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5 Ways to Create Great Content Effortlessly…
Published 09-08-2018

5 Ways to Create Great Content Effortlessly…

As I said before content is the lifeblood of the internet.  Without it none of this online stuff works.  Free content, paid content, video content, written content, audio content…

...content, content, content, 24 hours a day.

So how are you supposed to keep up with all this demand for fresh content?

Well I want to give you 5 simple ways to come up with content pretty effortlessly right here.  Let’s do it:

One: Interview Content - One of the easiest ways to come up with easy content is to interview someone and let them create the content for you.  You ask the questions and they provide the content.  Super easy.

Two: Guest Content - A close sister of the Interview is guest content.  Here again you allow someone else to provide content for your blog or youtube channel or product.  Usually in exchange they get to pitch their website or product, also they get the authority of appearing on someone else’s thing.  It’s a triple win.  You win (free content), your audience wins (great content from new perspective), and the guest wins (authority, traffic).

Three: Round Up - Something that comes together really easy is “round up” content.  This is where you go onto the internet and find 5 or 10 great articlers or videos about a specific topic and then you talk about each one of them briefly.  You also link out to the original piece of content.  Be sure to contact the original content creator and let them know they made your list.  This will produce more shares for your content.

Four: Exploding PLR - Many people see a PLR ebook and think...okay it’s an ebook.  What they don't realize is that you can break that ebook up into a series of articles or emails that can make awesome sequential content that ties together.  Just be sure to get a decent ebook.  YOu know what they say about polishing of junk lol.

Five: Utilitarian List - A very easy piece of content that comes together very quickly is something I like to call the utilitarian list.  Basically you give people a list of things that they can use in an actionable way very easily.  For example “310 Subject Lines that are Proven to Explode Open Rates” or “50 links to positive weight loss journey case studies.”  It comes together very easily and people get a lot of value out of it.

Alright that’s all for today.  Hope this one helps you, I know these content strategies have served me very well over the years.

See you in the next one where we will continue this cosmic content exploration!

To your success

Larry Ellner has a history of successful marketing ventures VP and Director of Sales and Marketing at Flair-Fold Inc Owned his own Real Estate Acquisition and Management Firm. Principal in a Small Merger and Acquisition Firm. Larry now runs an Online Consulting and Coaching Service and writes extensively in the Internet Marketing areas. Visit and and arrange a Free 30 minute Free Consultation
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