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Published 07-25-2017


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Hello ~fname~

FutureNet Social Media and FutureNet AdPro You use the same log in info for AdPro that you use for FutureNet,
You use FutureNet just like you do FaceBook only FutureNet pays you for everything you do, So why to bring your content to FB when FN pays you, I still use FB to tell people about FN,

In FutureNet AdPro is where you can earn an awesome passive sustainable controllable income. If you choose to
It will take time to build your FutureNet business, But it is all worth it get with me my email and phone number are on the blog, Email me will schedule a call, Will screen share and I'll walk you through it all

Join Futurenet and start building your self an awesome passive sustainable controllable income, I'll show you all I know, What?that takes to long, well if you follow what I do it will take no more than a year to have a good income a year and a half for an even better income,And time will go by no matter what, and you might not be no closer to your goal, at least with Futurenet you have a goal and then another 5 all together, Not understanding what I'm saying here lets schedule a call ill tell you and show you.

Thank you

joe pepe lombardo


 May 2end 2018

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 Hello ~fname~

Find out why it is worth to get to know FuturoCoin! Learn about differences between FTO and ordinary coins, about payments, transactions and much more.

I have always looked for a program where I could make money without the need to sell products or sponsor others.

FutureAdPro is simply brilliant.

Is FutureNet with FutureAdPro world's only social media platform with a revenue sharing program! This is really a simple revolutionary system that makes it easy for anyone to make serious money, Making money online at FutureNet starts with just doing the same thing as in other social media, but earning money with your activity! Without investing yourself. FutureNet distributes the largest part of the advertising revenue to the members in the form of the social media bonus.

If Mark the owner of Facebook had a rev-share for Facebook you would have joined that back when it started, Facebook is ten years older than FN, and they don't have any type of income stream for you, He keeps it all, not FN that the difference, It well worth joining for free like FB

Thank you

joe pepe lombardo




FN Tim n Geo Group


 Hello ~fname~

FutureNet Futuro Coin is the right place and the right time I just started cloud mining, I made this choice by thinking of Facebook and Bitcoin, If you know about them then I would learn about FutureNet feel the power of it and the choice to invest in FN Futro Coin is a no-brainer and the Ad Packs also its The right place and the right time is now.

Thank you

joe pepe lombardo



FN 5/31/17

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Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 20 years were both disabled and on SSDI for 15 years I'm in FuturNet Ad pack investor and im am also into Cryptogold,I have 7,400 coins The Karatgold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to physically deposited gold. It's specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.
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