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My experience with the program so far
Published 01-12-2023

My experience with the program so far

I first looked at LiveGood back in August of 2022 when they had their first version launch. At that time I was about to start my weight loss journey anyway and was looking out for a network marketing opportunity that could support me in my weight loss, fitness and health goals and was hugely impressed with what I saw at LiveGood, but sadly I could not join up at the time as it wasn't worldwide.

Anyway cut a long story short; now they are 100% global and thank goodness! I jumped on board immediately!

Ben Glinsky is the CEO and I've known him since 2016 so my decision to join was made easy as I have a lot of trust in Ben.

The website is spot on and the funnel system is powerful as they use a unique powerline system that feeds into the forced matrix giving everyone a big potential to get that jump-start that most people struggel with when trying to build a team.

I'm very much into fitness and weight management and I can save up to 70% on a lot of these products by simply being a member of the system. The low monthly price to become a member of LG is under $10 and that is a no brainer and that is why people stick with this business unlike other Network marketing companies where the average drop out rate is 3 months or less.

What I Like

I love the products and that they are so affordable unlike elsewhere where it's just so over priced and which is why people often drop out of those other companies.

I love the built in marketing funnel that has a dynamic powerline system that feeds into a matrix; that is a nice touch.

What I Dislike

To be perfectly honest there really is nothing I dislike. I have heard others mention (in a positive way) that IF there could be more products would be great however for me I think it's not too overwhelming on choice rather than having too many choices; there are also the affordable packages including the "Everything Pack" where you can optionally get all the great products for an incredible low price It's just So simple or just purchase individual products such as a complete multi-vitamin product for under $10 with up to 79% savings on other competitive over priced products!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a really simple business to understand, with an easy to grasp comp plan yet powerful, and a range of products that are not only needed by most people but are essential for everyone's health. Then LiveGood is for you. I do say it is very simple but it is very powerful.

­čĺíLive Good. Today. Tomorrow, Forever!

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