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How I Send Millions of Emails Every Month And Get Outstanding Traffic
Published 09-07-2020

Those of you that need people to look at your websites to see what you have to offer will enjoy taking a look at how I send millions of emails each and every month and not spend a small or large fortune:)  Yes, you're right, I learned the hard way by spending a large fortune on traffic:(

 Here are the sites I use:

1.  You Can Reach Everyone: You can email daily to at least 15,ooo people a day.  

2.  Herculist Plus  You can email over 95,000 wonderful people DAILY:)

3.  Lead Flow 247 Tons of Hourly Leads 24/7/365 for not much money.  I have over 10,000 leads right now! Email Daily

4.  Profit From Free Ads.  Incredible biz starting at $17 a month.  Email to 45,000 plus every other day

5. List Leverage and Traffic Authority  Let one lead turn into thousands with the work of other people:). 

6. Kule Blaster  Email over 425,000 Daily  Awesome Traffic with this one!

7. Oodles of traffic  Email 3000 members every other day. Incredible amount of traffic with their system. INCREDIBLE

8.  Never Ending Traffic 4U They do almost all of the work.  Need I say more.  INCREDIBLE TRAFFIC!!!

9.  Supercharged Solo Ads Email 40,00 plus members daily!  1000 clicks guaranteed to your site!

10. My Lead Gen Secret (You Get 100-200 Leads Every Single Day. Email Every Day .Over 30,000 leads a year!

11. Organic Prospects  (You get 70 -140 Leads Very Single Day.)  Email Every Day.  Over 20,000 leads a year!

Autoresponders that I like: Some of these have a free trial.  All of these are very economical.




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Thank you for reading.  Here are a few free gifts just for reading the information. Take as many as you like and thanks again.  Stop by regularly for more updates...................and gifts:)

  1. The 3 Steps To Successful Affiliate Marketing   
  • 3 steps to becoming a super affiliate
  • how to find the right niche
  • how to find profitable products (and the one KEY secret to truly passive income)
  • the right way to make consistent affiliate sales 

2.  How to Profit with Mini Authority Niche Sites

  • choosing your niche – and why this is so important
  • the 3 different types of content – and how to get it
  • why it’s so important to connect with your audience – and how to easily build that trust

3.  Fool Proof Traffic System  

  • free vs paid traffic
  • the power of content marketing
  • how to generate viral traffic through social media

4. 10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

  • setting realistic expectations to begin with
  • the most important thing you should be doing as an affiliate
  • how promoting too many products will make you less money
  • why content and relationships are key

5.  Make Real Money Online -Ebook

  • Choose a niche where people have money.
  • Choose a product or service people actually need. .
  • Choose a product that you believe in.

6. Super Affiliate System

  • How to earn 6 figures online

7. Nowlifestyle

  • Health and Wellness
  • Digital Products

8. 14,500 A Month Case Study

  • how to make $14,500 per month… by allowing people to become successful!
  • a great lesson in how taking action gets results
  • how looking at the same thing in a different way really opens up possibilities

9. So You Want To Make Money Online

  • 3 easy ways to make money online that genuinely work
  • start up costs of all 3 are very low
  • links included to all the free and low cost tools you need to get started

10. How to Nurture Your Email List

  • why first impressions really matter, and how to make sure you get the relationship with new subscribers off to a good start
  • the most important ways that automation can help you – and the best tools to use
  • why interaction is key to email marketing success – and how to easily encourage conversation

11.  The Newbie's Guide to Social Media Marketing

  • what social media is – and why you cannot ignore it
  • the 8 top social media sites
  • 3 golden rules for social media marketing






Teacher, football coach, online marketer and cancer survivor. "You can have everything in life, if you help enough people get what they want." -Zig Zigler
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