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Published 06-05-2017








Besides WorldProfit (my biggest money maker), and the safelists I run (2nd biggest),  the best results I've had recently is with Matthew Graves and his mailer re-launches.  I've added 350 new subscribers to my GetResponse.  The latest is Legends Mailer that added 1500 new members in a week.  I'm still #5 on the leader boards.  Lots of subscribers, not much in commissions.  GREAT Mailers!
The other Matthew Graves sites:
My safelists (even the small ones) are good sites with active members, lots of ad options, and lots of value-added member extras. (pop-outs show buttons/links to all the sites)  Affordable OTOs that get monthly ads.
Dave Mosher has some great sites, good signup ad packs  and promo codes
And then there are SuperNetwork solos
The most affordable autoresponder is TeamEliteHomeBusinesses. Free for 90 days, and $7.95/month for Gold upgrade - unlimited, many Done-For-You capture pages and campaigns.   The QuickStart is a good way to build your list, downline, and start to build a portfolio of commission-earning streams of income








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