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Published 12-08-2023

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Hi, Im joepepe

Joseph Lombardo

After I joined these programs and made my investment in them, I grow them by repurchases and compounding until I max 4 to 5 times before my first withdrawal, The more you invest the faster you'll be withdrawing profits. I've already withdrawn my investment money now all the programs are running on profit earnings.
You can email me for help or you can do it the way you like,
How I'm working it now while some programs are growing again I'm withdrawing from the other programs.
my email is


What makes EasyHits4U unique? Famous program with over 1,805,000 members


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What is Adpack Share Club's target?

Ad Pack Share Club (ASC) is an advertising revenue-sharing platform. Our goal is to provide our club members with a stable income in the long run.

When did ASC start operating?

The website was launched in August 2020. We have developed our own mathematically based compensation package, which provides a stable income even in difficult times.

Each Adpack guarantees a certain number of advertising credits that you can use in the internal and external advertising space. Our ad slots generate revenue for you and us.

STARTER AP 10 Price: $10 Maturity: 110% Maximum Packs: 50 *** PREMIUM AP 25 Price: $25 Maturity: 115% Maximum Packs: 40 *** SUPERIOR AP 50 Price: $50 Maturity: 120% Maximum Packs: 30 *, Upgraded members earn 3% more on each Ad Share.
Upgraded Members earn 3% More On Each Ad Pack, It's best to go threw all the Ad Packs first after you purchase your 30th ad Pack and then upgrade. $10 per month from your earnings, $26 for 90 days, $48 for 180 days, and $94 for 360 days. Well worth it.
Each adpack guarantees a certain number of advertising credits that you can use in the internal and external advertising space. Our ad slots generate revenue for you and us. Upgraded members earn 3% more on each ad share.
The website was launched in August 2020. We have developed our own mathematically based compensation package, which provides a stable income even in difficult times.


Start your Journey on a Professional and Powerful Advertising Platform fully featured with tools to help you advertise your products efficiently.

In addition to our Advertising services we also provide 100% Passive Profit Sharing Adshares. Adshares entitles members to receive discretional daily returns based on our portfolio performance. up to 130% OR

MoneyMakingAds puts together a Powerful Advertising Network to help you getting more sales and 100% Passive Profit Sharing at its best on a single site.

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TURBINANCE Just imagine You can put your banner on HUGE amount
of diversified Advertising sites without even the problem
of being a member of any sites - at the click of a Button! 

With 130% Cash Back on Ad Packs.

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YourProfitAds is an Advertising site with a 100% Commission plan. This means that EVERY single sale made by our upgraded and OG members will earn them 100% commissions.
...Pratically, with a 100% Commission Plan YourProfitAds could become YOUR OWN Business!

A new 100% Commission Advertising website has just launched and that is what this Money Maker has inside for you:

- Unlimited 100% Commissions Plan on Direct Referral Purchases.

- Complete Advertising Platform to promote your Businesses
to proven Opportunity Seekers

- Features Rich, easy-to-operate member area with the ability to
Track views, clicks, and visits on ALL your Advertising.
Promo Codes are available.

- Monthly Recurring Advertising is added automatically each month, on time.

- Free USD Faucet to earn cash from within the member area
by visiting our member's advertised website links

- Mail Box Protection. YOU decide if you want to receive emails to your Mail-Box
or NOT. Turn "OFF" to receive Solo Ads, Admin News or Sponsor email at your wish!

Join YourProfitAds NOW and build your downline in advance.

The Bonus advertising that you get on registration will only be available after Launch.



 is a new idea to build your own, creative

notification BARs in a different, appealing fashion.

Creating your own Bar is extremely easy and Bars are
highly customizable with rotating text or banner.

You can set up to 15 different customizations to each bar
and each bar can be set to run at the top or at the bottom
and can rotate up to 5 sites.

You can be creative and make your own Bars truly UNIQUE!

You can use your Bars to..

Build a List
Drive Web Traffic
Display notifications
Show site announcements
Increase Visitor Engagement
Underline a website features
Promote multiple websites
Show-up Specials or Offers

...And More!

Furthermore, YourProfitBar is also a Features Rich Ad Platform
and by joining you will get an INSTANT Advertising Package at zero cost!

Announce, promote Offers, display Notifications,
increase Visitor & More

Get your FREE Profit BAR Today!

Notification Bars Get Results!

Turn more visitors into customers, create your Bar in a few Clicks...For FREE!

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 Coinpayu Faucet Receive FREE Crypto every hour for FREE

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Are you looking for a legitimate online income platform wherein you can make money through clicking adssurfing ads, or any other platform related to paid advertisements?
Apart from paid ads, there are several websites offering opportunities to earn free crypto and new users are encouraged to read a review first regarding a certain website before actually joining or subscribing to such investment schemes. Of course, I don’t want to mislead people.
A lot of people are now being open to investing in a legit platform that will allow them to earn money online.
So if you are part of a large audience who would like to explore an investment platform so that in a few months’ time you have the chance to earn and make money online already, then this is for you.


My BULLVERTIGO profile Page


The BULLVERTIGO Platform will be an advertising website available worldwide. The purpose of the BULLVERTIGO Token is, initially to facilitate the use of the services offered on the BULLVERTIGO platform. The BULLVERTIGO Token has been minted with a Total Supply of 21,000,000 (Twentyonemillions) on the Cardano Blockchain. With a finite, limited availability, the limitless desire of our Token can be achieved by continuously building and creating more and more use cases for spending BullVertigo Tokens.

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Stellar passive returns on a Crystal clear System

*Get back Up to 173.2% Yearly!

Multicoin System

Our innovative model works with several different Cardano Native Tokens. We have grouped here the best opportunities and offer different PLANS to choose from. Choose the one you prefer or diversify your purchases, we are a Multi-Coins High Yields HUB.

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ClicksOracle is an International Advertising website where
EVERY member may Advertise and Earn starting with Zero
out of Pocket Costs!

The Site Is Growing Like Wildfire!

Join Today and get a Fr@@ BONUS AdKit that will allow you
to advertise and earn Bitcoin every day!

Join Now and start earning your Daily income.
There is nothing you have to buy, nothing you have to sell!

..But if you are keen to promote, you will also be
able to earn 10% LIFETIME Recurring commissions on
your referrals daily surfing!

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APEINTRON Click here to sign up

Unparalleled - Reach over 30,000 members INSTANTLY

This New Network Advertising Platform let you post your Ads
to over 30,000 members instantly...For FREE!

Join Today and post to six different advertising sites
with the ApeInTron One Click Advertising System PLUS
get their Exclusive Prime Membership at once.

And if you promote ApeInTron the earning potential is unlimited.

They have a 100% Commission Plan with 50% Direct Commissions
and 50% Forced Matrix Commission on a 2x10 Forced Matrix.

Do not wait too long, join Today!

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CryptoBulls is a Special Advertising site with a great Commission Plan.

CryptoBulls is available "On Invitation" only; in fact You have
been invited by myself joepepe and Your Platinum membership has already
been paid for You!

Your Platinum membership includes FREE Advertising to a
LARGE database of Professional Internet Marketers and
Opportunity Seekers.

BannerStaker has just opened its doors and to get off
on the right foot with them your First Advertising Package is FREE!

But there is more..

Their Banner Advertising System is built differently
from any other site around and will put your banners
directly on the front page of the site..YES, the home page!

And for just $4.99 you will get all of the following:

- LIFETIME Gold Upgrade and benefits
- 12000 UNIQUE banner Impressions on the Main Banners Block
- 3000 Banner Impressions on Public/Member BANNER$TAKER Pages
- 3000 Recurring LIFETIME Monthly Banner Credits
- A 3x12 BANNER$TAKER Forced Matrix Position
- The possibility to earn 50% Direct Referral UNLIMITED Commissions
- The possibility to earn 50% Forced Matrix Commissions (on 12 levels)
- The ability of earning 50% Commissions on further purchases*

* Multiple Banner slots/Positions can be purchased. After the first purchase
each new purchased Banner slot will earn 50% direct commission to the buyer itself!

Register NOW in 20 seconds

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What is WeeklyICO 

WeeklyICO is an International Advertising website where EVERY member
may advertise and Earn starting with Zero out of Pocket Costs!

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What makes EasyHits4U unique? Famous program with over 1,803,000 members

Great Advertising

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ADAMATIC is an Complete Advertising Platform with a 100% Commission Plan and backed by a Giveaway System. ₳DAMATIC has several different automatic features as the "Matrix Auto-Filling" and it has been created following to the success of our older CryptoBulls and RapidCrypto websites .

₳DAMATIC , in addition to the low entry cost, is a giveaway program. This will allow many free members to enroll as Platinum members so to give them time to learn more about the program and to decide if they want to upgrade with a minimal nominal spend of 0.1 ADA ($0.05152) at ease.

Members who cannot afford to pay will have the ability to earn their way up in our Matrix for Free, and in several different ways. We also offer a PIF, an AutoPIF and a Matrix Auto-filling mechanism to insure the longevity of ₳DAMATIC systems in place.

When You join ₳DAMATIC , you will be instantly upgraded to a Platinum member status with all these benefits:

  • A Welcome bonus (for limited Time) of  0.01
  • A Banner Ad Slot with 1000 Impressions
  • A Text Ad Slot with 500 Impressions
  • A Faucet Ad Slot with 25 GUARANTEED Visits!
  • The ability to Give away Platinum memberships to your Referrals
  • The ability of earning 10% of your Direct Referral purchases.
  • ₳DAMATIC uses ADA  as main coin but we also accept BTC, BNB, TRON, LTC and DOGE as side coins to make purchases and withdrawals (via RapidCrypto) on
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We do not guarantee you will earn money here, but if you do as instructed chances are great, We do not offer unrealistic promises
You can earn a nice income if you follow along.

Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 23 years Our LifeStyle is we do what we want when we want, We haven't lived paycheck to paycheck in years, Online I am now in 9 main businesses I'm building up all 9 are investments I do not need to recruit, But I do have people joining me and investing, I count my earnings as if I have no down line and what I earn from them is extra it all goes in reinvest COMPOUNDING, I get a rush a from watching my money grow
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