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This gets me 64 new leads daily! - LeadSkimmer
Published 02-05-2022

Why I Love LeadSkimmer...

My experience with LeadSkimmer is that it's a great viral way to build your list. This system has been around for several years & it's a proven way to speed up your list building with real people opting in. The way the system works is very clever so you will be building a buyers list. By using the platform you can generate leads and sales for your primary business. I joined LeadSkimmer as I'm always looking for leads for my primary business & genuine methods to speed up my list building.

Every time you generate a new lead through their software, that person will then pass leads up to you through their marketing efforts, therefore your list building can go viral very quickly. Each new person you bring in must pass his or her first three people up to you. This will build your email list in an exponential way since this '3 up' continues on into infinity. Every new referral becomes a new 'Lead Line' so the potential is huge if you are willing to promote LeadSkimmer. It's such a unique & clever system because everyone who's got an online business needs more leads.

There is an option to upgrade & earn affiliate commissions. Not compulsory & not everyone chooses to do so. The advantages of upgrading to Pro are that you can bypass having to give your first three people away & you will earn affiliate commissions. Pass ups of affiliate commissions are also paid to you from your referrals members who decide not to upgrade. A nice reward for those taking the upgraded option & a nice income boost too.

The LeadSkimmer software has 2 features I love. These are that your 'Lead Lines' can be built as wide as you want as long as you keep referring & they keep going down to infinity. What a compensation plan & lead generating system this is!

LeadSkimmer has some free high converting squeeze pages and sales pages that entice your prospects to opt in for more information. The system itself is both very simple to use and is very easy to understand, so it's beginner friendly.

The lead capture page videos & the videos in the members area are some of the best I've seen. Especially for inspiring members to get into action & the huge benefits of upgrading to Pro. The owner is a marketing genius & his affiliate tools copy also converts very well with cold traffic.

I highly recommend LeadSkimmer if you are serious about wanting to build a list fast and potentially earn some income as well. The only downside I see is that it only has 3 lead capture pages to choose from but they are all high converting so don't let that put you off joining.

There's more to LeadSkimmer than I've covered in this brief explanation, so I encourage you to look into this opportunity. It's perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced online marketers. Sign up today, it's free so you have nothing to lose & I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Click Here To Join LeadSkimmer

- Jermine Gaskins

I Focus On Lead Generation And List Building... I learned that no matter what your product or service is... you have to get eyeballs on your offers on consistent basis to see growth.
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