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The Quickstart Challenge – Week 2
Published 08-30-2017

Very early this morning (AWST) I attended the webinar introducing the second week of the Quickstart Challenge.

 Last week we were shown how to start a blog, and challenged to set up our own and put our first post on it. We were invited to submit our blog to the organisers of the Quickstart Challenge, Dean Holland and Craig Crawford, for a draw, the winner walking away with a magnificent prize.  While I submitted mine on time it was not drawn the winner. However, like Dean said, like all those who completed the task I was a winner anyway because, in addition to my PFFA blog, I now have my own Internet address in my own name. . That is  stone in the foundation for my Internet Marketing business successfully laid.  I am sure that in the weeks to come it will prove to be a cornerstone of the whole structure.

 This morning we entered week two. We were taught what Triple Tier Listbuilding looks like and how to set it up. Having been thoroughly tutored we have been given the challenge to set up our own.  Undoubtedly this will prove to be the second cornerstone of the business we are in the process of building with Dean and Craig’s assistance.

Remembering that the Challenge is to build a business with a minimum of $100 per day income in 30 days, it is encouraging to see the efforts put into laying the foundations with solid cornerstones to bear the finished structure. I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction and am eager to work on the challenge for this week. I look forward to going through the recording of the webinar again to make sure I haven’t missed any of the nuggets or precious stones that were there.

We have a week to build our Three Tier structure. Dean showed us how. He did it in about 10 minutes, although it did require some more work to polish it up a bit. He also knows how to do it of course. We have to learn it all. Then again, like Dean said, it’s like driving a car. There are lots of things for a newbie to learn before he can get his licence to drive. However, once he knows how to do it and gets his licence, with practice and over time, he does all the actions required without even thinking about it. According to Dean the same will happen to us. I admit I hope he is right. I certainly haven’t reached that stage yet. At the same time the comparison is encouraging.

In the meantime we have a week to accomplish at least what Dean did in ten minutes. Even with all the learning to slow us down that should be manageable.

I am also working my way through another programme. You might think that’s all a bit much, and maybe you are right. However, I am finding that the other programme has training modules for all the technical things we need to learn for the Quickstart Challenge as well. I am hoping that it will prove to be complementary to the Quickstart Challenge. Thankfully, to date it seems to be working that way.

 I can’t invite you to join me or even to have a look at the Quickstart Challenge. It has started and we are already in week two of a four to five week programme. However, I can invite you to have a look at the other programme I am working with. The owner, Roy Carter, has given me special permission to do so. You’ll find it at When you open it, the face you’ll see on the page is me. However, the photo shown was taken some time ago. Since then I have lost a lot of weight , some 50kgs, and look quite different. My wife thinks it’s quite an improvement. ☺.

I am retired and live in Perth in W.A with my wife. All our children are now married and have children of their own. All live within 30 minutes distance. A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and a few weeks ago I had major surgery to remove cancer from my Oesophagus. To our joy it was successful. We are thankful for the support from our family and the Church to which we belong. I hope to build an online business to fund our retirement. We pray for God's blessing.
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