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Published 07-25-2017

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Grow your business faster with less effort.

I was struggling to find interested people and maintain steady growth in my business. Prosperity Central has had a dramatic effect on my success and my income.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Never before has one tool done so much to help you make more money. And it works with any company, any opportunity, any team or individual. Prosperity Central makes massive action with minimal effort possible through the most cutting edge lead generation, presentation, recruitment, team building, and back-office tools available. It will, quite simply, change the way you build your business. Get ready to experience the difference for yourself…

Prosperity Central has an account level for everyone.

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Advertise Your Site

Using Direct Links for Targeted Advertising

Your Marketing Site consists of several different pages. By default, all prospects visiting your website will go to your Home Page. However, we offer direct links that will let you send your prospects to any page of your website!

Home Page
Our System
Our Industry
About Me
Get Started
Our Company

Note: You can use Direct Links with Ad Codes to track the traffic an ad generates. If you wish to do this, just add /ad_code after any of the links above, where ad_code is whatever code you use. For Example:

Using Ad Codes to track your Advertising Efforts

An ad code is a special code that can be used to track the results of your advertising efforts. When you purchase leads, each lead vendor automatically attaches special ad codes to each lead before it is delivered into your system. When you do your own advertising, you can use a URL like this: Whatever you place in the xxxx area will automatically become the ad code that we track for all traffic that you direct to that special URL. You may create as many different ad codes as you’d like.

You may also use ad codes with your various Lead Capture pages. This means you can market multiple lead capture pages simultaneously and track the results from each and compare. Let’s look at an example of each way to use an ad code:

  • Example #1:
  • Example #2:

Don’t worry – you don’t have to figure out how to create these links on your own. Simply use our Ad Link Generator to create the perfect advertising link!

Search Engine Optimization & Ad Tracking

If you’re using online advertising or search engine optimization, click the button below.

How to Advertise your Website

The Marketing tab of your back office has a ton of incredible information about different ways to market your Personal Website.


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