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Ariix Bill of Rights
Published 11-13-2019


 “You can feel secure investing in ARIIX because we promise to invest in your future with you. Using the next generation of leveraged

wealth creation, we promise not to define ‘success’ by the company balance sheet, but by our contribution to the quality of life lived by

our Reps and clients.” ~ Dr. Fred Cooper CEO, FounderARIIX was founded on the belief that we exist to unleash the human potential for

good. We are unlike any other direct sales company you will find.

Why? Because our emphasis is on you. We have created our “Bill of Rights” to outline our commitment to you, because we recognize that

our greatest asset is the people that co-invest in this amazing opportunity with us – and we want to honor your hard work and

efforts as an entrepreneur in the ARIIX community. Each ARIIX Rep is entitled to and covered by the same rights,

equally. We do not distinguish according to levels or sales quotas or downlines. If you are part of the ARIIX community, you will receive

the same consideration and rights as every other team member,because we value each one equally and we are not afraid to make

promises because we will follow through!

We guarantee you the rights and privileges of operating your own residual-based business through one of the most innovative

opportunities available to any entrepreneur in the world, but first you – our most important asset – should know what you can expect from

your new business partner.

 All ARIIX Reps are entitled to the following:

1 – You Have the Right to a Partners Council – Represent your fellow Reps and

make suggestions/recommendations directly to top executives.

2 – You Have the Right to Share in Profits – Help build the ARIIX company and

get rewarded for your valuable input.

3 – You Have the Right to True Ownership and Protection – If an issue ever arises,

we will work with you to reach resolution quickly and in the best manner for all


4 – You Have the Right to Review Compensation Plan Changes – Don’t be subject to the whims of an MLM ‘machine’. ARIIX will make sure you are always in the loop!

5 – You Have the Right to Be Our Experts – Any ARIIX Rep will have the right to submit ideas to management for consideration because we believe that you’re the experts.

6 – You Have Right to Our Loyalty – The ARIIX Loyalty Chip is your “get out of jail free!” card!

7 – You Have the Right to Explanation and Reasonable Notice – Feel free to ask for explanations or request an audience with company management.

8 – You Have the Right to Share in the Fun and Incentives – ARIIX Reps have the right to use, enjoy and recommend useful business tools to other ARIIX Reps.

9 – You Have the Right to Help Us Think Up What’s Next – ARIIX believes that the brain power of many will always prevail over ideas of a few!

10 – You have the Right to Fair & Consistent Treatment - irrespective of title, team, or market

11 – You have the Right to Maintain Your Original Agreement - ARIIX commits to adhere to your original contract unless otherwise required by law or the protection of all Representatives.


I´ve been working as an online researcher for over five years and I have never found anything similar to this Company. I do believe that ARIIX is driven by the power of human potential. They want to help their Representatives succeed, and then utilize that success to give back to those in need. My Ariix story begins here, with passion, to contribute to expand this human potential.
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