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How to Get Your Affiliate Site Approved on Affiliate Networks
Published 11-11-2020

How to Make Sure Your Site Gets Approved on Affiliate Networks


Are you ready to get started with affiliate marketing? If so, your first move is probably to get your site approved by an affiliate network. In some cases a company will not expect its affiliates to own a blog or website. This is usually the case with smaller companies, or those that are just entering the affiliate marketing arena.


In almost all cases however, you will have to show an affiliate network where you are going to be promoting their products and services. This means you would be wise to prep your web property accordingly before you fill out an affiliate marketing agreement. The first thing you need to understand are the terms of service a company expects you to follow.


Getting your site approved by an affiliate network first means understanding the Terms of Service (TOS) involved. In some cases, especially with large companies, the TOS are lengthy, convoluted, detailed and can take days to read. They are often changing frequently, and it is your job to stay up-to-date on any new changes that are made.


Every affiliate network is different from others, some exceptionally so. Still, in every situation you should respond to any communications rapidly. There are hundreds if not thousands of people just like you applying as an affiliate every week and every month. When an affiliate manager from a company takes time to send you a response to your application, read that information carefully.


Respond as quickly as possible.


This shows that company you are serious about representing their products. Also, look at the name of the affiliate manager who contacted you. When you respond, address communications to that person, by name. This adds a personal touch that a lot of affiliate marketing applicants won't take the time to perform.


Approval also comes quicker when you have a well-thought-out marketing plan. If you can show an affiliate network that you have a written plan of action for promoting their products for now, 6 months from now, 1 and 2 years from now and on into the future, that looks pretty impressive.


You should also be willing to commit your time and money for the promotion of an affiliate network's products. Be sincere, and tell your affiliate manager or company contact exactly how much time and money you are willing to spend to promote their products.


Finally, ask a lot of questions. If possible, make a telephone contact. Ask your affiliate manager exactly what you need to do to show them that you are serious about a long-term relationship that is profitable for both parties. Use this and the rest of the tips just mentioned, and your approval to an affiliate network is virtually guaranteed.

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