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     I have two and a half years to max in CFX at $100K as of 12/21/2021

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This is a list from the FB group Guides,
Not all the programs are listed here, I will be adding to this, and making it in order as a PDF
Advertising Banners
If you don't know how to ad banners to the sites ask me how ill show you.
All the sites have advertising, what I do is ill advertise one program on all the other sites, and so on, dont advertise the same site on the site itself, everyone is already a member.
The first thing I would do is join CFX for $300 to get that started.
Then I would get MMA MoneyMakingAds started $100 purchase all the $10 Shares, then start Compounding the $20 Shares purchase and Compound them FAST as you can, Then we do not purchase any $30 shares, we Compound every single one, 7 to 8-month approx.
Before withdrawing anything build up your earnings to repurchase all the 10s and 20s we repurchase the 30s as they expire while we withdraw. do this all over and over again.
Then I would join Ad Pack Share Club,
It's almost just like MMA I do it the same way same with all the programs, That's how all of them are running on 100% profit earnings.
Any questions email me at
This PDF is just practice for me but it is how I did it and how I am getting paid.
10 $20 A Packs, 20 $20 Packs, 30 $30 Packs
We purchase all 10 all the 20s we Compound all the 30s.
Before we withdraw anything we repurchase with profits all the 10s and 20s.
As we let the money accumulate when a 30$ Pack expires we purchase it with profits and withdraw.
Repeat this to sustain it


AdPack Share Club
50 $10 Packs 40 $25 Packs 30 $50 Packs.
We purchase all the 10s and compound, half of the $25 Packs, Then we Compound to the last $50 Pack, Like in MMA as we accumulate our profits we repurchase the packs.
Crystal Clear Funds
*0 Max $20 Shares we purchase and Compound to 50 the last 30 we only compound,
When we withdraw you can withdraw as much as you want,
What I do is I withdraw down to 50 Packs left and then Compound back to 80.

  CrystalClearFunds is a private advertising company providing high-quality advertising to its members.

CrystalClearFunds uses third-party online programs and platforms and operates trading activities. The profits generated from such activities get distributed to our private club members through our Adshare rewards program.

The aim of the Club is to operate in full transparency and to offer good returns to its members through a diversified investment portfolio without making unrealistic promises.

Through our Revenue Sharing Pool CrystalClearFunds allows its members to participate with a small amount of money in Online Opportunities that require more liquidity if anyone wanted to participate individually.
Weekly Ico
100 Max $10 Packs,
What I do is Purchase and Compound to 50 then Compound the last 50 to Max of 100.
When I withdraw I'll withdraw down to 75 Packs, then Compound back to 100
After I do all this my programs will be and already are running on 100% profits.
Mullite streams of income


Join MMA upgrade for n$60 purchase all the $10 shares, For faster results purchase all or as many as you can of the $20 shares, But do not purchase any $30, You compound every single one, For a nice profit. Then as Ad Shares expire repurchase them. So you can continue to withdraw profits continuously. Of over $200 per month. Then I would pay the $30 to join Crystal Clear Funds, The referral link is on the group wall. Max in CCF is 80 $20 Shares they pay as well and as fast as MMA but only $20 shares. From the 40th share Compound the rest of them all 40. for a nice profit same as MMA repurchase as they expire to keep it going. You can do this in 12 months and come into PGI at the $1,000 level, But no matter how long this will work. I've done it still growing.

In MMA you need 10 $10 Shares, 20 $20 Shares, and 30 $30 Shares, When you Max before withdrawing anything repurchase all the 10s and all the 20s, Then start withdrawing, I will withdraw until I have 5 $30 Shares left then ill start to compound again,

AdPack Share Club Plan
AdPack Share Club 50 $10 Shares, Purchase and compound all of them. 40 $25 Shares, Purchase and compound 20 of them. 40 $50 Shares, Compound every single one. Then like in MMA as the $50 shares expire repurchase them, when one expires repurchase and withdraw same when you get to the $25 shares compound withdraw
Crystal Clear Funds
80 $20 Shares Max, from 60 to 80 purchase and compound, from 60 to 80 only compound, At 80 withdraw down to 60, Then compound back up to 80
Weekly Ico
100 $10 Shares, Max 100, Purchase and compound to 60 from 60 to 100 compound and repurchase, At 100 withdraw down to 75 then repurchase and compound to 100
MMA I'm withdrawing from now over $200 monthly, I have my wife's started with $100 and as my Add Shares Exspier I can Repurchase them, With profits, I'm feeding my other programs, If I were you I'd get MMA started soon as you can won't take more than 10 months to Max starting with $100 all the $10 Shares, Compound all the rest. I really think starting MMA would be the best move any of you do. You first have to upgrade for the yearly membership, to purchase Add Shares.
Weekly ICO Guide
Now when you have between 25 and 30 Steaks you will be compounding once per week, But for example mine, I had 29 Steaks and I was at one Compound every 5 days, But now to 4 Steaks have expired, so I Compounded one so I'm 3 behind, So then at this point, I will buy 3 more and continue Compounding, I think that at 60 Ill buy 3 more to and at 90, To keep it moving faster. So remember this when you are at this level.
JPL Network if you follow my plan you can have almost all of the programs running on 100% profits. Within two years.
The Admin is a very trusted, Awesome reputation, He has been running online programs since 2009 and he has been constantly paying members since then. He and his team.
All my other programs are just as trustworthy.
If you get with me and follow my plan you can have all the programs running on 100% profits in about two years.
I know mine are all 100% profits
Seven Good Reasons to join MOONSTAKE Today!

   1     1. Trusted Admin. We are running online programs since 2009 and
        we are constantly paying our members since then.

   2     2. 100% Passive. Your profits will add up automagically
        every single hour, every day for 365 Days a Year...forever!

   3     3. High profits. MOONSTAKE currently pays 51.79%
        Annual Profit Rate for a total cashback of 151.79% year!

   4     4. Deposits are NOT locked. And you are free to Stake/Unstake
        and Withdraw your Funds at any time after a short pending
        unstaking period of 72 hours.

   5     5. Compound ability. You can compound every hour and every
        day to eventually receive a much higher Annual Profit Yield.

   6     6. Easy to use. We have accurately removed all the unnecessary
        bells and whistles. The MOONSTAKE platform is very easy to use.

   7     7. Earn BNB. MOONSTAKE is based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
        high staking rewards and pays its members in Binance Coins 
        one of the fastest growing coins in 2021.

Start earning Today, Join MOONSTAKE NOW!
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-Start in a Business from only ($10 pack)

-Weekly passive payments

-Possibility to compound

-You can let your money grow, without referring

-Career plan

-Matrix Commissions (2 x 20 Matrix)

Earn a passive income $10 packs Earn around 2.5% weekly profits on your packs Currently capital is divided in 3 bots and backings • nBot: swing trades on EurekaX (USDT pairs) • Futures bot: day trades/swing trades on Binance USDT-futures • Bitsgap bot: arbitrage trades on various exchanges • Backed by ERK, IPX and other crypto holdings of ImpulsX Limited • Backed by training and trading program For each bought package the funds goes to the trading fund which is based on Crypto Trading

“Compound interest is the Eight wonder of the world. He who understands it, Earns it… He who Doesn’t… Pays it.” - Albert Einstein PASSIVE SYSTEM

Interested email me @

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The complex world of Forex just got a lot easier with Cash Forex Group

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The Right

Cash Forex Group
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experts specializing in financial markets.
Our highly trained Educational Team is focused
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Our CashFX Corporate offices and Educational floor
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We manage all trading systems from our own facilities.  Our team of professionals has extensive experience in both, Forex trading and

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Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 23 years Our LifeStyle is we do what we want when we want, We haven't lived paycheck to paycheck in years, Online I am now in 9 main businesses I'm building up all 9 are investments I do not need to recruit, But I do have people joining me and investing, I count my earnings as if I have no down line and what I earn from them is extra it all goes in reinvest COMPOUNDING, I get a rush a from watching my money grow
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