Published 12-11-2023




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This brand new program is a Long Lasting Advertising Platform
backed by a 100% commission Plan where the longevity of the site
is granted by their AutoPIF and Autofill System.

ADAMATIC is an Unstoppable Giveaway Machine created to last.

This flawless system is backed by a small Forced Matrix
that will automatically fill in the course of time.

Join us today and you will be instantly upgraded
to a Platinum member status with all its benefits...For Fr33!

Your Platinum Membership has been gifted to you
by your sponsor, including a big Adpack and more.

Join today and You may start making money by giving
away Platinum Memberships at the same time!


100% Commission Plan.
50% Direct Commission plus
50% Forced Matrix Commission
with Autofill and AutoPIF System in place
and a FREE ADA Autofaucet.

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ADAMATIC is a Complete Advertising Platform with a 100% Commission Plan and backed by a Giveaway System. ₳DAMATIC has several different automatic features as the "Matrix Auto-Filling" and it has been created following to the success of our older CryptoBulls and RapidCrypto websites.

₳DAMATIC , in addition to the low entry cost, is a giveaway program. This will allow many free members to enroll as Platinum members so to give them time to learn more about the program and to decide if they want to upgrade with a minimal nominal spend of 0.1 ADA ($0.02443) at ease.

Members who cannot afford to pay will have the ability to earn their way up in our Matrix for Free and in several different ways. We also offer a PIF, an AutoPIF and a Matrix Auto-filling mechanism to ensure the longevity of ₳DAMATIC systems in place.

When You join ₳DAMATIC , you will be instantly upgraded to a Platinum member status with all these benefits:

  • A Welcome bonus (for limited Time) of  0.01
  • A Banner Ad Slot with 1000 Impressions
  • A Text Ad Slot with 500 Impressions
  • A Faucet Ad Slot with 25 GUARANTEED Visits!
  • The ability to Give away Platinum memberships to your Referrals
  • The ability of earning 10% of your Direct Referral purchases.
₳DAMATIC uses ADA  as the main coin but we also accept BTC, BNB, TRON, LTC, and DOGE as side coins to make purchases and withdrawals (via RapidCrypto) on our site. 
4006 Members

       FREE Platinum Membership

       Welcome Bonus 
       0.01 ADA

       FREE Advertising Package

       FREE ADA with our Autofaucet

       PIF and AutoPIF enhanced

       Autofilling Matrix

       100% Commission

       Flexible Payment Options

       No Complicated Cyclers/No Metamask
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Hi, I'm Joseph Lombardo I've been into Crypto going on for 5 years. I've been scammed twice the worst one got me for $1,000 the other one just a couple hundred. now I've been lucky enough to have found 3 honest admins. 2 of them own my best and favorite program, Best Paying I stopped trying to get rich, but rather increase my income The other admin has been in biz since 2009 and all withdraws are in less than 24 hours unless it's a weekend very fast withdrew. sp I maintain my programs
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