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Getting The Best Product Ideas
Published 05-09-2019
Method One: Get Ideas from People Already Doing It

This might sound like cheating, but it’s one heck of a good shortcut.

Get on every mailing list and pay attention to every product launch in your niche. Find out what’s selling, how well it’s selling, what’s great about the product and what needs improving.

Your goal is to find something that is working well and then create your own version that is even better.

Find your own unique selling point — a way for it to stand apart from anything else out there.

Remember, no copying and no plagiarism. You’re not stealing, but you’re not reinventing the wheel, either. Simply find out what is selling, and then find a way to make it even better.

Method Two: Do a Google Search for Webinars

Take a list of keywords from your niche and then search for each keyword and the word ‘webinars.’ If someone is doing a webinar, odds are they are selling a related product.

And if they’re selling the product via webinar, odds are it’s an expensive product, too.

Get on their webinars and take lots of notes. What are they teaching on the call? How do they sell their product? What're the key benefits that make people want to buy the product?

What questions do people on the call ask?

You can learn a ton from being a regular on these calls. One word of caution: It’s easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of the call and wind up being a customer.

This is fine if you will actually USE the product. But realize that just because you spent several hundred dollars on the product, you still can’t copy it. Create your own original version and make it even better than the one you purchased.

Method Three: Search for Membership Sites

Again, use your list of keywords to find membership sites in your niche. Watch your emails for advertisements for memberships, too.

Having a membership site is super lucrative because........ Read More

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