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Should I Create My Own Products With Affiliate Marketing
Published 12-09-2020

If you are a blogger, you should definitely have your own product to sell. This could be a simple e-book or information product, or it could be a complex and high-value monthly membership or video course. Either way, as a blogger trying to create a personal identity on the web, you need a product to sell, and it needs to have your name and face on it.


Maybe you just on the website, and not a blog. Whether you decide to create your own product or not, this doesn't mean you can't benefit from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the quickest and easiest way to make money online, hands down. So what is better, creating your own products or promoting other products as an affiliate?


There are pros and cons for both of these Internet marketing business models, so let's take a look at them now.


Why Would You Create Your Own Products


When you create your own product, you are in total control. You decide the price, you decide what affiliates will promote your product for you, and you choose the type of product you are going to create. Unlike affiliate marketing, you are not at the whim of some company who decides to change its agreement with you, or end the relationship for any reason at all.


Having said that, creating a product of your own can be difficult. E-books are very easy to make, and are a smart way to get started in the product creation process. However, you are in charge of finding potential customers, marketing your product, handling refunds, delivering the product, while also building and maintaining a good reputation in your niche or market.


On the upside, you can create as many products as you like, as quick as you can whip them out. Sometimes with the affiliate marketing model, it is difficult to find quality products you feel comfortable promoting. When you make your own product, you can make it as value-rich and beneficial to your customers as possible.


The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing


The biggest benefit of affiliate marketing is that it is easy, simple and probably the fastest way to make money online. What could be easier than referring someone to another website, and if that person makes a purchase, you get paid? With this simplicity comes some negatives though.


You are never in charge. Even if you enjoy a great relationship with a company whose products and services you promote, they can change their terms of service, commission structure or affiliate agreement overnight. This means you can go from making thousands of dollars a week to hundreds of dollars a month, and you have no say-so in the matter.


It only takes one person to complain to the company you are promoting for them to terminate your affiliate agreement. In many cases, the terms of service are lengthy and detailed, and if you slip up in even the smallest way, you can find your agreement with a company terminated without even being able to defend yourself.


That having been said, affiliate marketing is an attractive business model because you don't deal with customers. The company you are promoting handles customer service, returns, customer satisfaction and, in the case of large affiliate companies like Amazon, they work very hard to make sure that a sale is made once you get someone to their web property.


Product creation and affiliate marketing both offer pros and cons as Internet marketing business models. Whichever you choose, get started immediately. Fussing and stressing over whether you should create your own product for sale, or become an affiliate marketer, simply means you are putting off your path to financial and time independence for another day.

If you'd like to learn more about affiliating marketing check out this free webinar by John Thornhill:  You'll find products already created for you.

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