My REPORT TO MY Mentor To Do Everyday (Easy Cash Code and Scripts)
Published 01-21-2018








 Bob my Mentour  What I Need To Do Everyday

These tasks will help a person become focused. When that happens they can become very successful.

Tasks to do:

1. Pick two of the most important things each day that You can focus on that are priorities for You that will advance Your long term goals. When You have some time or wiggle room in Your schedule, even 10 minutes, force Yourself to set down and work on these 2 priorities.

2. Work on slowing down when You talk.

3. Post in TGRL every week.

4. When commenting on a call, focus on only one topic. When unfocused a person tends to want to comment on more than one topic.

5. The self-talk training is located at, click on the link at the top right called "Specialist School". Down 5 audios You will see the topic, "How To Craft Your PERFECT Self-Talk".

6. Here is the Self-Talk Michael says about 75% of the time: I'm having fun, attracting and sponsoring, leaders into my business, easily and consistently through education and teamwork.

7. You want to send me Your accountability daily. Go to Go to Step 4, Accountability. Click on this. There is a pdf with the date and 3 questions to be answered with each accountability. There is an mp3 there also. I'd advise listening to this.


We believe in You
Bob and Lucy Shoaf
(575) 415-8671 Cell Anytime
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We believe in You
Bob and Lucy Shoaf
(575) 415-8671 Cell Anytime
Be a Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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