures that every subsequent review you write that sticks closely to your field of knowledge builds on every other review you have written that applies to those same topics.


4 – Write to One Person, Not a Group


This is a copywriting technique that has made millionaires in a wide variety of fields. One person is reading your review, not a group of people. Talk to that one person. Write your review as if you are talking to someone across a coffee table. Pretend this is a friend, or a friend of a friend.


Use short sentences and simple words. Be honest and share your information with this imaginary individual. When you keep this in mind as you write, you will find that both you and your readers enjoy a better experience from your affiliate marketing review article.


5 – Include a Clear Call to Action


Believe it or not, some reviews you find online are sort of sketchy as to what you should do when you are done reading them. Always include a very clear and distinct call to action. Tell someone to "click here to get this product now" or "click here for more information". You have to get your readers from your website to the affiliate product to make a sale, so make sure you clearly show them exactly how to do that.



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