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So What Is Commando Surfing?
Published 12-13-2017

Go Commando Surfing!

  • No Commando Surfing is not where or when people reveal all their body!
  • Its an opportunity to get more from your surfing i.e. Commando Surf and you get more for each click. Some days when promotions are happening i.e. like Adfabulous you have the opportunity to earn some cash and/or double credits
  • The sites that are participating in the Commando Surf change regularly so you get an opportunity to get fresh eyeballs on your ads at a number of different active sites; so even if you are not surfing its an opportunity to get your ads seen!  There are always some great advertising deals when you first login so watch out for these.

Where do you start?

1. Join TE Command Post. Click Here.

(Free members can add up to 10 urls for free, these can also be changed when necessary)

2.  Next you need to get set up.

You need to add your site ids to TE Command Post and add your TE Command Post id to your sites.

3.  You then open a new tab for at least five sites and you use the quick tab change keys relevant to your browser to surf all five sites at once.  This means instead of earning 100 free credits at one site you earn a 100 free credits at more than one sites for doing the same amount of work in the same amount of time.  Working smarter NOT harder!

It’s as simple as that !

The ten sites I suggest you get started with are:

  1.  Tezzers
  2.  Traffic-Splash
  3.  Dragon Surf
  4.  Farm Traffic
  5.  TE Search
  6.  Hungry For Hits
  7.  Splash-Wave
  8.  Hot Flash Hits
  9.  Traffic Speedway
  10.  Elevated Traffic

At the time, when writing this blog, the days I Commando Surf are Fridays and Sundays.

Fridays have a promotion running called  Adfabulous where you have an opportunity to get some extra pennies, and Sundays are double credits at most of the sites mentioned above.  Yep, even for free members You need to keep your eye on the ball though as the sites do change regularly.

I joined all of the above sites as a free member initially and then gradually, as I earned those pennies, I upgraded so I got even more credits for my efforts.  The minute I upgraded I promoted the site to get even more return on my investment.

Remember to give me a shout out should you have any questions.


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PS Nearly forgot to mention, ensure you fill in your downline ids at each of the above sites as you then have the opportunity to earn passive income.  A tool I use for this is Referral Builder Elite (use to be called Downline Builder Elite).

Hi, I'm a great believer that good information is for sharing and I like helping people. I'm also a dog lover and enjoy water along with a little bit of gardening. Give me a shout out if you need any help whatsoever. Connect with me at all the other social sites mentioned on PFFA; look forward to getting to know you better!
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