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Case Study: $8,000/mo From Set and Forget Membership Site
Published 05-09-2019

Have you got a membership site yet? If not, WHY not?

Maybe it’s because creating all the content forever and ever scares the bejeebers out of you. If so, I don’t really blame you.

Once you start a traditional type of membership site, you NEED more content all the time. ALL THE TIME. You’re continuously updating and adding and it can become rather time intensive.

But I’d like you to consider a slightly different kind of membership site.

Have you ever gotten one of those mailing inserts from Franklin Mint or Danbury Mint or one of those places that want to sell you a ‘trinket subscription?’

For example, maybe they have these beautiful porcelain birds. Each month, they’ll send you a new bird. At month three, they also send you a shelf unit to hang on the wall to hold all your bird statues.

Then at the end of one year, you have all 12. The complete set! And it’s pretty and interesting and you lose interest and it collects dust.

Yeah, one of THOSE subscriptions.

I know a marketer — okay, I know SEVERAL marketers — who use a similar business model for their membership site.

First, they choose an evergreen niche. It can’t be something that’s always changing like Facebook advertising or SEO. It’s got to be something that stays pretty much the same year after year. Like health. Or dating. Or personal development. Or persuasion and sales techniques. Or…

There are a ton of possibilities. Just keep your eyes and ears open for one week and write down every single idea that comes to mind.

After the week is up, choose the one you like that has plenty of people willing to spend money.

Now that you’ve got your topic, you’re going to create a simple PDF course with 52 modules. Yes, 52. But don’t worry, you only have to create 3 or 4 to get started.

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