Conscious Creation Can It Be Reached
Published 05-18-2021


You’ve probably heard of the law of attraction.


According to this law, “like attracts like,” and the positive or negative energy you emit brings about positive or negative results in your reality.


Yes, the law of attraction is real. But the law is, well, just a law.


The law of gravity also exists, but it doesn’t tell you how to make an airplane fly. Similarly, the law of attraction doesn’t explain what to do to make things manifest in your reality.


When you learn how to consciously create, you will learn what to do to make things manifest in your reality. Conscious creation utilizes the Law of Attraction to create exactly what you want.


Before we go any further, it’s important to understand …


You already create your reality—perfectly

You’re currently creating your reality 100% of the time, and you do it absolutely flawlessly. You could not be a better creator if you tried. It’s the way this universe works.


Right now, you’re using your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs to create your world 24/7. This system works whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not. That’s just the way it is... 


But until you learn to create consciously, you’re creating unconsciously. And when you create unconsciously, you’re probably not going to be happy with everything in your world. When you become conscious of the energy you emit, you learn to change the things in your world you don’t like. You become empowered to literally create wealth, love, happiness, success, jobs, homes—whatever it is you desire.


“Sounds like a fairytale,” you may say. 

Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? Maybe, just maybe, this is where fairytales come from. Maybe, it’s been this good all along and we’ve been sold a bill of goods about “chance” and “luck” and “bad things happening to good people.” 


Maybe, somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten our power or maybe it’s just being suppressed. This brings me to another important truth which has not been explored or tapped into.


You are divine.


You are not just a human being. You are a piece of The Almighty Creator  and divinity. You are inherently, unequivocally, and indestructibly divine.


And because of your God-given divinity, you have been gifted with an ability to create your own reality.


The truth is … your body, this planet, and everything that happens outside of you is actually an illusion. What is real, is the “you” beyond your body.


That “you” decided to have a physical experience.




To have the fun of remembering—remembering who you are: divinity personified.


And for the fun of remembering what you can do: consciously create your world.


In a Nutshell, What is Conscious Creation?


Conscious creation is simply becoming conscious of what you think, feel, and believe, and directing your thoughts, choosing your emotions, and changing your beliefs so that they are in alignment with what you desire.


It’s not just you, the conscious “you,” who has to be in alignment. The past “yous” must be in alignment also.


“Wait, what?” is the response you might be having right about now.


Conscious creation is easy, but it is also complex. Time and space are also an illusion—which means the six-year-old you still exists. And if the six-year-old you still exists, that six-year-old is helping to create your current reality.


Kind of weird huh?


The good news is, you can learn how to work with the past “yous” to heal them and bring them into alignment with your dreams.  Never stop reaching for the stars, do everything in your power to fulfill your dreams.





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