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Published 09-17-2021


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Your Vehicle To Success,

In The Cryptocurrency Market 

Featuring Cash FX, and 5 Cash Back Advertising Sites, Legacy Companys


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You can achieve your financial goals. We can help with our long-term passive earning opportunities!

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                                          Choose from the list of ways to earn cryptocurrency

Trusted Admin. We are running online programs since 2009 and we are constantly paying our members since then.



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After going over this page you can email me at and ill help you get started, I PIF in one of the programs so email me ill set you up,

If you are serious about making money...


     Road to ONE BTC Also by Admin Mark Dosier Bottom of page


.Scroll down to Weekly ICO has $10 Steaks up to 180 OR. The way to make the most money is to Compound Reinvest your money back in over and over and grow your Bitcoin.

Or start at the top with CFX 200% return 120 days to 150 OR, up to 2% per day,  $300 minimum invest, they are all 100% legit Scam Advisor Tested High return systems within everyone's reach. Finally, revolutionary ways to obtain returns from crypto assets and Forex with the help of experts. True Legacy Companys...
With all these programs at there MAX every month will be an awesome payday. I know Im getting paid.

I'd rather be rich because I was curious than broke because I was skeptical...      


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Seven Good Reasons to join MOONSTAKE Today!

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   1     Trusted Admin. We are running online programs since 2009 and
        we are constantly paying our members since then.

   2     100% Passive. Your profits will add up automagically
        every single hour, every day for 365 Days a Year...forever!

   3     High profits. MOONSTAKE currently pays 72.38%
        Annual Profit Rate for a total cashback of 172.38% year!

   4     Deposits are NOT locked. And you are free to Stake/Unstake
        and Withdraw your Funds at any time after a short pending
        unstacking period of 72 hours.

   5     Compound ability. You can compound every hour and every
        day to eventually receive a much higher Annual Profit Yield.

   6     Easy to use. We have accurately removed all the unnecessary bells and whistles. The MOONSTAKE platform is very easy to use.

   7     Earn BNB. MOONSTAKE is based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
        high staking rewards and pays its members in Binance Coins 
        one of the fastest-growing coins in 2021.

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ImpulisX Passive System


-Start in a Business from only ($10 pack)

-Weekly passive payments

-Possibility to compound

-You can let your money grow, without referring

-Career plan

-Matrix Commissions (2 x 20 Matrix)

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How to withdraw IPX Token from ImpulsX Passive to a Eureka Wallet or EurekaX exchange

How to Sell and Purchase IPX token on EurekaX cryptocurrency Exchange Tutorial

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CRYSTALSTAKING is based on the Tron Blockchain Defi (Decentralized Finance) high staking rewards and pays its members in Tron, one of the fastest-growing Blockchains.

The CRYSTALSTAKING platform, extremely easy to use, allows our members to earn substantial staking rewards with high APR (currently 70%). Additionally, the ability to collect and restake earnings may eventually produce a much higher Annual Profit Yield (if compounded daily).

The beauty of CRYSTALSTAKING is that your money is not locked into the system and you are free to Stake/Unstake it at any time with a short pending unstaking period of 72 hours.

High Yield Staking Hub
Tron Passive Earning System

 Current APR 60%
Get back 160% Yearly - Compound to earn much more!

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These are real passive and active incomes. Scam FREE Tested with Scam Advisor and other ways too. Legacy Companys.
The owner Mark Dosier, of Weekly ICO Money Making Adds, and CryptoJams are part of 50 other networks been in business for years, They have seen other look-alike programs come and go but they are still here and still paying. Because they do business right.
From the next 5 programs after CFX, you can earn from $100 per month to $240 per month, easily, Just a small investment and compound, and sometimes, You will earn enough to join CFX, and or CPT.
Alone one program is not much, but all together make a nice monthly income.

                               My Top 6 Websites to Make Money Online




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The complex world of Forex just got a lot easier with Cash Forex Group

The 5 trillion dollars a day forex attracts millions of people with a shared dream of financial freedom. Cash Forex Group is artfully combining the technical expertise required for forex success, with a dedicated corporate team, state-of-the-art headquarters, and a passion for helping those with a strong desire to improve their lives.

The Right

Cash Forex Group
(CashFX) is a team of project management
experts specializing in financial markets.
Our highly trained Educational Team is focused
on the guidance and success of our trading membership.
Our CashFX Corporate offices and Educational floor
are registered and located in Panama City, Panama.
Our broker partners work with the following regulation
authorities: FCA, DFSA, FSCA, and FSA

Our success 

is achieved with a combination of live professional traders, proprietary algorithms, and our own AI trading technology.   

We manage all trading systems from our own facilities.  Our team of professionals has extensive experience in both, Forex trading and

EA design and management. 


The CFX visionary team is committed to delivering exceptional results, focused on being one step ahead. We are building an FX trading platform for the long-term, setting up the standard to change the fortune of future generations to come!


Click here for CFX Video Overview

Cash FX Video Over View

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   * Your capital can be leveraged to maximize gains

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All the web sites I use have been Scam Advise tested.

Hi there here are my newest streams of income I create and you can do the same,

Let money earn you money more than any bank can ever pay you

All of my sites here provide all our members with a fantastic way to gain more traffic and ultimately more business, while at the same time providing a passive income stream from our very sustainable and proven trading activities, which are mirrored through our free trading signals service - providing complete transparency and a track record for you to follow. You can also earn great big commissions through our unique affiliate system inside our trading school



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Our profits are generated from several different online programs, Funds, and Trading platforms.


You can see our daily returns, the full list of our selected platforms and our fund partition chart in the member area.


We do not offer any fixed returns. We only share profits if there are profits. This is exactly what make us a long term opportunity.

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Admin-Mark Dosier, who already running several programs such as WePayCommissions, WeeklyICO, CryptoSurf...and CryptoJams,

Brings you WeeklyIco Passive income more than 3 years old still running strong, Money Making Ads,  Funds,  Ill have more from him soon stand by

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Free Weekly AdPack and Daily Prizes

Free $50 in Advertising on Signup!

This is awesome and Costless - get your Stake!

And start earning passive income now.

Start earning for Free  in five different ways

Make profits with us..all is simple

This company wants to and will stay in business for many years

WeeklyICO is an International Advertising website where EVERY member
may advertise and Earn starting with Zero out of Pocket Costs!

The Site Is Growing Like Wildfire!!!

Join Today  and get 1000 Banner Impressions,
a Weekly recurring Square Banner  PLUS 10 WIC for FR@.

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MoneyMakingAds is an extremely powerful advertising site.
In addition to the common  advertising services they also provide
100% Passive Revenue Adshares with up to 130% Cashback.

Here is what you get at MMA:

Powerful Advertising Platform = MORE SALES!
Profit-Sharing System = More Money!
Great Commission Plan = More Rewards!

MoneyMakingAds is a Convenient and Powerful Advertising Platform
with a Profit Sharing System and a Lucrative Commission Plan
that rewards its members up to 40% in Commissions!

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Sign up now and watch your BitCoin Grow


 Let our savvy, seasoned, and professional CryptoCurrency Traders trades with the pool and pay members from profits generated.

We offer only one investment plan, allowing you to decide how much you want to earn 

For GLOBAL Networks

There will be only 21 Million BTC...Period

Bitcoin is called Digital Gold because it's a Store of Value as Gold. If you want to be Rich in the Future, you should Invest in the Future and start Accumulating BTC TODAY!

About Road21BTC

is a Program made of 4 different sections:
The Advertising Section with 4 different forms of Advertising, the Earning Section where you can earn in a few different ways, the BTC Personal Tracker where you will be able to keep track of your BTC (or Satoshis), and the Downline Builder divided into 3 sub-sections. Additionally, we offer a lucrative Incremental Commission Plan with up to 100% Commission to its members!

Road21BTC Mission

This Program is totally dedicated to you and your bitcoins and has been created with the aim of driving and inciting you to save as much BTC as you can. Through you can track your BTC saving, increase your satoshis, learn where to earn BTC, and advertise your preferred programs.

We provide the tools to track your success in reaching the final target:

Holding 1 BTC in YOUR Crypto Wallet. and beyond.


        The compound interest power. To maximize your profits and take advantage of the enormous potential of compound interest, Reinvest your Bitcoin back in over and over and watch it grow in all of my programs.


We do not guarantee you will earn money here, but if you do as instructed chances are great




























Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 20 years Our Life Style is we do what we want when we want, We haven't lived pay check to pay check in years, On line I am now in 4 main businesses I'm building up all 3 are investments I do not need to recruit, But I do have people joining me and investing, I count my earnings as if I have no down line and what I earn from them is extra it all goes in reinvest COMPOUNDING, I get a rush a from watching my money grow
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