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Published 05-17-2024


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The best ideas are those that come naturally.


This blog has a powerful idea that you can use this very moment


Follow the story to the end. It is very touching. What comes out of it is magic




Imagine you can take £100.00 and turn it into £1000.00.

Re invest it ten times and you build capital up to £1000.00 and more.

It is ok I have permission the lady wants to get the work done.

You get to make some easy money in the process.


Here is where you can make some money.

Put your own name tag after the link above and keep it to 8 characters. You must keep it the same, do not change it.

Promote that in order to make sales.

Anyone who buys from your link must give me their affiliate link Here

If they pay into my bank account they must also let me know so I can link the payment to you.

Sorry This is the only way I can connect with you.


Seeing you are going to make money from PFFA (Profit From Free Ads) I will help you promote it.

If you bring money into the business I will give you 50% on top of what you pay into the bank account..

To be clear if you put £100.00 on normal terms you would get £100.00 plus your £100.00 in return. As you are now promoting my link I will give you £150.00 plus your £100.00 in return as an example.

This is a limited opportunity so my offer is tentative.


I will keep note of performance so I can guage how things are moving. If there is room for expansion it would not be withheld


I want this to continue even when we finish the contract. There are other developments we can get into so the more together this is the more capital and prospect is in the offing.

You will find all current recommendations on this page.

However you come to this page the blog link is there so you get the full story.

I’m looking for people who are willing to volunteer the use of their card so that we keep the system alive.

Again I’m prepared to reward you for such a deed.


The problem with most offers is you have to pay and do a lot of joining other things in order to make a buck.


You can make a lot of money here at very low cost.


All you have to do is pay £5.00 to this Link. 8 digit ID Here)


Put an 8 digit ID here. Make sure it has a mixture of letters and numbers.


Everyone who sees this offer has to pay £5.00.


You must get another person to pay £5.00 to qualify.


Now you get help here:


If you join PFFA from my link at the top I will help you buy ad packs.

I will help you to get to ad pack 7 as soon as  financially possible.


This is a joint venture. If you follow normal systems some people do not make money at all.

Here there is no counting. You pay, you work, you get money.


I fund this from my own resources so if you want to receive benefits it's cheap enough.


A one time payment that sees 100,s paid into your bank account.


I have a project to fund but you too will benefit from overflow into the system.


I need transport which will bring money into the pool.


You will be getting overrides for as long as you are in the system.


You will get money from compound effects. Others are charging you through the nose for that kind of thing.


£5.00 once and you get MONEY ON THE TABLE come on wake up.


Just to qualify. Did you ever see an ebook called “The warrior in you”?

My copy vanished into thin air


If you pay, the money will keep coming. I will be promoting this non stop, that's all you have to do.




I will contact you for bank details.


I am someone willing to learn. I have been on the internet for over ten years. I had a purpose in mind but lack of know how put me on a different path. I wanted to help others and at this stage I can because of what I have learned . It is not plain sailing. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome and not every one will give you an equal penny. They will take it from you to. Anyhow the journey has been rewarding so come learn and benefit. I believe in giving value for money it pays
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