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If you are doing this, it is hurting your online business.
Published 04-18-2017

Hello visitors.

Today I want to talk about something I will call "templating." Yes, I know that is probably not a word, but I heard it mentioned in a presentation at a networking event a few days ago.

The speaker said, "people don't want to be templated (again, creating a new word)."

And I knew what he was referring to!  Anyone who has done any affiliate marketing online understands the practice of templating.

Let me define it.

Using marketing information copied from a back office and then shared as an email or solo ad.

Sounds pretty harmless.  However, when hundreds and thousands of affiliates are sharing the same information, the message gets redundant and watered down and, well, useless.

Do yourself a favor my fellow online marketers.  Develop your own writing style or hire a ghost writer.  Change up the marketing material before you present it.

You are not doing anybody--especially yourself--any favors by relying on "copy and paste" to market your opportunity.  I am not trying to be negative or throw water on your online opportunity.  I am trying to help you succeed, so take this information and do with it what you like.

To your success.

Frank Rubba

Hello. I have learned much in my nearly 10 years online. I have built websites, done affiliate and email marketing, published online articles, joined safelists, bought and sold traffic and one thing I know for sure is that you never stop learning! So, welcome to my blog. I encourage you to respond to my post's and give me whatever constructive criticism you feel I am due. I not only look forward to learning some new way to market my business but how to connect and help you with your business.
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