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7 Secrets from the Experts of List Building…
Published 08-28-2018

7 Secrets from the Experts of List Building…

Starts now:

Secret 1: THE BONUS - Did you know that a great way to build a list if you do affiliate marketing is to ask for a bonus spot on the product download page?  Essentially you will give the product vendor a link to an opt-in form that will give the buyer access to your thing.  The beauty here is that these are straight buyers leads and extremely responsive.

Secret 2: GIVEAWAYS - YOu can put thousands of targeted people on an email list by running a giveaway.  The key here is to give away something with a high perceived value.  Gift cards, physical products, and coaching or consulting are all good choices.

Secret 3: CONTENT UPGRADES - Another effective way of putting more targeted people on your list is by taking your simple list style blog posts and extending them in exchange for an email.  So, for example, if you have 5 great traffic sources in your blog article, then do 5 more and ask them if they’d like to see 5 more great sources?  Just opt in here.  Content upgrades work great.

Secret 4: PRODUCT LAUNCHING - This is an extremely effective way to put responsive buyer leads on your list.  There is a learning curve to doing it right, but mastering the art of digital product launching is worth your time for getting some of the highest quality leads you can get.  The key here is to consistently put out great paid content.  Create, Package, Release!

Secret 5: LIGHT BOX - YOu know that annoying pop up that bothers you when you are trying to read blog articles?  Well that is a really effective way to put people on your list.  More effective than any sidebar opt-in or ribbon opt-in.  The pop up is engaging and impossible to ignore.  The trick here is to have it appear as much as possible until they opt in.  Exposure is key.  Don't worry about it seeming annoying.  As a general rule people need to be exposed to something 7 times before they take action.  It’s just an estimate but the point is clear.  The more they see something the more they take action.  Just make sure you have a good lead magnet and you are all set.

Secret 6:  HIGH VALUE EASILY CONSUMED LEAD MAGNET - Your job of putting targeted people on your list becomes 10 times easier if they actually want to BE on your list.  That means giving them something worthy of their email.  Things like checklists and cheatsheets work great because they are easily consumable and promise to not take a lot of time to get through.  The downside is that they do not give you a lot of chance to build rapport.  You can combat this by adding a bonus link on your cheatsheet or checklist to a free video workshop or ebook, which will give you a chance to expand upon the cheatsheet but more importantly allow you to build rapport.

Secret 7: 2 STEP AND JUST - It’s been tested time and again and the 2 step opt-in performs much better than the 1 step opt-in.  What do I mean by that?  I mean when you are offering that free thing, just have a “download now” button.  When they click that button, then it asks them for their email.  That’s the 2 step optin.  Next is the “JUST” part.  Just ask what is absolutely necessary.  The more you ask for the less opt-ins you will get.  In many cases you can just ask for the email.  You don’t need the name, you don’t need the cell number.  JUst the email.  Remember the relationship is brand new, asking for all those things creates a higher barrier to entry.

Okay, that’s 7 and that’s where we will end it for today.  I hope this email has provided some great value to you and I’ll see you tomorrow where we will be continuing our Lead Acquisition series!

Larry Ellner has a history of successful marketing ventures VP and Director of Sales and Marketing at Flair-Fold Inc Owned his own Real Estate Acquisition and Management Firm. Principal in a Small Merger and Acquisition Firm. Larry now runs an Online Consulting and Coaching Service and writes extensively in the Internet Marketing areas. Visit and and arrange a Free 30 minute Free Consultation
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