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Published 11-18-2017

The Mission:

RJGM Smart People Community's  mission is simple: We are here to help everyone online that wants to make money in an online business to be able to do so. It is that simple.
We are simply tired of seeing everyone trying to make money online and putting it in the pockets of the one's at the top of the company. Whether it be the owners, leaders or what have you. We believe that everyone on the Internet that is looking to make money should be able to do so and to do so afforably. We are basically tired of everyone giving their money away in hopes that they make a little and it ends up costing them and they do not make money. Is RJGM something that is overnight? No it's not but the way we have structured this program everyone can better themselves and their families and that is what we are trying to help everyone to do.

The story behind RJGM Smart People Community:

RJGM Power Build started as a Power Team that set out to help everyone that wanted to join make money online. The RJGM Power Build came up with the name by taking the first intial of the first 4 founding admins and placing them together in what we thought would sound interesting to everyone. Since we have started three of the first founding admins have left due to other commitments, but 1 of the original admins has stayed to see that everyone that is interested could be helped in making money with an online business and bettering themselves and their families futures. For future reference into the RJGM Smart People Community I am not going anywhere and leaving for other commitments, this is my commitment to myself and to everyone that I want to help and to see everyone better themselves. RJGM will not be going anywhere and Janice Lee myself will personally see to that.

RJGM Power Build has taken what was a team build and structured  plans that would turn a ordinary team build that was doing fantastic into an online business. We have did this by setting an affordable way to join the program and then as we grow we have the plans that will turn this into a passive program that will be long term to everyone. This is the first program of this type that all members help each other and work together for the common goal that all of the members here have. This is not an overnight process, a get rich quick scheme, a pay today and make $50,000 tomorrow hype program that is being advertised but finally a real business that everyone can join and grow together in a team environment to help better yourself and your families lives. It takes time, patience, and work for anything worth having to happen and this is no different but with the right attitude and the right work ethics, everyone can do this. Together as one we can and will succeed.

RJGM Power Cycle Introduction:

The Owners and Admins of the RJGM Smart People Community are introducing the RJGM Power Cycle. We realize that building a 2x5 matrix is not easy and it takes a lot of time to do it. Therefore, we have designed a program that will put money into everyone's hands and pockets faster than the RJGM Power Build can. It will also help to enhance and grow the Power Build faster than it is already growing. The Power Cycle is a small 2x2 hybrid matrix-cycler program and the first of it's kind. It is designed so that everyone can make money quickly because with it being only 2 levels to fill to be able to cycle out and receive your Bitcoin it is the way to go to help everyone. When you sign up for the Power Cycle it is 0.004 Btc per position in this program, but the benefits are extemely good. When your position cycles then you will receive 2 re-entries back into the RJGM Power Cycle, you will also receive 2 accounts in the RJGM Power Build which is helping it to grow faster and you will receive 0.020 Btc. This is not a program to make anyone rich but it is a program to be able to give you the available funds that everyone needs. 

Both programs are one link to promote either business with which makes it fair to everyone. We are building this from left to right as all programs should be and we only use one link per program to promote the program that you are wanting to promote. Everyone will use the main link to each program and everyone wanting to join the program will click on the Sign Up button on the Power Build website or on the Power Cycle website the Register Account button on the homepage, it can't get any easier than that. 

We have one rule for everyone to follow and it is a really simple rule and can take 20 minutes a day or it can take more depending on how fast you want your business to start bringing in money. The rule is below:
Help promote the business because it is your business and we work as a team to keep growing.

This is not a rule but for the Power Cycle it is a very good startegy to use:

Once you cycle out with your position take 0.004 out of the 0.020 that you receive even though you are getting 2 re-entries back into the Power Cycle and purchase a new position. All programs always need fresh positions and fresh funds coming into them to keep them long term. When doing this remember the first position cost you 0.004 and you are quadrupling your bitcoin without that initial 0.004 so take it and buy a fresh position with it leaving you 0.016. All you are initially doing is applying that first 0.004 for the first account that you paid for over and over again to ensure that this is long term for everyone and you keep making money with it.

We welcome anyone that wants to join in the RJGM Smart People Community because together we can help so many while with trying to do it alone that is very hard to do.

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To Our Financial Future!

David Calderon

Hello I am A Married Man of 50 Years I am also A Father of Four and A Grandfather of Six. I have Been A Chauffeur for Over 38 Plus Years and had My Own Limousine Business for 20 Years. I have also been in the Online Business for about 20 Years I have had some winning programs that I am still involve with and many that have come and gone. I am promoting A few Programs that I believe will change Everything for Me and You. Take A look and see for Yourself!
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