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Published 01-20-2018


This is Rich Moyer, and I am happy that you joined the WebcastSource Newsletter.

The short version of an introduction to our Advertising Community:

  • Advertising
  • Blogs
  • Tutorial Sites
  • Affiliate Sites
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Business to Business Sites
You have indicated interest in one of the advertising sites.  We think of our advertising sites are more than just Text Ad Exchanges and Traffic Exchanges.  We are an Advertising Community.

The Text Ad Exchange Advertising Sites are: 
  • GiantProfitAds  - $7 SJV - Earns 60% Commission
  • MadCowAds  - $7 SJV - Earns 60% Commission
  • OneStopSolos  $7 SJV - Earns 25% Commission- 1 SuperNetwork (MASSIVE - emails go to 109,000 members)
  • CommissionsUnleashed  - $7 Silver - Earns 33% of Sales - Instant Commission - 2 SuperNetworks
  • YourLuckyFastCash  - $7 Silver - Earns 33% of Sales - Instant Commission - 2 SuperNetworks
  • FreedomMails  - $7 SJV - Earns 30% Commission - 2 SuperNetworks
  • WorldTextAds  - $7 SJV - Earns 30% Commission - 1 SuperNetwork
  • AmazingTextAds  - $7 SJV - Earns 30% Commission - 1 SuperNetwork
  • WebcastSource  TE/TAE - $7 Lifetime Upgrade - Send to 5000 every 3 days - 1 Supernetwork - Double Digit CTRs on Banners - Mega PLR Store Included
  • QuickCashSolos  - $7 SJV - Earns 40% Commission - 7 SuperNetworks
  • CashStreamMaximizer  - Lifetime GOLD $14 - Instant Commission - Earn 50% of Sales - 2 SuperNetworks 

To give our members the best possible exposure for their ads, we have partnered with many SuperNetworks and make those ads available at the lowest allowable price.

We provide MONSTER Sign-up and Upgrade Bonus awards, and  Promo Codes for additional ads and points.

You will be learning about many new programs that can accomplish two goals:

  • Build Your List
  • Add Programs to your Revenue Stream

I will be including many free or low cost resources to help you learn more about network marketing, 
give you tips and techniques, and provide you with resources go help your business move forward.

Let's start with Bree from WishPond who makes highly energetic and informative short videos, and  
at the top of that page, sign up for 400 days of Home Business Tips Newsletters.  Clearly my most popular 

Click Here to get Bree telling us  All About Landing Pages

Rich Moyer

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