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Published 07-15-2019

We love promo codes because it's free traffic
just by activating it on our favorite sites...

BUT we hate searching through dozens of promo code
lists to find any that are useful for us.

We hate seeing expired codes.

We hate never seeing any NEW codes.

That is no longer an issue with Traffic Codex!

Promo Codes can be added by any user, so you
can always have fresh codes. They are also
rated by users so you know what works, and
what doesn't!

Traffic Codex lets you search for promo codes
just by entering a website URL, OR download
our browser extension and it simply lights
up when you are on a site that has an
available code. Simple and Easy!

Give it a try, it's completely free:


If you're already using free traffic sites...
Be more effective and get more traffic for your time,
use promo codes at the top traffic sites using Traffic


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