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Published 03-05-2020

21. Skipping meals.
There are lots of people today who skip their meals, especially breakfast for thinking
that it can help them achieve weight loss. Skipping meals can actually result to more
weight gain, since it can lower down your body’s metabolism. Aside from that, it can
make you feel too hungry when it is already meal time, which can result to binge eating.

22. Eat a large breakfast.
Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. This is because it is where
your body would usually source out its energy for the day. Thus, it is best to fill up
yourself at breakfast, so that you can boost your body’s energy levels. Aside from that, it
can also help you in controlling your food portions come lunch and dinner times.

23. Eating eggs.
Eggs are actually healthy, especially the egg whites, since it contains the protein called
albumin. Eating an egg a day can boost your metabolism, aside from providing your
body with quality protein. However, make sure not to exceed two eggs in a day, since
the yolk is actually filled up with a lot of extra calories that you may not need.

24. Eating chocolates.
Although chocolates are to be avoided when you are on a diet, you should still try to
enjoy them, but only once in a while. They should be treated as a luxury instead of a
routine. In other words, you may eat a small amounts of chocolates just to satisfy your
cravings, but do not do it on a regular manner.

25. That bulging tummy.
If you have friends who are avid drinkers of beers, then you would notice another thing
in common with them, which would be their bulging tummies. This is actually due to the
fact that beers and other alcoholic beverages are filled with extra calories. Aside from
that, they can also get your body’s metabolism to slow down. Thus, as much as you
can, you should avoid drinking beers, or put a stop to that habit permanently.

26. Including protein in your diet.
Having a good amount of protein rich foods in your diet is a must in order to lose weight,
as well as to stay healthy. This is because protein can help your body in building more
muscles, and it is harder to process than other food groups. Aside from that, protein can
also help in boosting your body’s resistance to diseases.

27. Choose the right kind of meat.
Although lean meat is good, it is still better to go with white meat. White meat is actually
far better than red meat. Sources for white meat would include fish and chicken. When
you eat chicken though, make sure that you won’t include its skin, for it is loaded with
fats and cholesterol.

28. Choosing the right bread.
When you are shopping for bread, in most cases, you would be choosing between white
breads and multigrain breads. It is actually best to choose the latter, since white breads
in most cases, no longer contain high fiber content, and they are highly processed.
Multigrain breads actually have high fiber content, and they even contain certain
amounts of protein.

29. Eating pork.
Although pork is also a source of protein, it is also a source of fats and it is red meat.
Thus, it is best if you reduce the amount of pork that you intake. Keep in mind though
that there are a lot of products that are also made out of pork. Some of which would
include bacon, sausages, hotdogs, and ham.

30. Limiting your sugar intake.
When you want to lose weight, you have to limit your sugar intake. Thus, when it comes
to drinking coffee, you may have to limit the amount of sugar that you add into it, or go
with black coffee. If you can’t have these things unsweetened though, there are lots of
sugar substitutes available today. They taste sweet, but they won’t make you gain

31. Grazing.
Grazing simply means that instead of eating 3 large meals in a day, you would be
having 5 or 6 smaller meals. Doing this would actually help you in losing weight. This is
because it can help in boosting your body’s metabolic rates. Aside from that, it would
also help in suppressing your appetite.

32. Go easy on salt.
Eating foods that have high salt content is a big no-no when it comes to dieting. Eating
too much salt can actually make you gain more weight. Thus, it is time to cut down your
salt intake. If you cook your own food, try to bring down the level of salt that you add
into your recipes. Aside from that, make it a point to avoid salty chips as well.

33. Bake foods instead of frying them.
Frying food items can actually add lots of fats into your system, since you would be
using oil. Thus, it is better to bake your food, without the use of fats, since it won’t make
you gain weight. Baking is indeed a healthier way of cooking food than frying. Thus, it is
time to bake more and fry less.

34. Using non-stick pans.
When you cook your own food, there may be times that you may have to fry some of
them. To lessen the amount of oil that you use, then it is best to utilize non-stick frying
pans. Non-stick pans are available in many supermarkets today, and they are one of the
best things that you can invest on in order to lose weight.

35. Cooking your vegetables.
As much as possible it is best to eat vegetables at their raw state. This is because when
you cook them, you would be reducing the amount of nutrients that they can offer to
your body. However, if you really need them cooked, try boiling or steaming them, so
that you can preserve more of its moisture and nutrient contents.

36. Eating parsley.
If you are trying to come up with a list for food items you can include in your snacks,
then try parsley. Parsley is actually filled with lots of vitamins, and it can also make your
breath fresher. More importantly, it can help in attaining your fitness goals, since it is
also loaded with fiber.

37. Crash diets.
Crash diets are programs that can help you lose weight in just a short period of time.
However, in most cases, they work at that time period only, and once you stop it, which
you may have to at some point in time, you may eventually gain back the weight that
you have lost. Thus, if you are looking for a long term solution for your weight problems,
then you should remember that crash diets is not the one.

38. Set more achievable goals.
When you set your goals for losing weight, such as the amount of pounds that you want
to lose, make it as achievable as possible. If you set goals that are too hard to achieved,
then you may get discouraged when you are not able to attain them. Thus, start with
something that you believe you can reach first, so that you can start your diet program
on the right path.

39. Don’t forget to reward yourself.
Whenever you achieve your short term goals, such as losing a few pounds or so, don’t
forget to reward yourself for it. Rewarding yourself should not be done by eating out, or
eating your favorite guilt foods, since it might bring back the weight you lost. Instead, it
is best if you simply buy yourself a shirt or a gadget that you have been longing for.

40. Eating in restaurants.
Eating out in restaurants should be minimized when you are trying to lose weight.
However, when you find yourself in it, make sure to order foods that are healthy and not
too fattening. Keep in mind though that most restaurants provide very large food
portions. To get around it, ask for another plate, and only fill it up with the right portion to
eat. Take home the remaining food, and place it in your refrigerator.


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