How to guarantee your leads WON’T buy from you
Published 06-03-2017

When you’ve been marketing online for a while you’ll be able to see ‘signs’ when you’re barking up the wrong tree…

… or when you’ve hit a gold mine.

One of the ways to know in advance of any efforts is by looking at what you’re putting out into the world to ATTRACT the right sort of business.

Are you putting out content to attract the right people?

Or are you simple throwing rocks into a the social media pond hoping to make waves?

There’s a story where a child learned the this valuable lesson at the edge of a lake…

Once I heard this story I started approaching my business and marketing completely different -- and the results are proving to be worthwhile.

I’m sure you’ll see the same.

IF you watch this first that is ;-)…/Episode-212-Bread-or-Rocks…

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